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So, there’s always a lot of stuff at foot in regards to Texas electricity and the green market. Keep in mind, most of these links aren’t really anything that relates directly to the customer in terms of their monthly electricity bills, just kind of a link dump of some of the green energy articles and topics I’ve seen browsing the internet recently.

Wind Surpasses Oil in Texas – I wanted to put a question mark at the end of this link to express my own opinion on the subject. However, this article deals with how big wind energy is becoming in the state of Texas, and how it’s creating jobs. Farmers can get money for allowing wind farms to be set up on their land and then still use most of the land for crops. It doesn’t really compare wind to oil, only implying that in the future wind electricity in Texas might be more important to the economy of Texas than oil.

Texas Writing the Book on Wind Power – Here’s another article on Wind energy in Texas. It discuses some numbers on wind energy in Texas, including what it means in terms of generation and money, as well as mentioning how other states are yet again looking towards Texas as a model for wind electricity moving forward. It also points out some interesting things, such that the Texas electricity grid might actually not be able to handle all of the available wind energy potential that exists without massive upgrades, as well as the fact that it’s still dependent upon fickle weather. It’s a great article, definitely worth a read.

Green Cleaning Tips – Our friends over at Bounce Energy have put together a tips sheet for some things people can do to “clean greaner” (my quote, not theirs). Basically, it’s a list of household items that are environmentally friendly you can use to clean, and probably save money on expensive cleaning products at the same time. They also have some Cool Earth Day Promotions on Electricity listed in the previous link.

Reliant Buys Green Energy Credits – Reliant is also getting in on the Earth Day green electricity bandwagon by announcing that they’re buying wind energy for all of their residential and small business customers in honor of Earth Day. Promotion for Earth Day only.

San Antonio Solar Power Plant Ground Breaks – Even though it doesn’t effect anything other than the customers of CPS energy San Antonio, and as a result not the customers in deregulated electricity areas of Texas, I figured it was worth noting that they have broken ground on the largest solar farm in the state of Texas.

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