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Advertised Rate: N/A @ 1,000 kWh

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Entrust 18

Entrust Energy
Advertised Rate: 11.2¢ @ 1,000 kWh

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11.2 cents @ 1,000 kwh
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18 months
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Entrust 18
Entrust Energy
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    Bill Estimate by Month

    This graph compares your selected plan with an easy to understand "flat rate" electricity plan. The blue line is the reference plan. Green dots indicate a good, competitive rate. Yellow dots indicate a less competitive rate. Red dots indicate uncompetitive rates. Remember that graphs change based on monthly usage! Input your usage and see what your electricity plan will really cost you!

    Rate by Usage Amount

    This graph profiles your rate in 100 kWh intervals starting at 100 and ending and 3,000 kWh. Depending on the plan, there may be bill credits or fees applied over or under certain usage levels. The blue line is the rate at that usage level of the reference plan. The bars on the graph represent the rates at that level of usage for the plan the customer has selected and is researching. The color of the bars represent that rate, at that usage, compared to the market. Again, red is a very high rate, while green is a very competitive rate, and yellow is somewhere in the middle.

    Bill Estimate Details by Month

    Above is a graph detailing which charges, fees, and credits were applied in each month. Below you can see the estimated bill, usage, and rate that was used in these calculations. This graph is important to understand exactly what different charges go into making your full electricity bill each month, be it energy charges from the electricity company, delivery charges from your utility company (think Oncor, Centerpoint, or AEP), or even any bill credits that lower your bill. Broken out by month by the usage you've input, you get to see the How of why your bill looks the way it looks. The specific breakouts below by month illustrate the graph in actual numbers.

    $0 — January (1,201 kWh)

    $0 — February (1,066 kWh)

    $0 — March (927 kWh)

    $0 — April (857 kWh)

    $0 — May (922 kWh)

    $0 — June (1,320 kWh)

    $0 — July (1,709 kWh)

    $0 — August (1,812 kWh)

    $0 — September (1,745 kWh)

    $0 — October (1,411 kWh)

    $0 — November (1,105 kWh)

    $0 — December (924 kWh)

    All figures are estimates based on aggregate usage data. Your actual usage, bill, and rate may vary.