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@ 1,000 kWh / month
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4Change Energy

Generous Saver 12
12 months

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Champion Energy Services

Champ Saver-12
12 months

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Green Mountain Energy

Pollution Free e-Plus 12
12 months

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Reviews from Nada:

Be Aware of 'Auto-pay', Communication and The Company Line - The Customer Is Never Right!

(1.4 / 5)

  After having Bounce since 9/2012 (switched from 20+ years w/TXU) and recommending Bounce many times during those early months and always paying our bill on time or ahead of payment time (and receiving several referral 'bonuses' and 'cash-back rewards'), I noticed when it came time to lock in a new rate this spring 2014, that Bounce wasn't getting customer ratings as highly as they were in 9/2012. I gave them the benefit of the doubt because they seemed to be constantly in contact via email (their touted 'customer account management software') about everything from weekly usage to offers etc. But, I noticed other companies were not only getting better reviews but were also offering better rates, which in the fall of 2012 were almost always dominated by Bounce. But, again in the Spring 2014, I gave Bounce the benefit of the doubt and long story short, I renewed with Bounce and took a 24 month plan Spring 2014. At their constant urging, I enrolled in 'auto-pay'. Between my wife and me, we have 5 BOA accounts and recently BOA sent me a new card on one of my accounts with the caveat that unusual activity has taken place and I should activate the new card in place of the other one -- and to BOA's credit, they called me almost daily saying I needed to activate the new card. Turns out it was the card that Bounce has on file for 'auto-pay' and once I activated the replacement card - BOA cancelled the old card. The cancellation phase passed over a long weekend and the Bounce 'auto' payment was not collected. The company (Bounce) that bombards me constantly with emails (their touted 'customer account management software'), did NOT send an email indicating anything about a non-payment, overdue payment -- nada, zip, nothing! In fact, I eventually received a phone call from an unknown '877' phone # - 5 days after the 'uncollected' due date from Bounce 'collections' with a message to call. It was interesting I got an American-sounding human very quickly when the 'collections' dept. was called, but other Bounce # take me into customer purgatory hold (which I honestly thought was different about Bounce in the fall of '12)! So once called, still not knowing about the BOA 'auto-pay' issue, the Bounce collection woman,'Yolanda' was at first a scripted robot-like rep, asking me multiple questions (account #, address, name, etc) before finally my last 4 digits of my SS#, which she said didn't match and she couldn't continue. "Really!? After 18 months, do you not have another security question you can ask?" After putting me on hold multiple times and literally cutting me which I believe she intentionally did after I ask to speak to a supervisor or someone with the ability to make a decision - which I never spoke to (i called back and to my amazement got 'Yolanda' again) then eventually as I asked 'Yolanda' she became condescending with a smirking tinge while (scriptedly) continually apologized for MY being upset. 'Why are you apologizing for my being upset?" That made no sense! When I asked why I had not rec'd an email (their touted 'customer account management software') about this, she said Bounce didn't do that - that this was my responsibility, even though I pointed out that they send multiple emails (their touted 'customer account management software') a week about everything else. In fact every answer she gave was the same: 'when you signed the agreement... customers' responsibility' I asked her to note in my file and pass along company-wide the fact that a courtesy email about a 'auto-pay' not going through would go along way in the future. She smirked and said 'oh, believe me, every word of this call is going into the files'! I asked is the call being recorded, since she did not state it up front, she curtly said, 'Yes!'. That had NOT been indicated to me! I said. 'You (Bounce) have not offered me one thing for being a loyal customer, have you?' She said, 'no'! I asked, 'will you offer me anything for being a loyal customer? "NO!"I said, do you understand how someone that has been loyal for over 18 months payment-wise, made referrals etc and now is being told that it means actually nothing to this company - feels about this. "It IS the customer's responsibility. I apologize you feel this way!", was her answer... Really!?
Conclusion, I am appalled with Bounce Energy, their customer service, collection reps and their touted 'customer account management software'. July 2014 Bounce is NOT the company I signed with in 9/2012. Maybe that's par for the course for new aggressive customer-centered companies that eventually become just a cash-cow with a customer-be-damned policy in the wake! Their rates were much higher in 2014, even for a 24-month locked-in rate, but I was loyal! I gave them the benefit of the doubt, maybe those negative reviews were just hard-to-please bargain hunters, or even shills for other companies, I thought. Well, I don't think that anymore! I know energy companies deal with fuel prices that are constantly in flux and well regulated, but I stayed loyal to Bounce because of the personal service and their touted 'customer account management software'. And, when there were other options, I am now ashamed to say -- I ignored them! Never again! I really, really, really regret renewing with Bounce spring/2014 and not because the prices were not as competitive but the personal service and customer loyalty aspect now means zero to them. Big mistake - on both our parts! As as soon as I can get away from Bounce, I will! Maybe I can't find another company that gives a rip about loyal customers, but I bet I can at least find one, at the same price - if not better that will at the very least be 'different'!... and for me, 'different' will be better than Bounce Energy 7/2014!
Fyi, the 'customer account management software' line is from their company blurb at the top of this page!

S Taylor from Ennis
July 1st, 2014

I dislike Tara Engery

(1.2 / 5)

  I have been having trouble,since returning to Canad,on April,5,1915.my bills were ok, but higher from the 2 year contract,I had with Tara engery.I have been getting higher bills when nobody is there then when I was there for 5 months..I think they must be reading my smart meter wrong..My place is only 350 square feet .Last year when back in Canada,my largest bill was no larger then $19.00 ,my last bill was $60.00 plus dollars.I will be looking for a cheaper provider .I will never recommend this company to anyone.Tara Engery is gouging me. 

Thelma Jean Jordan from Brownsville
July 20th, 2015

Son inhumanos....

(1 / 5)

  Siempre hemos tenido center point gas...las personas que atienden las llamadas y los manager que estan son una mierda completa...ayer nos cortaron el servicio ...mi esposo y yo creiamos que teniamos directo a la cuenta del banco para que lo sacaran de la cuenta cada mes...pues lo cortaron...y de paso cuando hicieron eso dejaron un liquieo afuera que podias oler a gas mucho....mandaron unos de sus empleados por cierto muy buena persona arreglar eso y mi esposo le dijo que ya que estaba aqui si le podia reconectar el servicio ...esta persona llamo y le dijeron que no...nada les costaba si ya estaban aqui....igual ya nosotros habiamos pagado la multa...lo peor de todo esto ...y yo se que a ellos les sabe a mierda que tenemos 4 nios ...los mas pequeos estan enfermos de 2 y 3 aos tienen bronquitis y fiebre...en houston ahora esta frio...no pudimos prender la calefaccion y ni si quiera los pude baar...no pude hacerle sopita ...en conclusion les valio a ellos porque como.no son sus hijos...pero si son unos hijos de putas....y perdonen mi malas palabras pero esta gente inhumana no deberia trabajar en customer service....los duenos de estas companias grandes no les importa ser humanos como ya tienen tanto dinero les vale madre la vida ajena y problemas de sus clientes...aqui en texas es la unica compaia que hay...pero cuando llegue otra preparense porque la gente los va a mandar para el carajo.... Y si se dan cuenta esta compaia tiene mas malos reviews que buenos...no acostumbro a dejar malos comentarios pero esta gente se pasa y hay que hablar y contar para que la gente vea que clase de persona es la que uno les esta dado de comer porque sin nosotros ninguno de ellos tendria trabajo...solo digo por si se les olvida...
Gracias . 

Liseth from Richmond
January 11th, 2018

Puras mentiras

(1 / 5)

  Contrate el cervicio con frontier utilities y el primer dia en un espacio de 5 horas me mandaron un mensanje disiendo que gaste 39 k el martes llame y un travajador de servicio al cliente me dijo que por ser el primer dia me estavan cobrando vasado en lo que enesa area estavan gastando las otras casas pero que para el martes ya iva a resivir los mensajes con lo que realmente estava consumiendo despues el martes resivi otro mensaje disiendo que gaste 39 k y bolvi a llamarlos el miercoles y me dijieron que era lo que su sistema estava leyendo y que ellos no podian aser nada. Entonses llame a otra compania y me dijo esactamente lo que mi medidor avia gastado durante esos dias y aun asi quisieron entender uno de ellos me dijo que fuera ala oficina y tomara un numero para poder ablar con un representante de mas jerarquia y me dio la direccion y fui y cual fue la sorpresa que no avia ni una oficina y que solo era donde les llega la correspondencia y asi cada empleado con quienes able puras mentiras desian ya el ultimo se quiso poner muy prepotente tratando de intimidar. Y como alguien va a pagar 39ksi el medidor solo marca 1 k como alguien va a pagar si la casa esta vacia y no hay ningun aparato que consuma electricidad como me cobran 39 k . y hoy me dijieron que hoy 07/19/2017 ya iva a resivir un mensaje con la cantida esacta y vasado en el medidor de lo que avia usado y cual fue la cosa que me mandaron uno disiendo que avia gastado 42 k. Cuando la casa sigue sin ocupar y sin ningun mueble ni un solp aparato electrico esta cpmpania es un fraude y no entiendo como a una empresa tan ratera y con un cerviciop al cliente que solo engana al cliente puede seguir operando . no recomiendo a esta compania a nadie no son honestos y solo disen mentiras. 

Oscar from Houston
July 19th, 2017

STAY AWAY!!!!! 4years out and still no $20 bill credit!!

(0 / 5)

  Originally started and was supposed to get a 20$ card, but due to their error I did not receive it. Called more than once to resolve this, got nothing in return till finally they told me that I would be getting a 20$ bill credit....... 4 years later NADA, NOTHING, ZIP. Not to mention the horrible price hike they hit me with. If you're late 1 day the harassment begins. When I harass them about my $20 no one can answer F THIS IM OUT!!! 

Jerry Hensley from Fort Worth
August 30th, 2014

Updated: 12-05-2018
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