The Texas Electricity Ratings Team

Executive Team

Matt Oberle, Founder

Matt Oberle

Founder & VP of Operations - Electricity Ratings

Matt Oberle is a founder of Texas Electricity Ratings and has been working in the world of retail energy since he was fresh out of college and the Texas electricity market deregulated at the turn of the century. Since then, he's become a customer advocate for navigating the world of deregulated energy markets throughout the United States and helping customers find the best energy plans to meet their unique needs. He's passionate about his family and college football, and thanks to his son he is currently forced to be passionate about Legos and Super Mario Bros.

Linda Tognini, CCO

Linda Tognini

Chief Commercial Officer - Electricity Ratings

As Chief Commercial Officer, Linda Tognini is responsible for developing relationships with Retail Electricity Providers, creating the best library of electricity companies in Texas. She also works with those providers to ensure that Texas Electricity Ratings has the lowest prices and best plans to offer our customers. With 17 years of energy marketing experience Linda has previously held senior management positions at Direct Energy, Green Mountain Energy (Acquired by NRG) and WhiteFence.

Karl Trollinger, CEO

Karl Trollinger

Chief Executive Officer - Electricity Ratings

Karl Trollinger is a 30 year energy industry vet, as a founder and early team member at two electricity companies and has been advocating for energy customers since 2001. Karl previously served in 'C' level executive positions at Inspire Energy, Bounce Energy, and served as VP of Marketing at WhiteFence.

Tim Wasson, Technolgist

Tim Wasson

VP Marketing and Technology - Electricity Ratings

Tim Wasson brings over 30 years of technology experience to bear in his role as VP of Marketing and Technology. His extensive design and architecture experience drives our best-in-class online energy commerce platform, that allows users to order easily, and securely online. Additionally, his years of experience in the energy industry provides a specialized insight into what electricity plans, products, and providers suit a variety of user needs. Tim has previously held senior engineering, management, and executive roles at Koch Industries, Intacct, RLX Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, Bounce Energy and Direct Energy.

Texas Electricity Ratings' Writers and Editors

Bori Bernat, Writer

Bori Bernat

Writer - Electricity Ratings

Bori is a writer who enjoys making complex topics more understandable for readers. You can trust her to recommend not just the cheapest but the best overall plans. She's also passionate about green energy, renewables, and energy efficiency. Bori's also keen on finding new innovations in the energy industry. You can find her on LinkedIn.

Sean Cheshire, Writer

Sean Cheshire

Writer - Electricity Ratings

Sean Cheshire is a writer with extensive experience in public policy issues. He follows news at the Texas Capitol to inform citizens about their electric grid, power infrastructure, regulations, and purchasing options.

Kristen Herrera, Writer

Kristen Herrera

Writer - Electricity Ratings

Kristen is a seasoned content writer with years of experience in the energy field. She also has a background in creative writing and an MFA. Kristen loves the learning and research side of her writing career. As much as she has learned in the past, there is still so much to discover. Ask her anything... if she doesn't know already, she is sure to find out.

Michael Roberts, Writer

Michael Roberts

Writer - Electricity Ratings

Michael Roberts is a writer with several years of experience reporting on the energy industry in Texas. He is the owner and operator of He has also written for The Balance Careers and

William Maldonado, Writer

William Maldonado

Writer - Electricity Ratings

William Maldonado is a writer and reporter specializing in the deregulated electricity market and energy conservation. William has also worked as a freelance writer across multiple magazines and ghostwriting positions.

Justine Trollinger, Writer

Justine Trollinger

Writer and Editor - Electricity Ratings

Justine Trollinger is a digital writer and content creator with over 7 years of experience covering the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey energy markets. Her favorite topics include analyzing current energy market legislation, renewable energy breakthroughs, and home maintenance. When she's not writing, Justine runs a small handmade products business, and enjoys Live Action Roll Playing (LARP) games with friends.

Vernon Trollinger, Writer, and Editor

Vernon Trollinger

Head Writer and Editor - Electricity Ratings

Vernon Trollinger has covered the retail electricity landscape in multiple markets for more than a decade. He specializes in DIY home energy efficiency projects, weather, and renewable energy topics. A former "shovel-bum" archeologist, he has not only written for several energy supply companies over the years, but is also a published non-fiction and fiction writer. Now as the web content editor for Texas Electricity Ratings, he enjoys working with a truly great group of talented energy market writers.

Briana Wright, Writer

Briana Wright

Writer - Electricity Ratings

Briana Wright is a writer and creative specializing in the deregulated energy market, renewable energy, and home improvement. She has written extensively on the deregulated energy market in Pennsylvania. When she's not busy writing, she's screenprinting for her best friend's small business and Live Action Roll Playing (LARP) with friends.