Green Energy and Tax Credit

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Here’s a post from a Green Energy blog that I read this week. Basically the gist of it is that the people at Bounce Energy posted some information about the benefits of making your home more environmentally friendly, and how you can use this to collect on a tax break from the government for energy conversation, as well as a general estimate on how much money you can save just by greening up your home. There’s a lot of details in the post, and this blog/article at Green.TMC.Net does a great job of breaking down the details.

The short of it is that it makes a lot of sense for everyone to take the time to make some green upgrades/renovations to your home, which can be as simple as re-caulking windows and vents. It doesn’t have to be something as drastic as installing a windmill or solar panels. The Texas Electricity market offers lots of opportunities to save money just because of the options for electric choice. This is a little bit of a different opportunity on how to save money, but it’s a good opportunity nonetheless. I’d encourage everyone to read the breakdown.

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