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Lately this blog has started to look like a dedicated resource about Smart Meters as much as it’s been about deregulated electricity. Mostly that’s simply because it’s been the top thing in the news lately in regards to Texas electricity, but at this point, there’s simply too many articles to cover. So today I’m to give you a quick rundown to all the different articles that have been out there in the past few days about Smart Meters and let you guys poke through them yourselves.

  • This Eart2Tech is a great overview of the situation and compares it to a very similar situation with Smart Meters in Bakersfield, CA.
  • This NY Times Blog post is similar to the post above, but it gives a few more details about the Texas political situation, as well as how different people are protesting and complaining.
  • This article from a central Texas news agency is perhaps the most interesting. It gives some insight into the results of the side by meter tests that have been conducted so far by Oncor. Basically, the results seem to indicate that the smart meters have been correct. At least so far. Note, these are the tests Oncor has been running, NOT the independent 3rd party tests that are to be run. So the fact they think the smart meters are working fine isn’t exactly a surprise.
  • And this article from the Houston Chronicle is another link that talks about the advantages of smart meters and how they can save consumers money. It’s a pretty in depth article, which is good, but nothing we haven’t really posted on here before.
  • So here’s your “Around The Web” view as to whats happening in the world of Smart Meters and Texas Electricity.

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