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Rates as of 12/10/2018

Rate Plan / Provider Term

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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4Change Energy

Generous Saver 12
12 months

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Champion Energy Services

Champ Saver-12
12 months

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Green Mountain Energy

Pollution Free e-Plus 12
12 months

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Reviews from Webster:

Now power

(5 / 5)

  It's been nice so far and they are helpful 

Daysha donahue from Webster
February 3rd, 2018

Pleased customer

(4.6 / 5)

  Customer for 3 years and have had good results. Good customer service. Would recommend 

Canderson from Webster
March 26th, 2017

$29 Late Fee's!

(2.4 / 5)

  I have been a long time customer of Amigo Energy however in recent months I noticed my bill getting higher. Normally we just pay our bill but with my recent lay off we have had to pay closer attention to bills. Of course, because of the layoff, we have had to shuffle manage bills in a way that didn't always allow paying on time, thus the late fees. This is when I noticed the $29 late fees. Now don't get me wrong I understand a charge for paying late however what I am struggling with is a mindblowing $29 late fee! I can understand a $5 or even $10 late fee but $29!?!?! I just think this is nickel & diming people to death! So now I am looking for another carrier. Oh, by the way, be on the lookout for the $10-month fee that they never make mention of when they are pitching their low rate sale because it means your not paying that $0.07 per kWh, you paying more once you factor in this fee. 

Ziaros from Webster
October 24th, 2017

Based on RG&E Report I ended up paying more with Agway

(2 / 5)

  Agway Promised me that they can better negotiate Energy price in the market and hence my energy bill will be lesser if I switch to them. After switching to Agway, based on the report provided by RG&E my bill increased and was double in some cases.

Electricity Usage History
ReadDate ReadTypekwh ESCO Billed Utility Billed [RG&E would have billed]
2018-08-16 RGE 328 $29.96 $16.63
2018-06-18 RGE 738 $76.69 $32.74
2018-04-16 RGE 1065 $77.66 $61.94
2018-02-15 RGE 1190 $94.08 $56.83
2017-12-18 RGE 1230 $91.04 $55.51
2017-10-17 RGE 562 $40.43 $26.54

Natural Gas Usage History

ReadDate ReadType therms ESCO Billed Utility Billed [RG&E would have billed]
2018-08-16 RGE 0.0 $0.00 $0.00
2018-06-18 RGE 14.4 $10.56 $5.97
2018-04-16 RGE 94.8 $68.86 $39.51
2018-02-15 RGE 111.2 $84.06 $44.83
2017-12-18 RGE 90.7 $69.94 $32.03
2017-10-17 RGE 8.2 $6.18 $2.27 

No more Agway from Webster
October 11th, 2018

A Nightmare

(2 / 5)

  When Cirro was bought out by NRG, my nightmare began. Though the letter informing me of the buyout said I need "take no action," my account number was changed. My October payment made online disappeared. I, of course, have no check to prove payment. After talking to 7 different people in billing, they still are threatening to turn off my power again. It was already turned off in December. It is January 27, more than three months after the problem began. Today I spoke to a supervisor. We'll see if anything changes. I would not recommend Cirro to anyone. 

Susan from Webster
January 27th, 2015

Very noble but expensive.

(1.3 / 5)

  It's too expensive. I lived in a 540 sq foot efficiency apartment and even
when I was away from my home and not running my air conditioner, my
bill was almost $100.00.


no from Webster
April 26th, 2012

scamming scum

(1.2 / 5)

  I had green mountain for a few months, since that is who my complex recommended. Moved out almost 4 months ago. Called muliple times to cancel, yet they keep saying they don't have.it in the system that I called in. Last months bill was $170, but after calling the complex found out no one has moved in yet. How is it possible for an empty apartment to rack up $170 in energy in one month. I keep calling corporate to talk to someone and as soon as they say they are transfering ne to a manager they hang up on me. Taking.my case to military lawyers. I hope you burn in hell green mountain Energy 

cristl from Webster
August 23rd, 2012

AWFUL from customer service to corporate

(1 / 5)

  I was a VERY loyal customer of GME for 14 months. I moved and chose to go with a new power company because my rates went up when I was changed to a month to month plan (without being informed). I called in to customer service and had my power scheduled to be shut off on December 2, 2013. They told me I was scheduled and then the phone was disconnected. I tried to call back several times and was transferred AND hung up on every time. On December 30th I got a statement for the ENTIRE month of December. When I called to ask they stated that in their records its stated that yes I requested the disconnect but since the call was disconnected it wasn't processed. Seriously? I was moving, why would I keep paying for the lights in a place I wasn't living anymore? How did I know it was scheduled for that day if I wasn't told? Did I make that all up? Apparently so, because they sent my claim to the disputing department. They called me today and informed me that I was responsible for the 70 some odd dollars for the light bill. For the empty apartment I hadn't lived in for a month. All because they hung up on me? I don't think so Green Mountain Energy. This is a terrible company with crap for service. If you're into being lied to, called a liar, and being overcharged you're picking a winner with Green Mountain. I'll tell everyone I know to steer clear of this company. Dirty rotten thieves. 

Pat Harris from Webster
January 3rd, 2014

So bad we just paid the termination penalty to get away from them

(1 / 5)

  This company is so bad to work with and so much higher than their competitors that we just paid the termination fee to get out of the 1-yr "contract" that we were in. They have no customer service, their account management is terrible, and their rates are 25-30% higher than everyone else's.
They are just middlemen (traders) making a quick buck between the companies who make the electricity and the people who need to use it. 

David from Webster
September 21st, 2012


(0.8 / 5)

  The service was horrible, all they care about is money, the bottom line! They do not go out of their way to help as some other companies do! Then they try to recruit you into becoming a sales rep, but you have to pay to work for them! I would NEVER recomend Ambit to anyone!!  

Grossly unhapppy from Webster
August 2nd, 2010


(0 / 5)

  Friday 5/.31/13 a guy came to our home and my 80 yr old husband was here and he convinced my husband to look at our gas/electric bill and had my husband sign a contract! for 5 freaking years!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? the gas/electric billis in my name alone! My husband does not have authorization to sign anything for me...I RECEIEVED TWO E MAILS FROM JUST ENERGY WITH CONTRACT SIGNED BY MY HUSBAND..WITHIN FEW MINUTES OF HIM SIGNING IT......I HAVE 3 business days to cancel so I canceled within 1 hour!..I immediately contacted JUST ENERGY via phone and some guy assured me he canceled contract and gave me a confirmation number! I will check with them monday and if I do not get a e mail assuring me of cancellation, I will contact attorney general and my attorney! I also e mailed these ppl back too....what a scam! A friend of mine also had issues withthese ppl and her gas/electric billwas highest ever in all the years she had with the original utility! DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING!!!  

Diane from Webster
June 2nd, 2013

Updated: 12-13-2018
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