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How many Ranchero Power rates are available in Texas?

Like most providers, Ranchero Power has several plans available to customers in Texas. These plans, along with their specific rates by area, are listed in the tables below:

How do I find other providers plans?

You can easily find the electricity rates for Ranchero Power as well as other suppliers in your area by entering your zip code in the box provided below.

Why does Ranchero Power charge different electricity rates depending on where I live?

That's a good question - you might think the rates should be the same everywhere, after all, it's just electricity, right?

The reality is that as the Texas electric grid was built out, infrastructure was put in place by the regulated monopoly providers at the time. They built generators here and there, using different kinds of fuel and different configurations, and hooked them to the grid as it made sense to at the time. When electricity was deregulated, retailers like Ranchero Power were allowed to offer a price to the public. However, the old decisions about how to construct the grid and where to put the generation plants does affect how expensive the wholesale electricity is in different regions, and the various TDSP's (the companies that take care of the poles and wires) all charge different rates to the retail providers for their services as well. Thus, in order to be competitive and provide the best rates for customers, Ranchero Power (as well as other retailers) generally base their prices on the costs of generation and distribution in the different areas.

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