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Champion Energy Services

Champ Saver-12
12 months

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Green Mountain Energy

Pollution Free e-Plus 12
12 months

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Reviews from Elton:

Customer since 2009

(5 / 5)

  I have never been more satisfied with an electric company I have earned the 15 referrals to qualufy for free energy every month. If you pay your bill on time you should not have any problems. If you dont then that is your fault not ambits fault.. I will never be anyone elses customer. Thank you Ambit fot all the special perks. I even got to go on a cruise thanks to Ambit Energy. Very happy customer. 

Tanya Fleming from Belton
October 10th, 2014


(4.6 / 5)

  I have been in absolute shock that my electric bill in the middle of the highest heat and greatest drought I can ever remember, has been a modest $200 top for over 2000 sq feet. I'm all about saving money. I have had no need for customer service of any kind. I took out a 3 mo fixed and did receive a notice that that was coming to an end.

GW from Belton
August 19th, 2011

Zero Deposit...Yipeeee 4 me

(4.4 / 5)

  As a recent college graduate, I was shocked to find out that I would not have to put up a deposit. I recommended it to 3 of my friends who have experienced the same.....Try it 1st...the other company's had a mandatory deposit when they found out I had never had service before! 

Tabitha Vandergrif from Belton
September 9th, 2009

Good experience over Summer 2014. No issues seen like in the other ratings.

(4.2 / 5)

  My Summer Energy contract was expiring on 6/8/2014, and my rates were jumping way up so I hunted for the cheapest company I could find (for <1000 KWH) that didn't have totally horrible reviews, and I settled on the GME month to month plan at 8.4 cents. I have been watching the rate carefully each month, and it has never increased to-date, and even dropped down to 8.23 cents this month. I use <1000 every month so I end up paying more per KWH (~9.1 cents) with the base charge included, but I looked today (10/7/14) and it's still the best rate I could find for <1000 KWH. I had no issues other than them charging me the $6.95 fee for the last 3 days of the previous "ONCOR Month" (I switched over to GME 3 days before ONCOR read the meter). When I complained, and after explaining for 30 minutes WHY this was a problem like 5 different times, the CSR finally agreed that, yes, it was dumb to charge me a full month's base charge for 3 days of service, and said he would make a note to credit the amount back to my account the next month, but it never happened.
I use automated billing and have had no hassles.
I did request the $100 rebate after 90 days that I was told about when I signed up, but I have heard nothing back yet. It says 6 to 8 weeks, though, and I submitted my request on 9/10.
Maybe my good-ish experience is rare, or maybe only the people who have issues put their reviews here (vs. many more that don't). :-)  

Christopher Reed from Belton
October 7th, 2014

So far so good.

(4.2 / 5)

  Switched one of my businesses a few months ago. So far so good. Now have all 4 accounts with Ambit. Only complaints I have heard are from people that pay late or don't keep up with their responsibilities.  

Jim P from Belton
March 16th, 2014

Changed since sold To Direct Energy

(3 / 5)

  I have been with First choice power for 10 years. I have never had any problems with them until recently when I was having a guard light activated. I couldn't really get a straight answer on the cost. At that time the girl was more interested in getting me to renew my contract four months early at a higher rate. Customer service had no idea the cost to activate it. They had me call Oncor and Oncor sent me back to my provider. After being on hold for quite awhile I was finally sent to the commercial department and was giving the cost. An appointment was set up for January 17th for the light to be activated. They came out, cut a huge limb off my tree and left ruts in my yard from the truck. The light never came on. I got a call from them on the 18th stating there was a billing mix up and it would cost a little more. At that time I asked when it would be activated. I was told they should turn it on right away. Still not on. I called again in the 19th and was told 7 to 10 days for activation but I was still getting charged like it was turned on the 17th. I know it's not using electric because it is not activated, but I should not have to pay all the fees until the light is active and has electric running to it. 

Colleen Trevino from Belton
January 20th, 2017

Not "green," and screw the loyal customers.

(2 / 5)

  First complaint is that they continue to advertise being "green," yet refuse to put my account on paperless billing. They offer it repeatedly, and I repeatedly tried to sign up for it, yet never ceased to receive paper bills. So long, trees!

Second is that when contract expires we are thrown to a much higher rate. This may be standard practice, but it certainly does not inspire loyalty. Being willing to look past these issues, we requested a new contract and were refused the rates on Power to Choose. They started with over 12 cents/kwh, then when we said we'd just switch they said 11something, then again we refused (the online price was 9.3) and they offered high 10. Why not immediately give loyal customers of many years your best rate? They started out trying to screw us and never would come down to the advertised rate. So, we got the advertised rate of 9.7 from one of their competitors. Loyalty is for suckers, fellow customers! This company will screw you if they can, so be prepared to shop around every time your contact comes up and be willing to jump ship.  

Cristy from Belton
May 12th, 2014

Confusing and unfair

(1.6 / 5)

  I am 70 years old; on a fixed income and was confused when I signed up for Stream Energy electric service. I was informed (signed up by phone) that I would be paying 10.4 cents per KWH. My former billing with another company was 12 cents per KWH and my bills were less than they are now. In the phone conversation I believe I was told that if I used more than 1000 KWH's in a month, that I would be billed an additional $9.95 because I exceeded 1000 KWHs. I assured the representative on the phone that I would never have that problem because I live in an RV trailer and never use that much electricity. When I recieved my bill; I saw the additional $9.95 added to my bill with less than 1000 kwh's used; and the bill was also confusing because I the bill did not reflect a charge of 10.4 cents per Kwh anywhere on the bill. I called the number on the bill and was told that I agreed to a 24 month service contract and I would have to abide by the agreement. This is wrong and takes advantage of older people on fixed incomes. It is sad that a company has to treat poor people on fixed incomes this way to make a living. If I could get off this agreement I would; but, I don't have the energy or expertise to fight.  

Robert Emery from Bell County (Belton Address)
January 24th, 2015

Dont do it

(0.6 / 5)

  My normal bill for a 1200 square foot home is $200 or more with these guys. I heat my house with a wood stove so i dont use the furnice. All of my bulbs are relpaced with the new energy efficient bulbs. Than a bill comes in for $400 dollars. I simply dont use much energy to have bills this high!!! Im switching to Bounce. Enough is enough!!! All those Egnite people care about is there residual income or get rich quick sceam.  

Jeff Combs from Belton
May 16th, 2013

Updated: 01-19-2019
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