Best Energy Savers of CES 2024

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Industry News

Which Were the Best Energy Savers from CES 2024?

CES 2024 revealed the latest energy saving home electronics for your home. We dig into our favorites.
Some dazzling cutting-edge technology was unveiled at CES 2024 last week. We dig into our favorites for energy saving and convenience.

In the dazzling realm of cutting-edge technology, CES 2024 has once again taken center stage, showcasing a myriad of innovations that redefine the boundaries of what’s possible. Amidst the sea of mind-boggling advancements, we’ve sifted through the tech extravaganza to bring you the best energy savers of CES 2024. So, here we have a collection of awe-inspiring solutions to make you go, “Wow, that’s cool!”

Nanoleaf Matter-Enabled Lights 

Imagine never untangling a string of Christmas lights ever again. No more climbing a ladder, and no more placing the lights just as you had them the year before and climbing down to find you’ve blown a fuse. Back up the ladder again! Not with Nanoleaf’s matter-enabled lights which come in a variety of kits. These lights permanently install under your home’s eaves. Once there, you choose from 16 million shades of colors and a few varieties of white to arrange your perfect holiday light display. Choose from their preset lighting scenes, or use their app to create your own light show. You can even control them using Google Home or Apple’s Siri. 

They also help you save on your Texas electric bill. Plus, you’ll spend less physical exertion on making your home festive for any season. 

Bosch IDS Ultra Heat Pump

No matter how good your Texas electricity rates are, heating your home in the winter is a major expense. And if your HVAC system can’t keep up, you’re using energy without getting the most benefit for your utility dollar. The Bosch IDS Ultra heat pump keeps up with the cold when other systems can’t. It keeps your home warm even when the temperature outside is 5 degrees, and it keeps working down to -13 degrees. 

For nearly all Texans, this performance is beyond what’s needed. However, it provides peace of mind when Texas sees unseasonably low temps. 

Ambient Photonics Solar Cells 

Do you turn your house upside down whenever a television remote, kid’s toy, or smoke detector runs out of batteries? That old calculator in your kitchen’s junk drawer never needs batteries. It has small solar cells, and those tiny cells give all the energy needed. With that in mind, Ambient Photonics introduced solar cells to power more of your home’s small devices. Their CES booth showed smart home sensors, computer mice, keyboards, and other items powered by solar cells. Unless you’re the Energizer Bunny, these solar cells would be great for your home!   

Kohler Smart Bidet

Sometimes tech goes a little too far. Engineers and designers sometimes forget to ask themselves, “Should we?” That’s the case with the Kohler PureWash E930, a voice-activated smart bidet. Japanese toilets have had arrays of features for many years. Consequently, Kohler wants to bring that functionality to the Western market. But with a price of $2,149, few Texans are likely to say, “Alexa, rinse my tushy.” 

The Best of CES 2024

There you have it! The best energy savers of CES 2024. Thinking about how they’ll fit into your home? Whether they will or they won’t, you still need the right Texas power plan for your home. Shop rates at, and you’ll have the energy you need for your fancy new tech.  

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