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@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Champion Energy Services

Champ Saver-12
12 months

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@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Green Mountain Energy

Pollution Free e-Plus 12
12 months

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Reviews from Voca:

Great service and referral program

(5 / 5)

  After a bad experience with another company I switched to Champion Energy Services. The customer service has been great and my bill is not overpriced. I've been with them for 5 months and they have been an honest company. I am from out of state and was not accustom to so many companies and pricing. I have to say I am happy with them. They send weekly updates on your usage and provide tip on how to conserve. I encourage anyone new to choosing various electricity plans to look at the reviews on various websites.

When I looked up reviews Champion was ranked one of the highest for quality customer service. Like many others, I do not have anything bad to say. Champion also has an awesome referral program. I am an advocate for great service and appreciate the fact that there is no limit on the referrals. 

Mardez W. from Portland
June 16th, 2015

Been with Gexa for Six Years with NO PROBLEMS - Promo Code 484371

(5 / 5)

  Every company will have complaints. Some customers don't read the fine print of contracts, so they get caught unaware when something unexpected comes along. The key to a good customer experience is to be your own best advocate and read everything. Sometimes terms are only mentioned once. If you don't understand something, ask the company and ask someone you trust who knows what's what.

We use balance billing. That means we pay the same each month. I have had decreases. I have had increases. But at least I have a set amount to fit into my budget. I know what to expect. That comes from a good relationship with the company...meaning I pay my bills on time (about a week prior to the due date). If you do the same, you will reap the benefit.

For full disclosure, all the promo codes you see on these review sites are ones provided specifically for each customer after they have signed up. It is a referral code. It helps me, the customer. It helps you, the future customer. I hope you will accept my honesty about it and use it. 

D Mixon from League City
June 10th, 2014


(1.2 / 5)

  Customer service is the worst I have had dealings with, took over 4 hours on the phone to get account open. Repeated calls, could not speak to same csr, on hold for hours, took 10 days to get power back on after a new account was setup. 

Larry from Voca
May 20th, 2014

Terrible! Don't DO IT

(1.1 / 5)

  When calling to correct a billing issue, I had to talk to 4 people including a supervisor. None of them had a professional tone nor vocabulary. I had been a timely customer for my entire term and received a suggestion to "be more responsible." Way too many problems for the price! 

Martha from Houston
August 4th, 2010

Be wary of the base charge and their ability to give you a more exspensive plan when renewing!

(1 / 5)

  I have been a customer of Green Mountain Energy for 4 years and WAS pleased until I called to discuss a better rate. The CSM stated a cheaper plan was available and that he would change the contract and waive the termination fee for the existing contract. After placing me on hold, came back on a stated they cannot waive fees, so long story short BE AWARE. Be wary of the base charge and their ability to give you a more expensive plan when renewing! It is NOW obvious Customer retention and customer loyalty is NOT in the Green Mountain Energy vocabulary.  

October 26th, 2018

Shut off and shut out.

(1 / 5)

  Ive had gmp for years and despite being vigilant in the past with my energy consumption my bills are off the charts high. I have a small 1 bedroom apartment and my bill this winter was 350 a month!! I had a gf that paid the bill i oaid all other bills. She left me with a thousand dolllar bill in March. I paid 640 in 6 weeks and got 2 more high bills putting me almost back where i was in March. I got disconnected a week ago cause i coukdnt keep up with such a high bill. I was met with a tough crap response to fact i have a 15 month old and 4 year old living with me. I called around for non existent assistance and had a state run agency advocate for me explaining my situation and that id pay in 2 weeks and they wouldn't budge. All my food has gone bad. I live by candlelight and flashlights and its not fun. Im extremely dissapointed they are so uncooperative and insensitive. If there was another company i could go with i would. Ive always had issues with gmp. They could never explain why my bill is always so high for so many years. 

Robert from Colchester
May 27th, 2018

Fine...Until Now

(1 / 5)

  Late last year, I received a call from Tara Energy, my REP, offering a "free" SmartStat thermostat as an introductory offer. I agreed and the unit was installed on January 7, 2013. I was assured the unit would pay for itself in saving me money and WAS TRANSFERABLE should I decide to change Retail Electrical Provider (REP).

At the end of June 2013, my contract with Tara was expiring and I signed up with Summer Energy as their rates were lower. Today, I received a final bill from Tara for $662, which included a $495 charge for "breaking" my SmartStat contract because Summer is not SmartStat compatible. I was not informed by either company - Tara or Summer - that Summer was not compatible or that by switching to a non-compatible energy company I was breaking the contract.

I am absolutely livid over this and have thusfar received no acceptable assistance from Tara. A Customer Service representative told us we had the option of having the unit removed for $100, but when attempting to "verify" this with their manager, we're then told removal is not an option and we are subject to the $495 payment no matter what. Requests to speak to upper management are met with vague explanations of them "not being available" but empty promises that someone will call us back.

No one in their right mind would knowingly "break" their contract to the tune of $495. My argument is not that Tara charges $495 for terminating the contract. I agree this is on fine print on the back. My argument is that I HAD NO IDEA I WAS BREAKING THE CONTRACT BY SWITCHING TO A NON-COMPATIBLE REP.

In my disgust and frustration, I have since contacted several consumer watchdog groups (including the Dallas Morning News Consumer Advocate Dave Lieber) regarding this matter and will continue to do so until I am satisfied with the resolution and when Tara is exposed for their poor treatment of customers. I've also filed an informal complaint against Tara Energy with the Public Utilities Commission of Texas 

Tamara Galbraith from Plano
July 2nd, 2013

TXU "Free Energy 400" commercial is SHAMEFUL!

(0.4 / 5)

   A commercial airing on many stations, from TXU Energy, is shameful, "Energy free 400" . I sent my information to the major TV stations and only one replied. I was given the response "WE WILL NOT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS US". Broadcast Consumer Advocates seem to be neutered when it comes to protecting the citizens from predatory practices of advertisers who pay them. I sent my information to local radio stations, Tom Tynan, and even mayor Parker. I have not received any response from any of them. Electric bills are a major expense to the consumers and exposing this information would be more beneficial than stories about roaches in a restaurant!

I have had 7 different energy providers in the last 10 years. I have no allegiance to any of them.....it is all about price. Right now I am researching new energy contracts for the old people in my neighborhood. They are on fixed incomes. They rely on me to find the best contract when it is renewal time. Many do not have computer skills and can be easily swayed by misleading commercials such at TXU's. Reliant is not any better in pricing , but many older people still choose them because of name recognition. I have never chose Reliant, since deregulation, because their rates are never close to being the lowest.

Historical data has proven that it is unwise to pay an added premium for contracts more than 12 months. The Power Providers have been raking in extra money by advertising longer-term contracts. The Shale Gas techniques have put natural gas prices in the toilet and that keeps a lid on electricity prices which are dominated by domestic coal and natural gas generating stations.

Most people do not realize that all Power Providers are just "energy resellers". They buy megawatts of power (about 4 cents a kilowatt) and then resell it. CenterPoint controls all the "wires" and is responsible for the infrastructure in the Houston area. Centerpoint's "distribution charge" is blended into the energy charge of the Power Providers.

Since all Power Providers are just billing agents, why would a person not shop for the lowest price? All power- line problems must be reported to Centerpoint for resolution so all providers are equal in that regard.

I obtained the data , for my comparisons, from PowertoChoose.org. I sorted them from lowest to highest rates (per 1000 kW) and used 18 month contracts for "apples to apples" comparisons. I did include a highlighted contract which was for 12 months to show the additional savings. Compared to just 7 of the many Power Providers available, you would see that TXU charges ~40% more, no matter what the usage is! FREE ENERGY!!!!????? I did "chat" with a TXU representative to ensure I understood their billing examples and the data is accurate. Please see attached Spreadsheet and you can go to the TXU site and the PowertoChoose site to verify my numbers.

I contacted PowertoChoose.org (by email) and told them that they should help residents, of our great State, by requiring all of the providers to make their billing charge algorithms available to the PowertoChoose website. CenterPoint's database should also be made accessible.(since it has records of the typical usage from that residence in the last 12 month period). A person could then simply put in their "service address" , select a plan type (3,6, 12, 18, 24 month, etc), and then all the plans would be computed against historical usage at that service address, . The resultant energy charge "totals" would be illuminating. This would immediately alert people to scams like what TXU is running. Perhaps TXU is not the absolute highest, but that is not something to be proud about. This would also make the rates more competitive if people were now very aware of the comparisons and would shop for the lowest price, all fees included. United Way and other volunteer agencies could help people who are in need of saving every penny. I never received a response from PowertoChoose. org

I also contacted the PUC. They said that the consumer has the responsibility to read the "facts label" and " terms of service" carefully. If you ever read those documents, you would know that they can be long and confusing. They do not offer comparisons to other Companies for reference.

I abhor when people are taken advantage of. The smug look of the actor who promotes the plan, sickens me! Most networks are quick to "pick apart" everything people in government say or do, while they ignore the shenanigans their advertisers employ.


R Bartel from Houston
February 21st, 2013

Updated: 01-19-2019
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