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4Change Energy

Generous Saver 12
12 months

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@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Champion Energy Services

Champ Saver-12
12 months

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@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Green Mountain Energy

Pollution Free e-Plus 12
12 months

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Reviews from Ector:

Customer Service Is Lacking

(2.4 / 5)

  I'm ending my time with Gexa. I find the reps rude whenever I have an issue. They remind me of the IRS or bill collectors. Why so angry? Why so rude? When will energy companies realize that a little customer satisfaction goes a long way? I am willing to pay just a little bit more at another company not to have to deal with jerks.  

Anne from Jourdanton
June 3rd, 2016

Great company, but expensive

(2.2 / 5)

  Granted, I live in an older, not very well insulated apartment with one energy efficient major kitchen appliance, but after the TDU fees and all, I pay $135/month on average. I also missed the fine print that you're charged $10 if you use less than 1000 kW, which was the case when I tried to lessen my expenses by turning off everything on surge protectors.

I haven't had any issues requiring me to call customer service, I just attribute the expense to my selecting them as my option and not using the Power To Choose website. I'll soon be moving and changing companies as well. One with no minimum electricity usage.  

Yolanda from San Angelo
October 25th, 2015

Sen your bill to debt collector before the due date !

(2.2 / 5)

  After 2 years of paying your bills on time via automatic draft and send your last bill to a debt collector RGS before the due date has arrived and before they make the draft to your account.
Next thing you have paid all bills on time and you get a letter from these dorks at RGS asking for more $$ from you for your Circus account.
Not a very nice practice from both Cirro and the Debt collector 

Rene Mensink from Fort Worth
April 18th, 2014

Indifferent employees, slow response, random disconnects, bad billing.

(1.6 / 5)

  This the worst customer experience of any service, bar none, I have ever experienced. From navigating their website, to speaking with people directly. The indifference oozes from these people. Their employees have all the passion for helping people of an IRS employee.

For months I attempted to get my bill's due date moved two days later, so I can pay it on the day I get paid. It was a simple "help me give you money,' kind of thing. Not rocket science.

This a pretty common, simple request any utility provider will accommodate. But not for these people, this is like asking for China, or to move a continent. It took five months to accomplish this, meanwhile I'm getting late charges every month that I have to contend every month. Each time the excuse is "it's an automated system... it does that when you don't pay the whole bill every month." Yeah people, get my bill right and I'll pay the full amount.

One time I asked them to reverse an automatic debit because it was grossly off and I couldn't afford to pay them twice that month. They said they couldn't do that, and to call my bank. OK fine, so I did it through my bank. A month later I called them up to inquire about what was the 2nd or 3rd "accidental" disconnects (which they charged me for, mind you) and they asked me if I'd like to pay my $330 electric bill for my 1100 sq ft apartment. Apparently, when rejecting a payment through your bank, their system blacklists your payment method. Now each payment gets rejected every month. It's either this, or pay their $2.95 payment over the phone fee every month, on top of their ridiculous charges. I'm not destitute, but it's the principle.

So I cancelled the service August 30th, and knew I still had a last invoice. So I found out it was two; one for my regular bill, the other for a reconnection I got charged for they were supposed to wave. So once I learned that my last payment was rejected (Sept 18th) I send them a check. I look online to see if it was received, and it was credited to my account.

So I call to make payment arrangements, and the kid on the phone tells me they received my last payment on Oct 1st, and sent me to collections on October 15th, and kept pushing me to call the debt collector. I asked his supervisor what would happen if I walked across the hallway (their in my business complex) and made a payment, and he said it would still be in collections with a zero balance with the other company until I pay it through them.

So after 14 years of paying my bills on time, I now have a mark on my otherwise perfect credit, all because I was dumb enough to give this company my business. This company has absolutely NO desire to work with, accommodate, or even provide reasonable service to their customers.

Biggest mistake I've made in a long time. This is the worst company to do business with, hands down.  

Mike H. from Plano
October 18th, 2012

Horrible Experience

(1.5 / 5)

  When we recently switched to a new provider First Choice turned us into a bill collector only a week after we recieved the bill in the mail. We consitently paid our bills in full and on time. This was the capstone of constant late bill notices in the mail and a threatening letter to pay our final bill BEFORE we even received it.

I would highly recommend looking elsewhere for a provider. They obviously do not care about their customers, only your money. We will NEVER use First Power again! 

Kurt from Lewisville
November 8th, 2011

Just switched away from Bounce

(1.4 / 5)

  I was with Bounce energy for a total of 4 years. The first year I was pleased with the service since I got a decent rate, had no billing problems, and got a weekly email with my usage and projected costs. I liked their airline rewards program, refer-a-friend program, match-the-rate discount program, and $25-$75 sign up/renewal bonus offers. My only complaint the first year was that they promised me a 1-for-1 mile per dollar airline rate with no cap deposited in my AAdvantage account every month and instead ended up only giving me 1 for 1 up to $200 per month deposited every 3 months. Overall the price was reasonable so I signed up for another year.

That year I got a lot of refer-a-friend discounts so even though my rate was much worse the cost I ended up paying for electricity was very good so I renewed for a third term this time for 2 years to get a better rate. Once I was signed up long-term the problems began.

First the weekly emails became less reliable and more sporadic. Then Bounce kept messing with their website and the plan I agreed to was not the plan they ended up using to bill me. I was supposed to have a base rate based on my usage and instead they charged me a flat base rate. I think that ended up averaging out to about the same rate but no matter how many times I called them to correct the discrepancies between what I ordered and what they had listed on the website and what they were billing me for they would not do anything about it. Also they did not give my any more refer-a-friend credits or the promised renewal bonus. Then they stopped depositing any airline miles in my AA account entirely. I tried calling but the representatives couldn't help me because that was "another department's responsibility". I had this issue escalated and was told a supervisor would call me back and deposit the missing miles that were accumulating. They didn't call me back the first 2 times they said they would. The third time I finally got a call they only deposited like 280 of the 1500 they owed me. When all was said and done they shorted me approximately 500 miles which I gave up fighting for but I am still upset over since their own website which I had pictures of and used to provide proof was not enough to get them to honor their promises. (I've been told they are trying to discontinue this reward program entirely in the near future since they can't get miles to give any customers not just me but I only found out after speaking directly to the rewards program director and no notice has been given to any other customers yet despite no one getting rewards this year).

The worst part of the third contract and the main reason I left however was that towards the end of my contract they started moving my due date around which kept making me late paying my bill. The first 3 and a half years I never had one late payment but then 3 months in a row I missed the cutoff by something like an hour because I would make a note on my calendar to pay it 2 days earlier and the next month my due date would magically be 3 days earlier or some such bs. They added 5% to my bill every time this happened even if I was only 5 minutes past their arbitrary cutoff time. That adds up fast. At this point I was beyond ready to switch providers so I waited til my contract was supposed to be up on Dec 9 since I had originally renewed the plan on Dec 9 but instead they wouldn't let me out of the contract until Jan 9 so they effectively stole a month of choice from me. This is unacceptable. I probably should file a complaint with some authority for that but truth be told I am just so happy to be no longer with Bounce I don't want to waste my time dealing with electric nightmares anymore. Things started off well but I think my experience is not untypical. When I first signed up with Bounce they had 4 star average reviews but when I left only 2 stars. I think that is an accurate representation of how they used to be better and have since gone straight downhill. Use at your own risk. 

darkshadow from Arlington
January 19th, 2018

Useless Billing Department

(1.4 / 5)

  We used them for two years. In the final couple of months they failed to take payments twice. The first time, the first that we knew of it was when they wrote to threaten to cut our power off and the second, they neither issued nor collected our final bill but today (two years later) we received a letter from a debt collector. Lovely.

We auto paid all bills and received bills electronically, I'm not sure how this happened. We pay our bills on time and had we been notified that payment had not been received, would have immediately rectified. No attempts were made to call or write to us when bills were apparently overdue.

Can't complain about customer service in terms of the experience of calling Tara, the representatives are always courteous and helpful. 

Nicola from Houston
March 9th, 2015

Bad years ago, just as bad now

(1.2 / 5)

  I had TXU several years ago when I lived in Austin, TX. I had a very bad experience with them where they cut off my power for three days after refusing to extend the due date of my bill a few days until I got paid. TXU does not let you call in and extend your due date all willy-nilly, you have to be APPROVED for an extension, and if you aren't, well, nuts to you. It was the middle of August, with temperatures of 90+ degrees and I was without power for three miserable days until I got paid.

Fast-forward to current times. Like an idiot, I decided to give TXU another chance, mostly because their 100% renewable energy rates were so attractive. So I signed up with them for the duration of my lease, 1 year. Yeah, I know. Stupid. Anyway, after several issues with billing and attempting to understand the fast-speaking foreign customer service reps, I decided I was done with TXU and switched to another service. I don't care about the contract, and think of me what you will, but I was done.

Today, a delinquent bill collector called me and threatened me with "forwarding my delinquent bill to my new energy provider so it would be on my new bill", I couldn't help but laugh in his ear. Really, TXU? What liars. I went onto TXU's live chat feature and have in writing, the confirmation that this isn't true, possible, and definitely not legal. Thank you, live chat, for providing me with evidence if I ever should need it.

I am so glad I ditched these stupid, lying scumbags, contract be darned. Stay away from TXU. 

Lori from Baytown
January 27th, 2014

Horrible Customer Service

(1 / 5)

  Have a commercial building in McAllen Texas. I had ordered STARTEX to stop service due to a new tenant coming into the building. Low and behold STARTEX failed to stop service and tenant ran up a bill under my name. Then had a bill collector hounding me for the bill and was extremely rude and offensive. Having to clear up a problem created by STARTEX that should have been avoided by them. Definitely would not recommend and will never consider them due to bad service, ignoring my requests, and extremely rude unprofessional behavior. 

Vicente from McAllen
May 30th, 2018

customer service

(1 / 5)

  For 3 months in a row i tried making a payment over the phone with there automatic system. Well it did not work and i got charged with late fees. i spoke to Lyneez "nice name right" anyway i spoke to this worthless person who claims is the director of nothing. i tried to make a payment over the phone for a 3rd month in a row. the system kicked me out this time and i had to talk to a customer service rep. They will not give me credit back on the late fees since they have already honored one before. However i tried making a payment again today on the phone and the system kicked me out to a rep. they tried telling me there was nothing wrong with the system. i laughed, why am i talking to you again if nothing is wrong with the system. Even there Facebook page says "we are experiencing technical difficulties with our phone line" no kidding. bottom line is this company blows, there customer service is a joke. i will never use this company agian.  

kevin from Arlington
September 29th, 2015


(1 / 5)

  Absolute WORST customer service I have ever experienced . I cancelled and they kept charging me for TWO MONTHS without an email like they had always done to let me know I had a bill but noooo they just charged me and let a debt collector handle it. Total CROOKS 

Alexis Scott from Houston
May 29th, 2014

SCAM - debt collectors for a bill that is 8 yrs old?

(1 / 5)

  Stream Energy has been sold and since then, the new administration is collecting on debt that does not exist. I always pay my bills and after having Stream for a short period in 2005, I went back to the company that Stream was reselling. I just received a letter that I owe them $30 for service in 2005? What???? I have never received any unpaid bill or collection from Stream, but now that they have been sold somehow I owe them money after 8 years!!! Unbelievable....being that this debt - if it really existed - would be past the statute of limitations. How is it possible for this company to create a debt from 8 yrs ago when all my bills were paid. I would not have been able to connect back my utilities with the original company if I owed Stream, but how do you explain that to a debt collector? Much less prove that you paid your bills after 8 yrs. Must be a great accounting system they are using that creates new debt after 8 years. ***I would not give them a 1 for a rating, but I have to fill in at least 1 to submit. 

Perplexed from Austin
January 29th, 2014


(1 / 5)

  Save yourself the hassle and use another company. I have been a customer for 2 years and the service is horrible. Countless phone calls (I've literally spent hours on the phone) and emails to Supervisors, who don't respond, about my paperless bill not being sent. I have literally be dealing with this paperless billing issue for AN ENTIRE YEAR! They draft my bank account but don't send me the bill. It also took 3 months and countless emails/calls to get my 6 month reward. I filed a complaint with the BBB and Bounce's Director of Cust. Svc. responded by saying that I should have called them again if I still wasn't getting my bill. Who does that?!?! This is by far the WORST SERVICE I've ever received! My contract ends next month and I will not be renewing. 

Monika Wood from Dallas
May 24th, 2013

Horrible Customer Service

(1 / 5)

  Have a commercial building in McAllen Texas. I had ordered STARTEX to stop service due to a new tenant coming into the building. Low and behold STARTEX failed to stop service and tenant ran up a bill under my name. Then had a bill collector hounding me for the bill and was extremely rude and offensive. Having to clear up a problem created by STARTEX that should have been avoided by them. Definitely would not recommend and will never consider them due to bad service, ignoring my requests, and extremely rude unprofessional behavior. 

Vicente from McAllen
November 2nd, 2012


(1 / 5)

  I signed up with Just Energy from The Power to Choose website. They were supposed to turn on my electricity on July 13th, but did not. Only July 16th-I still had no service and they would not expedite my installation request and said July 19th was the earliest they could get it set up. I ended up having to switch to Reliant Energy who got out the same day as I asked (July 17th). I talked to the director along with others at Just Energy and they ensured me that they cancelled my request on the 19th. Today, I got a bill in the mail from Reliant Energy for only 2 days - Just Energy never cancelled the request for the 19th and took over my service anyway (without my knowledge). Now I cannot switch back to Reliant because my account is frozen for only being activated for 2 days. DO NOT EVER SIGN UP WITH JUST ENERGY!!! It's the biggest mess that I've ever had to deal with. They make claims and will not even give you a confirmation number so there is not way to even have evidence of anything that happens. I am on the phone now waiting to talk to someone and it's already been 30 minutes and I haven't gotten through to anyone. The wait time to speak to a representative has been over 30 minutes EVERY time i've called. If you don't want to sit on hold in tears dealing with idiotic people for hours of your life - DO NOT GO WITH JUST ENERGY!!!!!!  

Katie from Houston
July 31st, 2012

Learned my lesson FAST!!!

(1 / 5)

  Selected TXU as everyone nearby used them. first bill was $210 dollars, had only moved in for 15 days, ten of those days had no major appliances in the house. second month came out to over $300. Heard someone mention the powertochoose website, saw i was paying double others were charging per Kwh. RUN!!! Changed providers now they wont stop calling to switch me back, paid final bill but have not received cancel fee , may be facing collectors like others have mentioned here. As they keep putting me on hold when calling to inquire 

Daniel from Andrews
March 5th, 2012

Bad experience still going on

(1 / 5)

  I signed up for a 6 month contract with Stream Energy. About 5 1/2 months later I received the warning email advising me that my contract would be expiring soon and that I would automatically be on a month to month variable rate plan until I signed up again. Because of some minor problems I had experienced with customer service, I decided to switch to another provider after 8 months. I then received a notice that they hd me listed as signed up for a 9 month contract, not 6 and so I would have to pay a $250.00 early disconnect fee. I had signed up with my daughter at the same time and hers was 6 months as well. I tried to re-activate the Stream account to wait out the last month of their "9 month" contract but couldn't do it on the phone or online. I still refuse to pay the disconnect fee as it is not fair. They have harrassed me with bill collectors ever since. But I won't pay it. Their changes to the original contract and refusal to reinstate the contract for the month was unethical. 

Susan from McAllen
September 17th, 2010


(0.8 / 5)

  I was with Direct Energy for about a year. I called about the last bill to no
vail until I got a call from the collection agency because Direct Energy sent
the bill to them first!!!! I ended up having to pay more without any
acknowledgment that they had FAILED to let me know first that I had a bill
to pay. They said they had sent a letter to me but they HAD NOT ever.
There's no apology and nothing else from the company since then. They
just shuffle you off to the collectors before giving you a chance to pay. As
a matter of fact, you wouldn't know you owed them anything until a call
from the collectors!!! This is a SCAM!! 

Helen Liu
March 16th, 2012

Deceptive Billing Practices and breach of contract

(0.5 / 5)

  In June 2006, Direct Energy breached my contract with Commerce Energy be sending an e-mail to Commerce Energy and telling them I had chosen them--a complete lie. Then Direct Energy billed me over $700 for a month of so of service--at much higher kilowatt rate. To make matter worst, they sold the debt to a collector and it continues to affect my credit.

I would like to know if Direct Energy did the same to other customers, breaching an existing contract with another electric provider.

Any suggestions on taking legal action against Direct Energy for deceptive practices and billing? I have referred the complaint to Texas Utility Commission on more than one occasion. 

Raul from Houston
August 1st, 2010


(0 / 5)

  misleading company, I canceled service because I moved and they agreed to waive the outrageous disconnect fee. They Reported me to a debt collector. I spoke to one of their managers and told her I had the confirmation numbers where they had waived the fee, since service is not available where I moved to and light was not going to be in my name. I called her back to give her confirmation and name of people I spoke to. I called her countless times but she was never available, I left messages but she never returned calls.. Now I keep getting calls from a debt collector trying to collect $600.00. DO NOT SIGN WITH THIS COMPANY. I am on a fixed income and am not able to pay this outrageous bill. It's not like I canceled for no reason.. I had told the sales person that I would be moving and he told me , they would waive the disconnection fee. Total misrepresentation 

Toni Carrillo from Corpus Christi
October 13th, 2015

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