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Rates as of 12/3/2018

Rate Plan / Provider Term

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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4Change Energy

Generous Saver 12
12 months

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Champion Energy Services

Champ Saver-12
12 months

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Green Mountain Energy

Pollution Free e-Plus 12
12 months

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Reviews from Terrell:

A Great Experience

(5 / 5)

  I have been pleasantly surprised with Payless Power. The sign up process was simple and the daily notifications are great. The prepay plan is a good way to manage you usage. 

Regina Staples -Lock from Terrell
August 9th, 2018

No hassle low prices!

(5 / 5)

  Love my 4ChangeEnergy service so much I just extended my contract by 2 years! Low prices! 

Jessica from Terrell
June 8th, 2017


(4.6 / 5)

  after years with txu, and being ripped off on charges, I switched to YEP. I
am glad I did! No problems, excellent rates.  

jeff from Terrell
June 12th, 2011

TXU or the cheaper services?

(4.3 / 5)

  I used TXU for 4 years in Terrell. The service was fine. I can think of nothing to complain about.

The billing was fine. Again no complaints.

When I left, they refunded my deposit as they said they would. Again no complaints.

Now I am looking to start electric service at a new place. I am wondering if the companies with cheaper rates are a good idea. But looking at these reviews, it appears that some of these reviews are not by customers but by competitors. This makes it harder to decide if there is an advantage to the cheaper services.

I know TXU and have not a single complaint. I will probably use them again. 

William N from Terrell
September 7th, 2010

Mixed Reviews on Service

(2.6 / 5)

  I requested the switch of 3 accounts. The first account was switched within 7 days and welcome materials rec'd so very satisfied with this switch. The next two accounts, I have been waiting for 4 weeks and have not received confirmation that anything has switched. I called customer service and was told that they showed one of the accounts had been submitted but could not confirm when the switch would take place. As pleased as I was with the first switch. I am equally displeased with the switch of the next two accounts since I have rec'd no confirmation that anything has been done. Telephone call to customer service was not very satisfactory so I am emailing today for status report.  

Service Issues from Terrell
November 27th, 2018

I had a feeling it may have sounded too nice

(1.8 / 5)

  Same story as a lot of people here. Two ladies came to my door, one in training. I had month to month with reliant because I have never been a fan of contracts but decided to give it a try. I currently paid 11 and some odd cents for month to month with Reliant. They told me due to my credit I had no deposit, would pay 7 cents and would see a savings of about $2.50 per day. My daily cost with reliant varied depending on the season, but never dipped below $4 per day and never more then $6 per day. My first bill for November to December with Entrust was $246 which comes to about $8.2 per day. I thought that maybe its just because of my first bill, maybe there was a charge or something. I attempted to call them maybe 5 or 6 times, with hold times over 45 minutes. A few times I got disconnected after 30 minutes of holding. I pressed 2 to get a call back and have only received one 1 time. of course I was on my work line when the call came in. The other 2 times I never got a call back. I am currently waiting for one right now as a matter of fact. Its been 2 hours.
I realized something was wrong when my second bill came in for December to January and its again $245. I checked my check book and I paid less than $200 with reliant in July and August, and September and October was less than $170. I am confused, I do not understand. I give Entrust a A plus for hidden fees. And an A plus in avoidance. Do NOT buy from them.  

Barrett Baker from Terrell
February 4th, 2014

Rip off

(1 / 5)

  Any company that would let people go door to door to get new customers and deceive to get you to switch, goes on my don't do it list. Never again will i use Reliant or TXU. They both have lost any future business from me.  

sharon from Terrell
August 8th, 2015


(0 / 5)

  I had been a customer of TXU for over 30 years. I moved to a new location and decided to give Reliant a try. I signed up, luckily, for a month to month plan. When I talked to the CSR over the phone, I gave her the date of move-in. When I received email confirmation, the date was incorrect. I called them immediately to correct this, and they told me sorry, we can't correct it. You'll just have to pay for electricity on an apartment that is not yours for an extra day.

In addition to this, on my first statement, there is an unauthorized charge for $49.00 for something called Reliant Easy Move Elite. I didn't not authorize this charge nor do I want it. They will not remove it. They can only put it in "dispute" and it will take 60 days for resolution. It finally was removed last month, only to reappear on this month's statement.

I have filed a complaint with PUC for cramming. Let's see if this can resolve it.

I would NEVER recommend this company and if I can get this unauthorized charge removed from my account, I will be shopping for electricity elsewhere. 

Sharon from Terrell
September 3rd, 2012

Updated: 12-05-2018
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