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4Change Energy

Generous Saver 12
12 months

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@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Champion Energy Services

Champ Saver-12
12 months

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Green Mountain Energy

Pollution Free e-Plus 12
12 months

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Reviews from Weir:

These guys rock

(5 / 5)

  Been with them - what 2 or 3 years now? I dunno - time flies when your energy service is hassle free. Was formerly with sparkenergy, and when they fell out of my service area for whatever reason it was, I don't know, I was sorely anticipating that I wasn't going to do as well again. But then found Champion - whoo hoo! Automatic/recurring billing via Credit Card, set it up and forget it, competitive rates which are promised and delivered, and no weird surprises or weird billing issues (a common complaint across many service providers). I could list all the problems I am NOT having, but it would be too too long! Glad I found you. 

greggers from Abilene
February 11th, 2014

Been Good to me

(4.8 / 5)

  Been with Spark since about 2007. No horror
stories, no weird billing/meter issues. This
seems like it should be a given, but it's not
these days.

Competitive rates, also enjoy the credit card
auto pay - not everybody has that, you know.
If you simply read and understand the
difference between fixed and variable rate,
are a person of average intelligence, etc., you
should have no issues with Spark sign up and

The one time i needed an email response for a
question, I got a satisfactory answer in a day
or 2. It seems they really cared.

Been a happy camper. My only concern is that I
think Spark's Residential service may be coming
to a close for my Zip code (website only
returns Commercial service hits now on my Zip).
Hence I may need to find another provider that
can give me *everything* Spark has given for
the past years. Hard to do...

One Co. might have good rates but no credit
card auto pay. Another has cc auto pay but
consumer horror stories... and so it goes. 

October 28th, 2011

good experience but leaving to get promotional rate elsewhere

(4.4 / 5)

   I don't have time to do a review but I know good reviews are rare since warning people of bad experiences is much more compelling! I'm using voice recognition so ignore any weird errors. I'm too lazy to fix them, But this site has been useful to me so I wanted to reciprocate. This company worked out well for me. I did use customer service and they were helpful. The transition to them from the other company was seamless and invisible. My bills were accurate (or, actually, so low I didn't check them) and arrived on time online And were automatically charged my credit card correctly. My bills were much lower than my previous company but that's a function of the rate I got.

I'm only changing because promotional rates are always better than the rate they can offer existing customers even with the little five dollar credit per month for renewing. The customer service rep did point out that I could change to a variable plan for even one month and become a new customer of Penneywise again but I don't know if I'll bother. 

Deborah Luik from Bellaire
April 30th, 2013


(4 / 5)

  Customer service after hours is a bit weird but other than that I'm happy.  

E from Waco
September 12th, 2013

Before you get Payless read this

(3.6 / 5)

  Let me start by saying that when I first switched to Payless Power, I was very impressed. The rates were reasonable with no hidden fees. I loved how I got a text message every morning and honestly this company has truly educated me on how to save on my electricity usage. Then things went weird. I figured out near beginning of summer that I could extend my account payment out by a week. This was awesome. It truly helped me. I paid a week behind every week, like clockwork. How awesome is that! However any incentives I started out with for paying a larger payment were gone. It use to be if you paid $150, $100 or $75 you'd get lower tiered rates per KWH. Gone. ok..well, they got to make money too. That was strike one, incentives gone. Then there was the small fee charged if paying less than $40 on your account. Sure, let's charge the people who obviously are scrimping pennies to pay for electricity, but it didn't effect me so much...strike two, unnecessary fees. At least with this fee I was SLIGHTLY warned ahead of time...would have been nicer for a heads up sooner. Now they have taken away my precious extension. Instead of 7 days, I now only have 4, which is counting the day of payment due. If I want to extend it 7 days I have to pay a fee. This one wasn't given to me as a warning, in fact the first time I saw it I didn't even know what it was. The second time the customer service agent did tell me prior to awarding me the extension, but not the first time, That's a hidden fee. I still can't understand why they don't text customers about changes to fees etc. Why do we have to find out last minute or in some cases after the fact? Strike 3, extension gone...strike 4, hidden fees....All in all I must say I actually did like this company. But I'm thinking its not the same company I signed up with. Maybe it is time for me to switch. If you never need an extension and want to prepay...this company is for you. If you pinch pennies and its hard to make ends meet...I'd shop around and get full details first.  

January from Plano
December 21st, 2013

They have a very lose definition of average billing

(3.2 / 5)

  I used Direct for over a year and never had any issues with them except for with their idea of average billing. They offer average billing, but it is unlike any average billing I have ever experienced, and to this day, when I inquire about how average billing works with potential energy providers, I have never encountered Direct's odd approach to the matter.

Direct Energy doesn't average bill in the sense of keeping your bill around a steady amount and then adjusting it for over or under usage. Direct's average billing bills you exactly what you used that month, so the bill is always a surprise. I spoke to several customer service reps about this issue, and they all seemed confused by my confusion; like average billing meant regular billing. It's really weird.

So if you are okay with your average bill being a mystery surprise each month, go ahead and sign up with Direct. Honestly, it's the only issue I ever had with them, but it was enough to inspire me to switch to another provider. Just my personal preference, though. 

Lori from Baytown
January 27th, 2014

Weird Billing System

(1.8 / 5)

  Most electricity providers I've used offer a discount for direct debit of your bills. Breeze offers no apparent way to do direct billing at all. After several attempts to set this up, I finally elicited a response: "This request sends notice to our customer service team, this is not a personal task feature." OK, sorry to bother you with a customer service issue! I would avoid this company, despite their focus on selling affordable renewable energy, and find a more friendly, competent company. 

Former Breeze Customer from Arlington
February 16th, 2018

Horrible think twice

(1.4 / 5)

  At first as usual everything was pretty ok but here we are almost three yrs later and they messed up and bigggggggg. So we moved for the third time and first they have us a weird excuse as to why we had to open a new account instead of transferring that was a yr ago. Last week we get a letter stating that if we do not pay the last bill of our old address (let's remember I moved a yr ago) it will be disconnected the bill was over 100 dollars . We were given the run around stating they tried to contact us. We asked were and they said at your old address Whattttt when we asked for our total all together it was over 200 dollars we have never had a bill over 100 it is just two of us in a loft . I am so disappointed and will be paying the cancellation fee and we will be going else where . This is the classiest way of stealing money I have ever seen. 

Maria from Fort Worth
July 12th, 2013


(1 / 5)

  I was unknowingly placed on the most expensive plan they offer at 15 cents per kw/h and was charged double for "supposedly" going over my limit. It's weird c the company I switched to claims I only use 20 kw/h a day...so someone is lying and now I am being harrassed bc I was lied to and scammed.  

Sad business from Jacksonville
February 1st, 2018


(1 / 5)

  I called them to get a rate, decided to go with Cirro, but got a bill for 4.95 that said I owed them 1days fee. I didnt pay it. 

Strange from Dallas
October 18th, 2017

Horrible billing...Horrible customer service

(1 / 5)

  Ambit really messed my billing for multiple accounts which i have for 2 different rental properties. They disconnected the electric the same day that I called to question a weird, never seen before charge on a bill. When I called day later about the disconnected service, the rep said that she understood what happened and waived the disconnect /reconnect fee. She never sent the order to reconnect service to AEP. The following day electric service was finally restored after my tenant was without electricity for nearly 2 days. Ambit reps could not tell me why the service was disconnected or why the order was never sent for reconnection. HORRIBLE billing & customer service. They couldn't care less if you remain a customer. 

Ellen Weed from Alpine
April 2nd, 2015

Terrible, terrible, terrible!!

(1 / 5)

  I never write reviews but feel the need to for this company especially after reading the past reviews. I, too, am a customer whose previous company was bought out by Everything Energy. My bills doubled instantly. I knew it was time to switch however didn't want to put the effort into looking for a cheaper company..thinking perhaps it was just a transitioning phase... I am never late on any payments for any bill that I have...all of my utility bills have always been on automatic payments. However, once Everything Energy took over and after a couple months of billing...I got a disconnect notice..I went online and my payment did not go through..I thought it was weird because I had not had any issues prior or with any other bill I have set up on automatic payments..I questioned the customer service rep only for them to tell me my bank did not clear the payment...which was odd to me ..however trusting that something was wrong on my end..I questioned my bank, checked my bank accounts and everything on my end was ok..I tried to explain and ask the customer service rep if he could check on his end and they were very rude and refused to look into more on their end. I was not only charged a return fee for my payment but also a late payment and penalty from them. I was very upset because I have never had issues paying any bill in the past...so I decided I needed to switch ..however I did not make the switch quick enough b/c again the very next month's bill...(which was only a few days away from the other incident came in) which I paid online and got a payment receipt.however again I got a disconnect notice within a few days of the payment..I again tried to resolve it with them..and the same thing..it was very frustrating and the customer service rep really made me feel like I was lying and that there was just no way it could be something on their end.. I instantly switched over to another company. This is not a good company service wise or customer wise. I would run away as fast as possible!! They are very crooked!!  

Sarah from Mckinney
March 11th, 2015

Horrible billing and collections service

(1 / 5)

  I am now on month 6 of billing. When I setup the account I gave them a credit card to run each month. They told me the card was a problem, so I gave them 2 more. It is weird they can't seem to run a card correctly, and I keep getting late fees, etc. This last time I gave them my Amex card which alerts me to charges. My bill says, DO NOT PAY, Auto Debit will be processed on 9/5. Of course it wasn't and I verified with Amex that they haven't even tried. What a poor excuse for a business. Every time I call they have the excuse their "system is being upgraded" please call back. 

C Thompson from Tuscola
September 5th, 2014

Reliant Energy Review

(1 / 5)


I am writing to inform anyone choosing an electric company to be careful when choosing Reliant or believing any of the other positive reviews. We bought a new house, 2800 sq ft, Reliant sends a bill for almost $600. We figure this was because it was first bill. We then get another bill for $700 the next month.

We call Reliant, while on hold the VP of the company has an automated recording stating that he apologizes for the high bill concerns, that the call volume is high, and please be patient because he cares so much. Isn't that weird how they are already apologizing for high bill concerns before speaking to anyone??

So we tell Reliant our concerns, we figured Reliant would have a good explanation for this high bill considering the VP voice his concerns, sounds like a legitimate company, right?

Well not so much.. the representative did not care, he sounded like he was in high school who wanted to get off work in order to go to a party instead of talking to me.

Anyways after them basically coming to a resolution of "turn down your heater" we decided to go with Direct Energy instead.... AND what do ya know... our last three bills have been $150-$175, and we have not changed any electric habits from before.

I would watch out for Reliant, there may be a few legitimate happy customers with Reliant either because they are not getting ripped off like the rest of us.. or they are not paying attention. 

Jason from Fort Worth
March 24th, 2014

As soon as my plan expired they doubled my bill!!!

(1 / 5)

  Putting some kind of weird charge on my bill called Reissued Inv Debit that more than double my bill this horrible unscrupulous scumbag company arbitrarily raised my rate, double my bill to $399 for a measely 1359 kwh used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

S Turnage from Fort Worth
March 7th, 2014

Huge rip off!

(1 / 5)

  I don't even know where to begin. Being a young person that I am, not having enough money to put down a hefty deposit with other electric company's I stupidly fell for pay less power. Me and my girlfriend are not home most of the time on weekdays because we both work. After we get off work we grab something to eat (NOT COOK) watch tv for maybe 3 house on a ENERGY STAR LCD tv and go to bed. And on the weekends we are usually out of the house enjoying our days off together. We have been doing laundry at my moms house and we cook maybe 3 times our of the week. Yes there was a cold front in our area and yes I did turn on the heater to 70.On our first few bills they charged us $5.95-7.00. I though huh that's weird I should slow down my energy consumption. And that when things got weird, I understand there was a cold front in the area, I was being charged $10-12 regularly in one day! I was paying over $50 a week in a one bedroom apartment, not doing laundry, barley cooking and barley even home. I had enough with the outrageous charges, for 3 days I decided to unplug everything and not turn on the heater at all. And i was being charged even more! I was angry and confused I called and told them the situation. all the rep told me was that yes my meter readings are odd, he told me to try not turning my heater on. I told him that's what I've been doing for three days I've unplugged everything. All he told me is that I should have my meter checked. One time my daily usage was 99khk in one day. Do you even know how ridiculous that sounds? Not even a two story 4 bedroom house uses that in one day. I had enough, I switched to Direct energy I've been with them for 2 weeks and only used $25 worth of credit IN TWO WEEKS vs $50 a week with payless. On a average work day (me and my gf at work, watching t'v for 3 hours, bed) I spend about $0.90-$2.00 a day. One day a really bad cold front came it was 30F outside our heaters were set on 74, we were home all day watching tv, baked chicken wings and even a cake did SIX loads of laundry and our daily usage for that was was only $4.50. Payless power will rip you off, they provide false meter readings, they will charge you whatever they feel like. If you're thinking of a not deposit, no credit check, prepaid electric plan go with direct energy instead. 

Sonny S. from North Richland Hills
February 19th, 2014

They make money on your penalty and returned payment

(1 / 5)

  When I got my first bill, there is a fee named returned payment cost $25. I called their customer service, which usually need 30 mins to get through, no one told me what that cost for. They just told me gonna call me back, but 1 month past, negative. When I received my second bill, I found returned payment and late pay penalty. I was so weird, because I payed on 17 Sep, 3 days before due day. Then I found they return my payment on 30 Sep, and 1 day later, they charged penalty. Their customer service told me returned payment is a fee that I submitted wrong bank information, so for the 2 bill, they did not collect any money. But I checked twice before submitting bank information, and even I submitted the wrong information, why they do not send me a email told me. Then at least I can check my information when I pay the second bill instead of using the information saved in my account. I believe they really do not want you pay successfully, because they make money on those fee. I got $130 on my second bill, but the return payment and penalty was $50, a big money.
Beside that, think about their service. When I argued with their customer service, a women called supervisor came out, and told me pay the money or I will hang off. Yes, I want to pay the money, but the correct number, not any number you said. She just pushed me, pay or we will disconnect your service. That what they called service.
I even do not believe their meter. In the first month, I used more than 790 KWH(1b1b apartment). Then next money, I turned off my air condition and hot water heater. Guess what? I still used more than 500 KWH.

Wen Zhang from Dallas
October 6th, 2013

Cirro Stinks!

(1 / 5)

  The worst service ever! We started getting weird bills that didn't make sense. We paid all our bills on time, even when we got a bill that said they owed us money! We knew better and since we were using balanced billing we sent our payment in just the same. Then we got a disconnect letter, even though we were paid in full. That was the last straw, we dropped them! Stay away from these guys, they don't know their heads from their bottoms. 

Henry Chavez from Houston
August 30th, 2012

Beware of the weird, dodgy sales pitch!

(0 / 5)

  I just finished talking to a Just Energy salesperson who knocked on my door. He claimed he wasn't selling anything, just wanted to check my utility bill to make sure I was getting the discount. That sounded fishy because I'm not currently a customer of theirs. I wanted to know what he was selling. For twenty minutes he refused to tell me what he was offering and kept asking to see my utility bill. He claimed I was over-analyzing things every time I tried to find out anything specific. Very weird. I'm sure glad I didn't show him my utility bill. 

Wesley D. from Houston
August 4th, 2014

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