When Customers Rate, Everyone Wins!

One of the great things about the deregulated electricity market in Texas is that customers have choice. They can choose their retail electricity provider, and if they have a bad experience, they can leave that provider and choose someone else. If they have a great experience with their electric company, they can share their experiences with friends and family members.

We think the ability for customers to share their experiences with others is one of the most important things we do at Texas Electricity Ratings. The deregulated electricity market in Texas can be confusing, and by taking the time to share your experiences, both positive and negative, with the different electricity providers in the market, you're helping other shoppers make informed decisions about which electricity providers best fit their needs. By simply taking the time to rate your experiences, you are taking an active hand in the electricity market and making a difference.

Click on a company below to write a review:

CompanyRankingRating (0-5)
TXU Energy24.9
Champion Energy Services34.86
Gexa Energy54.71
Payless Power64.49
Entrust Energy74.42
TriEagle Energy84.34
Pulse Power94.3
Green Mountain Energy104.25
Infinite Energy114.15
Iberdrola Texas124
XOOM Energy133.96
Power Express143.94
4Change Energy153.82
Pogo Energy163.8
Acacia Energy173.75
Now Power183.75
Veteran Energy193.68
Cirro Energy203.65
Hello Energy213.63
Just Energy223.53
Amigo Energy233.47
Bounce Energy243.45
Vital Power253.44
Pennywise Power263.43
Tara Energy273.39
Agera Energy283.36
Power House Energy303.1
Smart Prepaid Electric313.04
American Light & Power323.03
Direct Energy333.02
Power of Texas343.02
Chariot Energy363
Snap Energy372.95
Spark Energy382.93
IGS Energy392.92
Think Energy402.86
Texans Energy412.81
Summer Energy422.79
Southwest Power & Light432.75
Texpo Energy442.75
Viridian Energy462.67
Volt EP472.67
OUR Energy482.64
Clearview Energy492.39
CPL Retail Energy502.3
V247 Power512.28
Mission Power522.25
WTU Retail Energy532.24
Shyne Energy542.2
Pronto Power552.19
Andeler Power562.16
Pioneer Energy572.14
Stream Energy582.1
U.S. Energy Savings592.1
Brilliant Energy602.09
MidAmerican Energy Services612.09
Discount Power622.07
Frontier Utilities632.03
First Choice Power642
Gateway Energy Services661.98
Abacus Resources Energy671.98
Verde Energy681.98
Infuse Energy691.83
Ambit Energy701.8
Energy Rewards721.73
Hino Electric731.72
Circular Energy751.44
Epcot Electric761.37
TruSmart Energy771.29
Source Power & Gas781.29
Express Energy791.14
APNA Energy801
Liberty Power811
Mega Energy821
Simple Power841
Hudson Energy851
Breeze Energy861
True Electric870.93
Simplify Solar880
Sunshine Renewable890
Almika Energy900