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Gexa Energy started in 2002 in the Texas deregulated energy market. Gexa services all Texas markets where electricity service has been deregulated. They were acquired by NextEra Energy, Inc. in 2005.

About Gexa Energy

Gexa Energy is a 100% Texas-grown energy provider that started in 2002. Becoming one of the fastest growing REPs in Texas, it was acquired by Florida-based NextEra Energy in 2005. NextEra is one of the largest generators of renewable energy, and all of Gexa Energy's home electricity plans in Texas are powered by 100% green energy at no extra cost.

Gexa Energy is one of the state's leading retail electricity providers for residential and commercial customers. It serves hundreds of thousands of residential customers in California and Texas. The company has long been committed to supporting charitable Texas organizations that help individuals and families facing medical expenses, and communities to improve the quality of life for all.

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Gexa Energy currently has 10 plans available on our site.

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Type Company & Plan Term
Bill Credit Gexa Saver Freedom 36 36
Bill Credit Gexa Energy Saver 36 36
Bill Credit Gexa Eco Saver Plus 12 12
Bill Credit Gexa Energy Saver 24 24
Flat Rate Gexa Eco Saver Premium 12 12
Bill Credit Gexa Eco Saver Advantage 12 12
Flat Rate Gexa Eco Saver Premium 24 24
Bill Credit Gexa Eco Saver Lite 12 12
Bill Credit Gexa EV 24 24
Bill Credit Gexa Eco Saver Plus 24 24

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Gexa Energy Ratings

The overall score for Gexa Energy is 3.44. Their best category was Community where they earned a score of 4.77, while their worst rating came in at 1.50 in Products. More detailed information on these ratings is available on our Gexa Energy Rating Detail page.

Gexa Energy earned a Bronze Award in our most recent semi-annual rating process with an overall rating of 3.44

Texas Electricity Ratings's Bronze Tier providers are solid retail electricity providers that have a lot to offer customers. These companies represent good options for discerning shoppers and have lots to offer customers. There are plenty of good companies offering good plans that can fit what consumers are looking for in their company.

  • Rating Overall
  • 3.44
  • Communications
  • 3.76
  • Community
  • 4.77
  • Market Perception
  • 3.27
  • Operations
  • 4.62

What People Are Asking About Gexa Energy

Texas electricity deregulation, and Retail Electricity Providers can be complicated.

To answer your frequently asked questions about Gexa Energy read on.

What is the cheapest electricity plan that Gexa Energy has?

The cheapest Gexa Energy plan is Gexa Energy Saver 36 with a rate starting at 15.9¢ per kWh. Customers of Gexa Energy can expect their average bill to fall around $159 per month on this plan. This plan's early termination fee is $295. This is a 36 month plan.

More details on this plan can be found on the Gexa Energy Saver 36 plan page or by calling 855-259-1182.

Gexa Energy has 9 more plans with rates starting at 16.4¢ per kWh@1000/kWh and estimated monthly bills starting at $164.

Where can I order Gexa Energy electricity?

You can find 10 plans starting at 8.9¢/kWh on our Gexa Energy plans and products page.

What do customers think about Gexa Energy?

The average customer review in Texas is 1.9. The average Gexa Energy customer review is 1.6 / 5 stars. For a different take you can go on over to our company ratings page for Gexa Energy

Why is my electricity rate higher than when I signed up?

The rate you see when you sign up is the average rate at that exact amount of usage in one billing cycle.

Some companies try to game the system by applying bill credits between certain usage thresholds. It works great if you are within the margins, but as soon as you leave that band you no longer get that bill credit and your rate per kWh can double. The PUC only requires that companies disclose their average rates at 500, 1000, and 2000 kWhs. Companies can get around this by giving you a $50 bill credit if you use between 1000 and 2000 kWhs per billing cycle.

The only way to really know what you're getting into is to read your EFL. A 10¢ rate at all usage amounts may end up being cheaper than that 8¢ rate at 1,000 kWh!

What are the cheapest natural gas plans that Gexa Energy has?

This retailer does not offer any natural gas plans in your area at this time.

Does Gexa Energy have no-deposit plans?

Unfortunately, Gexa Energy does not offer any non-deposit plans at this time. Popular non-deposit plans from other reps are:

Featured Plans for Gexa Energy

These are a few plans that we think you'll like. We also have a more detailed listing of all TX plans for Gexa Energy, or you can use our Gexa Energy Rate Comparison Page to find a great deal

Gexa Eco Saver Premium 24
  • 19.9¢/kWh
    aat 1,000kWh
  • 24 month Flat Rate Renewable
  • $199/mo.
    est. avg. bill
    Based on a yearly usage curve averaging 1,000 kWh per month
  • 24 month
  • Flat Rate
  • Renewable

Gexa Energy In The Community

Gexa Energy strongly believes in volunteerism and charitable giving. The company supports organizations that help individuals and families facing medical expenses, and communities to improve the quality of life for all. Gexa Energy also strongly believes in volunteerism and supports its employees who give a little of their time to help families in need in their communities.

MANY of Gexa Energy's charitable efforts go back before 2013. The company has partnered with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the Houston Food Bank, Rebuilding Together, United Way, and other organizations throughout Texas. In 2016 Gexa Energy joined its parent company, NextEra Energy, in celebrating Power to Care Day where its employees volunteered at the Houston Food Bank and the YMCA at Cypress Creek. In 2017, Gexa Energy launched its Community Heroes grant program which are given to projects, organizations, and initiatives focused on shelter, clothing, health, education, or character building. The grants are awarded quarterly, with up to $250 going to community causes and $500 for eligible non-profits. Recipients have included the non-profit food pantry Community Table North Texas, surplus food rescue Second Servings, and the nonprofit North Texas Special Needs Assistance Partners (SNAP).

How do I get the Cheapest Gexa Energy Rate?

We've created a step by step guide to help you get the cheapest electricity rate. Or you can use our Bill Calculator tool.

Listed here are the cheapest rates offered by Gexa Energy in your area. If you would like, you may compare all Gexa Energy rates, or view all Gexa Energy plans and products to choose the best electricity plan for your home.

Gexa Energy Rates for Houston

Company & Plan Term Rate
Gexa Energy - Gexa Eco Saver Plus 24 24 month 9.4¢
Gexa Energy - Gexa Eco Saver Plus 12 12 month 9.5¢
Gexa Energy - Gexa EV 24 24 month 15.5¢

Houston - Centerpoint Electricity prices as of 03-25-2023. Compare Houston Electricity Rates.

Gexa Energy Rates for Dallas

Company & Plan Term Rate
Gexa Energy - Gexa Eco Saver Plus 24 24 month 8.9¢
Gexa Energy - Gexa Eco Saver Plus 12 12 month 9.0¢
Gexa Energy - Gexa EV 24 24 month 14.5¢

Dallas - Oncor Electricity prices as of 03-25-2023. Compare Dallas Electricity Rates.

Gexa Energy Rates for Abilene

Company & Plan Term Rate
Gexa Energy - Gexa Eco Saver Plus 24 24 month 9.8¢
Gexa Energy - Gexa Eco Saver Plus 12 12 month 9.9¢
Gexa Energy - Gexa EV 24 24 month 14.9¢

Abilene - AEP North Electricity prices as of 03-25-2023. Compare Abilene Electricity Rates.

Gexa Energy Rates for Corpus Christi

Company & Plan Term Rate
Gexa Energy - Gexa Eco Saver Plus 24 24 month 9.7¢
Gexa Energy - Gexa Eco Saver Plus 12 12 month 9.8¢
Gexa Energy - Gexa EV 24 24 month 15.4¢

Corpus Christi - AEP Central Electricity prices as of 03-25-2023. Compare Corpus Christi Electricity Rates.

Understand Your Gexa Energy Bill

Unsure about how to decipher your Gexa Energy bill?

We can help.

Check out our How to Understand your Gexa Energy Bill page where you can get information on what the various charges and fees mean.

Real Customer Reviews for Gexa Energy

Read customer reviews

Recent Good Review from Donald and Joeann

Gexa Energy Scores and Ratings:

Texas Electricity Ratings Overall Score for Gexa Energy

3.4 / 5

Gexa Energy Reviews

509 Reviews for Gexa Energy


total reviews

News Articles About Gexa Energy

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What Are The Best Home Electricity Rates?

Shop the best home electricity rates now and save more! Texas power prices are getting low this spring so now's the time to lock in a cheap longer term rate!
Cheap Houston power prices this spring won't last long. Now is the shop the best home electricity rates and save on your monthly bills!

Sometimes in life, timing is everything. Shifting when you take an action impacts the outcome.  When you start your morning commute it often dictates whether you spend an hour or a few minutes of drive time. On a longer timeline, shopping for the best home electricity rates follows the same rule. Shift your shopping by a few weeks, and it could make a sizable difference in cost. 

Shopping for power plans on Texas Electricity Ratings always gives you the best home electricity rates. But certain times of the year have better prices than others. There’s nothing wrong with signing a power contract now, but you could get a better deal in a few weeks. Historical electric rates have been lowest in fall and spring. And spring is almost here!  So let’s look at today’s plans knowing chances are good prices will drop to some degree. 

Best Home Electricity Rates For Variable Plans

If you’re timing the Texas power market, a variable rate plan could be just the right choice for you now. Variable rate plans have no contract, so you can switch plans without worrying about an early termination fee. 

The Energy Texas Energy Texas Monthly plan is the cheapest variable rate plan right now. It is a great plan to bridge the gap between your current plan and the next fixed rate plan. You can’t beat this month’s average rate of 9.9 cents per kWh. Because the plan has a $4.95 base charge, your average rate falls as you consume more power. 

Fixed Rate Plans To Lock In Your Price

Of course, you may not want to shop twice for power within the next couple of months. If that’s the case, you can lock in a fixed price plan today. Two plans currently have 11.6 cents per kWh rates, and they have nearly identical electricity facts labels

The Frontier Utilities Frontier Saver Plus 24 plan is a fixed rate plan with a two-year contract. So is the Gexa Energy Gexa Eco Saver Plus 24 plan. Both have a large bill credit when customers consume 1,000 kWh of power in a month. A whopping $125 magically falls off your bill! So that means the rate per kWh is high. Therefore, you should use at least 1,000 each month for this plan to make sense for your home. If that matches your normal usage, this could be a sweet deal! 

Find the Best Home Electricity Rates

Your power shopping experience doesn’t have to stop with the three plans described above. You can find the best plan for you when you shop for Houston electricity at Texas Electricity Ratings. And you can shop any day of the week and any time of year. Then, you’ll get the right plan at the right time.   

Grab A Cheap Electric Rate In Dallas

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Which Texas Electricity Providers have the Cheapest Rates?

Finding a cheap rate Dallas electricity plan isn't easy. But, we've got three of the lowest priced rates right here!
Grab the cheap rate that fits your usage right here! Check out these 12-month electricity plans in Dallas!

Looking to grab a cheap electric rate in Dallas? Even though electricity rates are on the rise across the nation, you’ve still got options to find a cheap rate. For example, these 12-month electricity plans have the cheapest rates in Dallas right now. Here’s what you need to know about them before you make the switch to a cheaper electricity provider.

Cheap Bill Credit Electricity in Dallas

GridEdge 12 from Chariot Energy is a 100% renewable energy plan with a high energy charge of 14.25 cents per kWh. This does not include the standard TDU charges, either. However, there is a $90 bill credit when you use more than 1000 kWh in a billing cycle.

When you add in that bill credit with the energy charges, your rate comes to 9.8 cents per kWh for 1000 kWh of use. If you keep your electricity use at just above 1000 kWh each month, you can expect a low energy bill. However, if you dip below or above 1000 kWh, you’re going to end up paying a lot more.

This plan’s early termination fee is only $15 per month remaining in your contract. If you want to switch to a new electricity provider near the end of your contract, it won’t be as expensive.

Gexa Saver Deluxe 12 from Gexa Energy is another bill credit electricity plan in Dallas. You pay 13.1 cents per kWh plus the standard TDU charges. If you use between 1000 – 2000 kWh in a billing cycle, you’ll receive a $100 bill credit. That brings your average rate for 1000 kWh of use to 7.6 cents per kWh.

While this product is 100% renewable, it does come with a steep early termination fee of $150. Something you’ll need to consider if you start shopping for a new electricity provider before your contract ends.

This is another plan that you need to be careful of. If you regularly use over 1000 kWh for your electricity, you can get a low rate with the bill credit. However, if you miss that bill credit window, it’s going to cost you big!

The Cheapest Bill Credit Electricity Plan in Dallas

Super Value 12 from Frontier has an electricity rate of 13 cents per kWh. You’ll need to add in the standard TDU charges here as well. This plan also offers $100 bill credit if you use between 1000 – 2000 kWh each month. And that brings the average rate for electricity to 7.5 cents per kWh for 1000 kWh of use.

This plan also has a steep $150 early termination fee. And you’ll need to make sure you keep your electricity in that window to get the bill credit. Otherwise, you’ll pay a lot more on your monthly electricity bills.

Cheap Rate Straightforward Electricity in Dallas

Come & Take It 12 from Energy Texas has a very low electricity charge of 5.83 cents per kWh. There’s a monthly base charge of $4.95 to consider. Once you add in the standard TDU charges, your average electricity rate comes to 10.8 cents per kWh. And it stays consistent regardless of your use.

There are no bill credits on this plan. However, the straightforward pricing means you won’t get penalized for missing your bill credit window. And that's great if you travel or your usage tends to fluctuate each month.

The plan also offers 100% renewable electricity. But it has a steep, $150 early termination fee. You’ll want to keep that in mind if you think you may leave the plan early to shop for cheaper electricity rates.

Still, this is a great plan for those that prefer the peace of mind of simple, predictable billing.

What Happens When Your 12-Month Contract Ends?

You’ll want to start looking for a new electricity plan before your contract ends. If you don’t switch to a new electricity plan before your end date, these providers will switch you over to their default renewal product.

These are usually variable-rate plans with high electricity rates. That’s why it’s always in your best interest to shop for new electricity plans before your contract expires.

Shop for Cheap Electricity Rate Deals

You have the power to choose cheaper electricity as an Oncor customer. But there are a lot of plans to choose from. So, you don’t get stuck in the wrong one. Visit for all the information you need to find the cheapest energy rates for your home.

We’ll help you shop cheap electric and find the perfect plan for your Dallas home. Start saving today!

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