Excellent Op-Ed Against a Capacity Electricity Market in Texas

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The debate for Capacity Markets in the Texas electricity space is fixing to heat up. I stumbled across this excellent article about the fallacies driving the debate for introducing a capacity market in the state of Texas. It’s rare that I just cut and paste an entire article in this blog space, but I thought […]

More on Texas Electricity & Capacity Markets

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The debate over capacity markets and whether or not they will become a model for Texas electricity continues to rage. I’ve already given you my thoughts on a Capacity market in my primer on the subject. But more information from all sides continues to blast out from all interested parties. First was the release of […]

Texas Electricity and Capacity Markets: A Primer

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The agenda by the power generators who create Texas electricity for a Capacity Market is being pushed harder and harder these days, and it looks like things might be coming to a head. This article by Tony Bennett, who is the President of the Texas Association of Manufacturers, is one of the most basic and […]