Texas Electricity Ratings: Rankings Update: 6/17/2013

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Now that Summer is in full swing, with higher electricity rates hitting the market and several months of new customer reviews in the system, it is once again time to update the Texas Electricity Ratings company rankings and see how providers stack up. Unsurprisingly many established providers lost points this time around with the higher market Read More

Champion Energy Launches Customer Usage Emails

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Champion Energy announced yesterday that they are going to start offering Smart Track emails. Smart Track emails are weekly letters from Champion to their customers with smart meters which will feature usage data that shows how much electricity they’re using each day. The idea is to be able to see how customer usage behavior will Read More

Power To Choose To Become More Consumer Oriented?

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Recently it was announced that Power To Choose will be launching a new website on May 6th, with the hope that the new site will be “more focused on the shopping experience.”  Also, notable is that shoppers will now be able to rate retail electricity providers. Hmm. That sounds familiar. I think there’s another Texas Read More

UPDATED: For the PUC Complaint Scorecard, the PUC Continues to Score an “F”

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The PUC Complaint Scorecard, one of the primary resources for consumers to research Texas electricity providers, is once again out of date. Sadly, this isn’t much of a surprise, since the consumer advocacy purview of the PUC seems to have taken a backseat to…well…anything but updating their complaint scorecard. As of today (4/29/13), the Complaint Scorecard Read More

Donna Nelson On Residential Customer Demand Response

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I’ve been fairly critical of the PUC in recent posts, but recently Donna Nelson did speak out on something that I do actually agree with…or at the very least, it seems fair. As the generation capacity of Texas continues to shrink, and as the PUC’s efforts to lure new generation to date have failed, 

Is There an Texas Electricity Market Bubble?

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I’ve written before about my concerns about how Texas electricity companies are selling electricity plans at a loss, and I’ve written before about my thoughts on electricity companies potentially going out of business during summer months. Now, I’d like to take a look at something based on both of those concerns combining to cause 

Bounce Energy’s New Build Your Own Electricity Plan

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Last week Bounce Energy asked me if I’d like to take their newest product for a test drive and give my thoughts. My first reaction, was “Why does a new plan need a test drive?” That confusion was cleared up in short order. Bounce’s newest addition to the Texas electricity market is a “Build Your Read More

PUC Continues to Drop Ball on Consumer Advocacy?

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I revieve reader questions on a regular basis about how the PUC handles their ranking system. The general thrust is “I see there is a state rankings system for Texas electricity, but it looks dated.” Or “I don’t see the electricity provider that I’m interested in listed on the PUC’s page. What gives?” I wrote an Read More