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Rates as of 12/10/2018

Rate Plan / Provider Term

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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4Change Energy

Generous Saver 12
12 months

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Champion Energy Services

Champ Saver-12
12 months

/ kWh
@ 1,000 kWh / month
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Green Mountain Energy

Pollution Free e-Plus 12
12 months

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Reviews from Wichita Falls:

Highly recommend , great service no issues

(5 / 5)

  I started with a prepaid plan which worked great because we were moving often and after a year they offered a great post paid plan and since I have had discounts and offers to lower my bill 

Gladys from Wichita Falls
November 21st, 2017

Excellent prices and customer service

(5 / 5)

  The best electric company I have ever done business with. Excellent 

B Williams from Wichita Falls
April 21st, 2017

So excited about my electric company!

(5 / 5)

  Yes, I am excited! My monthly bill with Bounce is much lower over last year when I was with another electric company. I was really surprised at how much my bill dropped. Electricity is electricity. I don't want to have to pay any more than I have to.  

Kim from Wichita Falls
February 25th, 2015

Budget Saver 12

(4.6 / 5)

  My experience has been very positive with 4Change Energy. Their contract was clear & concise and delivered on exactly what they promised. The only disappointment I had was once the rates proved true with no hidden fees, I didn't sign up for more than 12 months. The only reason for the 3 star on customer service was that I've had no reason to deal with them, so I stayed neutral. Now, they just offered me a 1-2 year extension on this great plan! Wooooohhhooooo! No hesitation, I signed up lickety split! Thank you, 4Change! 

Tina Savage from Wichita Falls
April 12th, 2017

Customer Serivce

(4.6 / 5)

  We have always had a great experience with the customer service. They have always been very flexible and polite. Every person have always been kind and helpful.  

SSpencer from Wichita Falls
August 29th, 2016

Best in Texas

(4.5 / 5)

  Outstanding customer service and pricing!! 

JY from Wichita Falls
January 30th, 2012

Saves me money!

(4.4 / 5)

  As a single parent, budget is tight. I appreciate the low cost electric and will continue to be a customer! 

Kimberly M from Wichita Falls
November 15th, 2017

Sorry to Go

(3.8 / 5)

  Have been a Direct Energy customer for only one year with a great rate and great customer service, unfortunately the renew rate is 30% higher than what is available elsewhere. 10/19/18. 

Rod from Wichita Falls
October 19th, 2018

What customer service?

(2.2 / 5)

  When I moved it was a huge hassle to move my service. They made me change plans to a much higher rate and they are still charging me for a house I no longer live in. I have called and chatted and still no help. I hope the people living in my prior place of residence enjoy the FREE ELECTRICITY. PLEASE HIRE PEOPLE WHO CAN UNDERSTAND ENGLISH.  

Mad as hell from Wichita Falls
June 29th, 2018

Quick Connect Service but very expensive

(2.2 / 5)

  Very easy and quick to get the service started but I think its because they know their service and billing system is misleading. The rate is actually variable but they send you a daily usage average that makes it appear like your usage is low even on the high usage days.
By the time you review and analyze the daily usage detail it maybe too late. I am just happy I switched before it was too late. 

New In Texas from Wichita Falls
January 8th, 2018

First Choice Power Prepay Plan

(1.8 / 5)

  I pay almost $10 a DAY in electricity on the days it gets over 100 degrees outside. I will be looking into switching providers with lower kilowat per hour fee. Its draining my money :( the customer service is fantastic though, my only complaint is how much my daily usage is when I'm VERY diligant about turning lights and the only t.v. I have off during the day. I keep my central AC on 74 ALL day long & absolutely nothing I do reduces the price.. :( 

Farrah Harwell from Wichita Falls
July 26th, 2017

So Far behind the curve

(1.8 / 5)

  I switched over to Champions to get a better rate. First Problem is they charge $4 to pay online. I pay every other bill from water, cable, mortgage, phone, and security all online and no fee. Ridiculous! Second, I love the day payment is due. 9am I receive a disconnection notice in my email. Between 3-4 pm I receive another one saying thank you for my payment. So do I continually pay the late fee when I mail it with ample time or do i pay the online payment fee. Hard choice, because hours of arguing with them on the phone has not produced any better resolution.  

S. from Wichita Falls
December 7th, 2011


(1.4 / 5)

  Ambit Energy is the ABSOLUTE WORST electric company you could use in Texas. They have the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. USE ANY OTHER COMPANY BUT THIS ONE FOR YOUR ELECTRIC NEEDS! 

Jennifer T from Wichita Falls
February 25th, 2013

Dissatisfied in Wichita Falls

(1.2 / 5)

  Hidden fees. After asking repeatedly the same question and getting a sales pitch answer we moved on and when calling back later they attempted to tell me I was wrong about the repeated questions, and they replayed the recording and I was right and they were wrong. Still a $200 cancellation fee because you only have 3 days to cancel and you don't even get a bill within 3 days. That law needs to change, it puts the power in the service provider's hands rather than with the customer. 

Dissatisfied User from Wichita Falls
July 30th, 2014

Bounces loses customer over $75.00

(1.1 / 5)

  Do not use bounce. Bill are sent late and less then 10 days to pay, so you never pay on time so much for the rewards. I had been with bounce for 3 years, now I purchase a new house, and wanted electric turned by them on 1/27; I went online to transfer svc on 1/25 they want to charge $75, same if I wanted to move on 1/26. no one would waive the fee or reduce the fee or credit back my account, so I went with whom the JD Powers pick, so Bounce lost a customer over $75.00 - my new electric company charged $11.95 for express svc; I wouldhave given more notice to bounce, however with all the trouble I had with my bank, and it taking them 2 months for our home loan, I was not able to. I talked to 3 people and a supervisor at bounce, all over $75.00. Customer Care rep's are rude, and do nothing for you. 

Allan Kjelstrom from Wichita Falls
January 26th, 2012

One of the worst utility companies I have dealt with

(1 / 5)

  One of the worst experiences I have had with a utilities company. There was a transfer of ownership in a business I was buying that wasn't completed for 1 month after the original documents were submitted. I ended up losing power and having to close my business and turn away customers for 1 full day as a result. Come to find out there was a missing form that was needed that the previous owner and myself did not submit. This form was not requested by Entrust initially. When they saw they needed it they called me but did not leave a voicemail, did not email me, did not send me a letter etc. With the nature of telemarketers today many people do not answer unknown numbers. Apparently Entrust doesn't understand this and decided that since they "tried" calling that it was my fault the change was not processed. I will be terminating my service with them immediately as I cannot risk this type of negligence in the future with my business.  

Ben Cooper from Wichita Falls
May 14th, 2018

Liars and Theives

(1 / 5)

  I had service connected in my name and I was required to pay a deposit. My step daughter put service at her residence in my name without my permission and left a bill for over $600.
I paid my deposit and her bill. Even though it wasn't from me.
I then moved and has my service reconnected. I was told as soon I paid my final bill they would refund my deposit.
I called back after I paid my final bill and they said it would take 2 weeks. I waited and no refund. Then I was told it takes 2 billing cycles to refund it. I waited again. I called back my final time and said my deposit was non-refundable. There was no explanation why and had NEVER agreeing to forego my deposit ever. I was lied to several times and not only did I pay off my stepdaughter made, I can not get my deposit back. I consider her and reliant thieves! 

Debbie from Wichita Falls
February 22nd, 2018

Bad company

(1 / 5)

  Well I was with reliant and we decided to go to
first choice.. boy was that a mistake. I wish I
had never switched over. I got behind on one
bill and everything went to h*ll so fast. They
helped me with one payment arrangement and then
I paid over the amount of the payment arrangement and they counted it as broken.They
turned off my power when I gave them more money
than I owed. Called customer service and they
had a supervisor call me back and he stated
that he made it right.. and that I did not have
to worry about a thing...then 2 weeks later my
power went off again. CS stated that I needed
to make another payment arrangement and more
money had to be laid down. This company will
take all your penny and then some. Go with a
good company please.. after a while we just
gave up and went to another company and payed
the 200.00 disconnect fee. DON'T TRUST THIS

cherry1979 from Wichita Falls
January 30th, 2012

Bait and Switch

(0.8 / 5)

  I chose this company solely based on their introductory variable rate of .04/KWh. I got a bill after two weeks of being their customer..no problems. The next full month I was billed for .128/KWh--more than triple the intro rate. I expected some increase, but not to this extent. This company is only specializing in profits and making their customers angry. 

Dan Swysgood from Wichita Falls
September 21st, 2011

mr harvey

(0.8 / 5)

  first choice disconneted my service over 55.00 that i owed them.i have never had that happen to me.i am on a contract with them, requested a copy of it. 2 weeks later i have not recevied it.i am trying to get out of it. 

harvey saga from Wichita Falls
August 14th, 2009

Updated: 12-13-2018
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