Recommended Electricity Plans for Bay City

The new company ratings are in!

Texas Electricity Ratings has just completed our comprehensive ranking process and have identified the best electricity providers in Texas. New this year is our awards system, where we give Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards to the companies who scored the best in our extensive analysis. We've done the hard work, so you don't have to!

When you see the Gold, Silver, or Bronze trophies on our site, you'll know that company is head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Top 5 Providers

We've rated the providers based on multiple criteria, including BBB and PUC complaints, plan types and availability, ease-of-use, and much, much more. 


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With over 12,000 verified electricity company customer reviews, Texas Electricity Ratings is your source for reviews and inside information from actual customers.


We gather information from dozens of sources. Then we rate and rank each Texas Electricity provider based on over 40 data points.

Real. Average. Bills.

Sick of confusing energy plans that cost more than what you expected?  We've taken the guesswork out of all that.  Using plan data and yearly usage curves we can calculate real bill averages.  So much more goes into your yearly bill than just the rate at exactly 1000 kWh.  It's 2020, we can do more than just move a decimal

People's Choice

These are the top providers based solely on customer reviews in the past two years.  We must have at least 10 reviews for a provider to be included in this listing. 


Featured Plan

Frontier Super Value 12

Plan Type:
Bill Credit
Term Length:
12 months
Early Termination Fee:
Monthly Recurring Charge:

8.7¢ / kwh

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