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No Deposit No Credit Check Electricity Plans in Houston, TX

Normallly, when you're shopping for electric service in Houston, you'll need to supply a social security number or driver's license, or some other type of verifiable ID. And depending on your credit rating, you may need to fill out additional paperwork or pay a deposit.

That's not always convenient, especially when medical, education-related, or job-related events can cause changes in credit rating. For some Houston electricity customers, things like immigration status, graduation, or divorce situations may temporarily leave you with bad credit or no credit rating at all.

Unfortunately, this frequently results in high-deposit requests from Houston electricity providers. In this instance, you could easily get stuck having to pay a deposit $400 or more -- and for many customers that's not convenient or affordable.

However, you do have another option. Prepaid, No Credit Check, and No Deposit Electric plans from Houston light companies with no deposit let you to sign up for electricity service for as low as $39 depending on the size of your home. For this reason, no credit check and no deposit energy plans from light companies with no deposit requirements have become a preferred option for many Houston energy customers.

But, one factor electricity customers face with these kinds of plans is that their prices are usually 20-30% higher than conventional post-paid plans with end of the month bills. That said, while light companies with no deposit plans do cost more, they give you the convenience of getting your lights turned on wihtout the hassle and expense of paying a big, expensive deposit.

How Do You Start Pre-paid Electric Service in the Houston area?

Pre-paid electricity service from light companies with no deposit start with a small payment to the provider before your power is turned on. It works like this:

  1. Choose a plan you like and sign up with the light company.

  2. Since this is a prepaid plan, you will need deposit a start up balance in your new account before the light company starts your service. This initial payment is called a "connection balance".

  3. A beginning connection balance usually runs about $20-$75 and is used as a bank against the amount of electricity you use.

As you use electricity, your No Deposit Electricity Company uses your account balance to pay for your usage. As your account balance gets lower, the provider will contact you via text and email to have you add more money to the account.

Because pre-paid electricity service from light companies with no deposit plans don't always cover delivery charges, you may also need to pay Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) charges. In this case, your starting connection balance can cost over $75. So you should shop around to find the cheapest rate at the best terms.

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How Prepaid or Pay-as-You-Go Electricity Service Works

Pre-paid electricity service from light companies with no deposit plans are quite self explanatory. Prepaid electricity service in Houston means you purchase your electricity before you use it. With pre-paid electricity service, customers pay light companies with no deposit for the electricity they'll use upfront. In turn, these light companies track your usage and manage your payments.

Customers register for service and make an initial payment by credit card, debit card, or cash at a check cashing location.

Remember, too, that prepaid service customers do not receive a monthly bill. Because you've already paid for your electricity, your light company contacts you (via email or text) to let you know your balance and warn you when you need to refill your account in order to keep your service active. The supplier can also provide you with a Summary of Usage and Payment (SUP) for up to twelve months of usage. This will show you when your usage was highest and can help you plan your budget.

If you are trying to find affordable power from light companies with good plans but pay no deposit, this is the simplest way to go so long as you keep your account balance up to date.

Light Companies with No Deposit - How much does it cost to start service?

The up-front payment required by different prepaid light companies will vary anywhere from $10 to $75 depending on the provider and the plan. No, it's not a deposit because the payment goes to the energy you will use. That said, bear in mind that the price per kWh will tend to be higher than conventional vixed rate plans. For that reason, it pays you to compare different rates and plans so you can find the most affordable one.

More No Deposit No Credit Check plans for you and your family.

Plan Name
Rate Stability
6 month
16.5¢ / kwh
at 1,000 kWh per bill
$40 min balance
12 month
16.5¢ / kwh
at 1,000 kWh per bill
$40 min balance
  • Instant approval regardless of credit history
  • No Credit Check & No Deposit
  • Same-Day power connection with no deposit required

  • Long Term No Deposit Electricity Service

    If you really don't want to go with a pre-paid plan, these plans may work better for you. Instead of a deposit, you pay a one-time non-refundable fee when you start the plan. Terms ranging from 3 months to 12 months.

    Fixed Rate No Deposit Plans will also require a non-refundable up-front payment of $39 to $149. Athough the fee is typically non-refundable, you have the benefit of working to restore your credit, and pay for your electricity service after you use it.

    You tend to pay a somewhat higher rate and a higher monthly minimum charge but the benefit is still attractive to many Houston electricity customers.

    Certain companies offer these plans, such as:

    What Incentives Are Available for No Deposit Electricity Plans?

    Luckily, many Light Companies with No Deposit plans in Houston provide incentives of up to 1 or 2 months of free energy or cash amounts of as much as $200. Some electric suppliers also offer pre-paid electricity with free nights and weekends. These rewards are frequently paid out after 6 months and 12 months of continuous service so remember that you need to keep your account current and up to date. That means you can't have had any late payments or service turn offs due to non-payment.

    Will I Get a Bill?

    No. Pre-paid Electric Service clients do not get a regular monthly bill. Instead, your light company will send you text and emails about your No Deposit plan's balance. Your electric provider will also upply a Summary of Usage and Payment (SUP) for up to twelve months of usage. The SUP will show your usage, your charges, the average cost of service and payments by calendar month.

    My Power has Been Turned Off. How Do I Get It Turned Back On?

    First, you need to pay off the previous balance before you can reconnect. If you are trying to switch to different Light Companies with No Deposit plans and have not paid off your previous balance, you will not be able to change without paying the balance you owe. As soon as your balance is paid, your electricity company will need you to make a payment to create a new connection balance in order to restart service.

    Some No Deposit Light Companies may require you to make your balance payment at a third-party payment processor that acts as an agent for the electricity provider. Your lights should come back on within 2 hours of paying the balance you owe.

    Can I get a Deferred Payment Plan in Houston, Tx?

    You may request a Deferred Payment Plan if:

    1. During extreme weather, your account reaches a negative balance of $50 or more. An extreme weather event occurs when the National Weather Service issues a heat advisory or a cold alert in your area.

    2. A State of Disaster has been declared. The Governor and the Public Utility Commission requires that deferred payment plans be offered when a State of Disaster is declared.

    3. Under-billing. Your Retail Electric Provider (REP) has under-billed your account for reasons other than theft of service.

    If you enter into a deferred payment plan, your REP may apply a switch-hold until the account is paid in full. A switch-hold effectively locks your account until your balance is paid off.

    We Help Houston Homeowners Find Affordable No Deposit Electricity

    No credit check electricity plans are designed to provide Houston electricity customers with a clean start. You can get your power turned on at your brand-new home on the same day with pre-paid and pay-as-you-go electric plans readily available from many different electricity providers.

    Because Houston electricity customers want convenience, we've made shopping for these Light Companies with No Deposit plans easy. You'll discover plenty of options to select from, whether you are searching for Pay As you Go, Prepaid Energy with complimentary nights and weekends, or a Low Deposit Plan. You are in complete control of the kind of plan you wish to make the most of.

    Shop our best No Deposit No Credit Check plans in Houston.

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