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Rates as of 12/17/2018

Rate Plan / Provider Term

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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4Change Energy

Generous Saver 12
12 months

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Champion Energy Services

Champ Saver-12
12 months

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Green Mountain Energy

Pollution Free e-Plus 12
12 months

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Reviews from Laredo:

Good price p/kilowatt

(5 / 5)

  Been with this company for several cycles. No other company has been able to offer a better price. Bills are easy to understand. Good customer service. 

Sylvia from Laredo
August 27th, 2018

Changed price of kilowatt usage

(5 / 5)

  Very helpful caring personal who explained to me different plans to help customer lower price 

Helpful towards customer needs from Laredo
August 15th, 2018

Customer service

(5 / 5)

  I saw my bill with the surge charge protection plan which I had declined but I hate calling and waiting so I tried the online chat and the issue was fixed quickly the lady was very helpful, efficient and polite. 

Customer service from Laredo
September 12th, 2017

I changed to Bounce Energy and I am not regretting it.

(5 / 5)

  I had been another company for 1.5 years but their prices just kept rising every time I renovated the contract.
The reward programs with Bounce Energy are pretty cool and there is always an incentive to have the customers happy and saving money! 

Grecia from Laredo
July 21st, 2017

Chat Online

(5 / 5)

  I am a new customer, I had some concerns, because I spoke to a lady with a very strong accent and couldn't understand her. I decided to view my contract online and had some questions. I decided to chat, rather than talk to somebody that I wouldn't be able to understand. I chatted with a wonderful lady by the name of Paige and she answered all my questions and concerns I had. Thank you Paige! 

Sara from Laredo
July 19th, 2017


(5 / 5)

  The best electricity company I ever had,and also all the charities
There magnificent  

Anahi Rodriguez from Laredo
June 16th, 2016


(5 / 5)

  Love this company! Excellent all around. Good customer service 

Ana Maria Garcia from Laredo
May 10th, 2013

Pleasantly Surprised

(5 / 5)

  I must admit I was a bit apprehensive when I
got Amigo Energy simply because I had never
heard of them before. In my experience, all the
others always hit you with surprise charges and
provisos. To make it even worse, when you are
not happy with them, they make sure you are
going to pay a hefty price for your bad
decision. This time I did my homework and
decided to try Amigo out. I am very happy to
say that I have never been happier. The rate
options are great and customer service is an
actual living, breathing human being! They have
always been there to help me when I need them
and the real shocker is they are always in a
great mood. When I chat with my neighbors they
are shocked at how low my monthly bills are.
For the past 3 months my bills have never gone
over $35 dollars. Yes! $35.00 bucks!
I definitely recommend that you do your
research on option plans, fees, rates, etc.
Since they are constantly changing but Amigo
Energy will always come on top as the best
plan. Just be careful with the "others" small
print. I have noticed that they have scrambled
to make their fees look great but will not last
more than 12 or 24 months and disconnection
fees may give you a heart attack.

So far, I have been with Amigo Energy for
almost four years. I have had two contracts and
I still got a great rate the second time
around. Since day one, I have never had
problems logging into my account online, with
the auto-pay charges, technical or account
issues. This is the first time that I am
absolutely worry free about my electrical

MReyes from Laredo
February 15th, 2012

3 years or more already

(4.8 / 5)

  Good prices, thanks 

Solares from Laredo
September 27th, 2018

Great Company / But..

(4.8 / 5)

  Had Startex for about 1 yr. Never had any issues. Only issue is that to get a good rate you have to change to a new provider as they don't offer the best rates to present customers.  

T. Stricker from Laredo
May 30th, 2018

Great Company / But..

(4.8 / 5)

  Had Startex for about 1 yr. Never had any issues. Only issue is that to get a good rate you have to change to a new provider as they don't offer the best rates to present customers.  

T. Stricker from Laredo
June 14th, 2012

Practical Online pymnts options

(4.7 / 5)

  I am a 2 year Stream Happy customer, it just keep getting better. My online payment company just added Stream, VERY practical... the well structured statement is something that i didnt get with my last provider... I DONT WORK for them and I am not getting paid for this comment, I wish all the comments were genuine and not by employees by the same company... 

Anonymous from Laredo
April 18th, 2010

Use code 1898681 to get $50 discount! So Happy I switched!

(4 / 5)

  I had been with TXU for 3 years and and with Mega energy before that. While TXU has some great tools for taking control of your energy expenses, their pricing is not competitive. My rates just kept going up! Bounce is competitive and has just as many tools to help you control your energy expenses. And the perks are an added bonus! 

Erika from Laredo
June 3rd, 2014

happy !!

(3.8 / 5)

  I found champion on Texas Providers of electricity. There rating was good and took a chance. I had reliant and was fine until contract expired.1st month off contract 16cents/kilo, 2nd month jumped to 21 cents/kilo, what a ripoff. I called them 4 times to see what offers i could get. The cheapest over the phone was 16cents/kilo, I told them I was not happy and I would leave the company. They directed me to the company website and the best there was 14 cents/kilo. Goodbye Reliant and hello Champion at 10.4cents/kilo. No problems with billing, bit of a long wait to get a live person to pay over phone, but overall very happy. 

marie from Laredo
April 5th, 2010

its ok not the best

(3.2 / 5)

  not the cheapest 

frmtz from Laredo
June 28th, 2009

Good service

(3 / 5)

  Lower price  

Jackie from Laredo
April 12th, 2018

Too pricey

(2.8 / 5)

  harder economic times call for better competitive prices. Unfortunately I'm not getting that with TXU 

Mireya Cruz from Laredo
October 14th, 2009

No competetion, no gimmicks! Not fare.

(2.4 / 5)

  I have an RV parked on CR 77 just east of Bishop, we use very little power but we are slammed with a rate of over .17 cents per KWA due to our low usage, the less we use, the more we are charged per KWH. We cannot subscribe to another provider and are forced to pay their high rates. Due to being conservative with our power usage, we are punished. It would seem to me, one should be rewarded for using less power, not beat up for it. Looking at the bill, there are all kinds of FEES, Distribution (Wires) charges = wires only round up, customer charge, service delivery charge, PUC assessment fee. Then we have the NEC retail charges = customer charge, electric usage fee, another PUC assessment charge. This months all-inclusive fee for 471 KWH was $80.51, over .17 per KWH. So tell me this is not a rip, no hidden fees! We pay only .09 per KWH at our permanent residence, they actually have no hidden fees. If I could change our provider at Bishop, I certainly would. We lose power any time there is a bit of wind and rain. They try to blame it on our equipment yet we never have that problem while on the road with our RV, curious. That's what happens when there is a monopoly. We used to have NEC at our permanent residence in Laredo, had them for a long time, finally broke away and went with a provider which really has no gimmicks and a consistent flat rate. The rebates were/are nice, but in no way make up for the difference.  

Robert W. Hess from Bishop/Laredo
October 28th, 2015

Confusing Policy leads to confused customer service

(2 / 5)

  I signed up with this company a year ago, from the beginning they seemed disorganized and confused. For example, the terms of the contract I signed up for was never applied and instead I received and different contract terms. I was about to contact them and perhaps the authorities to make them abide by their original contract but when I received the first bill I saw that the calculated TDU fees were in fact far less than the contract terms (about $0.012/KWh), this is in direct contrast to every single contract terms I have read on all energy company websites, and all of them say the TDU fees are not marked up and directly passed to customer!! However I took the discount and was happy with until the end of my when suddenly the fees shut up and it did not make sense any more to stay with them. I called and spoke to their customer service in INDIA but could not understand adequately what they say (sorry nothing against Indians but very very difficult to comprehend the accent) more over, they were fully uniformed about the process and could not provide any sane logical explanation. So their customer service appear just a cheap front facade to fool the requirements. Yet when the billing time comes around they are quick to charge you a 5% for paying ONE day late, happened to me twice. At best I would say they cannot explain what the charges are and how it is calculated, thus I am signing off with them and would go to try another-- hopefully a better un-confused company with English speaking customer service. I would say that the price was good for a while, and if they put their act together and clarify the charges they may have some success, but not under current circumstances. Every thing that I did and worked was online, never placed a request or order change through phone- the online stuff worked. 

Qabel from Laredo
February 11th, 2016

No customer service, the phone number asks for a password and then hangs up when you dont have one?

(1.6 / 5)

  Now I know why bad reviews! Cant contact them. Started the process to change to them, then went to call them and the number they list answers requesting a password? Whats that? Never gave me one on my application page? They want 200 deposit, will they provide interest on that. Credit score of 840 ! They may have an answer but I will never know it because I cant call or email them?

BAD start, is this a sample of frustrations to come? RUN !!! Plenty of competition out there !  

No customer service number that works from Laredo
November 28th, 2018

Updated: 12-18-2018
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