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Constellation Energy is one of the largest conglomerates in North America. They operate over 35 power plants in 11 states and are one of the leading competitive suppliers of electricity and natural gas, as well as Baltimore Gas & Electric, their regulated utility in central Maryland.

In 2012 Constellation was purchased by Exelon, which has business activities in 47 different states. Exelon is the largest competitive power generator in the United States and is the second largest electricity and natural gas supplier in America.

About Constellation Energy

Founded in 1999 in Baltimore, MD,Constellation Energy initially operated more than 35 power plants and utilities in 11 states and grew to be a leading Texas residential electricity provider. Constellation Energy joined Chicago-based Exelon Corp in 2012, becoming the nation's largest supplier of clean energy. However, in 2022 Exelon reorganized to split off its transmission and distribution utility operations from its generation and energy sales.

Now as an independent company, Constellation Energy is not only the largest carbon-free energy producer in the nation, but it's also one of the leading competitive retail energy suppliers in Texas. Likewise, Constellation leads with a strong track record of powering communities it serves. These include education grants as well as community STEM research projects in energy careers and sustainability. In 2021, Constellation gave $510,000 in grants to 23 STEM projects that benefitted 20,000 students.

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Constellation Ratings

The overall score for Constellation is 4.19. Their best category was Community where they earned a score of 4.91, while their worst rating came in at 4.07 in Products. More detailed information on these ratings is available on our Constellation Rating Detail page.

Constellation earned a Gold Award in our most recent semi-annual rating process with an overall rating of 4.19

Texas Electricity Ratings's Gold Tier Providers are the best of the best in Texas electric. These are the best providers over the past year at providing customers and communities great service, stellar customer service, and top of the line resources, just to name a few things. When you select one of these providers, know you're choosing from among the best options in the Texas electric market.

  • Rating Overall
  • 4.19
  • Communications
  • 4.89
  • Community
  • 4.91
  • Market Perception
  • 4.12
  • Operations
  • 4.90
  • Products
  • 4.07

Frequently Asked Questions - Constellation

Texas electricity deregulation, and Retail Electricity Providers can be complicated.

To answer your frequently asked questions about Constellation read on.

What is the cheapest electricity plan that Constellation has?

The cheapest Constellation plan is 12 Month Usage Bill Credit with a rate starting at 12.9¢ per kWh. Customers of Constellation can expect their average bill to fall around $147 per month on this plan. This plan's early termination fee is $150. This is a 12 month plan.

More details on this plan can be found on the 12 Month Usage Bill Credit plan page or by calling 855-287-8849.

Constellation has 8 more plans with rates starting at 14.9¢ per kWh@1000/kWh and estimated monthly bills starting at $147.

Where can I order Constellation electricity?

You can find 27 plans starting at 12.9¢/kWh on our Constellation plans and products page.

Constellation has 27 electricity plans in 7 states, 9 plans in Texas, 5 plans in Pennsylvania, and 13 in 5 other states

Where can I order Constellation natural gas?

You can find 16 plans starting at $0.6/ccf on our Constellation plans and products page.

Constellation has 16 natural gas plans in 5 states, 10 plans in Georgia, 2 plans in Ohio, and 4 in 3 other states

What do customers think about Constellation?

The average customer review in Texas is 1.8. The average Constellation customer review is 2.9 / 5 stars. For a different take you can go on over to our company ratings page for Constellation

Why is my electricity rate higher than when I signed up?

The rate you see when you sign up is the average rate at that exact amount of usage in one billing cycle.

Some companies try to game the system by applying bill credits between certain usage thresholds. It works great if you are within the margins, but as soon as you leave that band you no longer get that bill credit and your rate per kWh can double. The PUC only requires that companies disclose their average rates at 500, 1000, and 2000 kWhs. Companies can get around this by giving you a $50 bill credit if you use between 1000 and 2000 kWhs per billing cycle.

The only way to really know what you're getting into is to read your EFL. A 10¢ rate at all usage amounts may end up being cheaper than that 8¢ rate at 1,000 kWh!

What are the cheapest natural gas plans that Constellation has?

This retailer does not offer any natural gas plans in your area at this time.

Does Constellation have no-deposit plans?

Unfortunately, Constellation does not offer any non-deposit plans at this time. Popular non-deposit plans from other reps are:

Featured Plans for Constellation

These are a few plans that we think you'll like. We also have a more detailed listing of all TX plans for Constellation, or you can use our Constellation Rate Comparison Page to find a great deal

36 Month Usage Bill Credit
  • 13.5¢/kWh
    at 1,000kWh
  • 36 month Bill Credit Non-Renewable
  • $153/mo.
    est. avg. bill
    Based on a yearly usage curve averaging 1,000 kWh per month
  • 36 month
  • Bill Credit
  • Non-Renewable
18 Month Usage Bill Credit + PowerPlug
  • 13.5¢/kWh
    at 1,000kWh
  • 18 month Bill Credit Non-Renewable
  • $153/mo.
    est. avg. bill
    Based on a yearly usage curve averaging 1,000 kWh per month
  • 18 month
  • Bill Credit
  • Non-Renewable
36 Month A/C Protect Premier for 2 Units
  • 13.9¢/kWh
    at 1,000kWh
  • 36 month Bill Credit Non-Renewable
  • $157/mo.
    est. avg. bill
    Based on a yearly usage curve averaging 1,000 kWh per month
  • 36 month
  • Bill Credit
  • Non-Renewable

Constellation In The Community

Constellation Energy is very active in all the communities it serves. Whether it's through funding charities or providing educational grants, the company leads with a strong track record of powering communities it serves. Most recently in Texas, Constellation sponsored the 2021 Houston Habitat for Humanity build, one of several in the states it serves. The company also heartily supports its employees who are dedicated volunteers throughout its service areas, providing 64,800 volunteer hours in just 2021 alone.

Some of Constellation Energy programs have been active for year. Its E2 Energy to Educate grant program launched in September 2010 and continues still. The E2 Energy to Educate program granted nearly $515,000 across 23 projects and reached nearly 21,000 students nationwide in 2021. Constellation Energy also awards financial assistance to young students pursuing STEM careers through six regional and national scholarships in Engineering, Technical, or Energy related studies.

Constellation Energy also work to accelerate the transition to a carbon-free future by developing the future workforce to make it happen. The company has partnered with five universities in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York to fund programming and provide scholarships for 98 students from underrepresented communities to attend the STEM related summer camps.

Through its Community Champions program, Constellation Energy customers can apply for small grants (up to $500) for causes that are important to their communities, with special consideration given to focuses on education, environment, or youth. Since the program began, the company has awarded nearly 2,500 community projects across 28 states where they do business.

Lastly, the company works to promote sustainability and responsible energy use with some of the best-known professional sports organizations in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

How do I get the Cheapest Constellation Rate?

We've created a step by step guide to help you get the cheapest electricity rate. Or you can use our Bill Calculator tool.

Listed here are the cheapest rates offered by Constellation in your area. If you would like, you may compare all Constellation rates, or view all Constellation plans and products to choose the best electricity plan for your home.

Constellation Rates for Houston

Company & Plan Term Rate
Constellation - 12 Month Flat Tier Product 12 month 12.9¢
Constellation - 12 Month Usage Bill Credit 12 month 12.9¢
Constellation - 36 Month Usage Bill Credit 36 month 13.5¢

Houston - Centerpoint Electricity prices as of 05-29-2023. Compare Houston Electricity Rates.

Constellation Rates for Dallas

Company & Plan Term Rate
Constellation - 36 Month Usage Bill Credit 36 month 12.9¢
Constellation - 12 Month Flat Tier Product 12 month 12.9¢
Constellation - 12 Month Usage Bill Credit 12 month 12.9¢

Dallas - Oncor Electricity prices as of 05-29-2023. Compare Dallas Electricity Rates.

Constellation Rates for Abilene

Company & Plan Term Rate
Constellation - 36 Month Usage Bill Credit 36 month 12.9¢
Constellation - 18 Month Usage Bill Credit + PowerPlug 18 month 12.9¢
Constellation - 12 Month Usage Bill Credit 12 month 12.9¢

Abilene - AEP North Electricity prices as of 05-29-2023. Compare Abilene Electricity Rates.

Constellation Rates for Corpus Christi

Company & Plan Term Rate
Constellation - 36 Month Usage Bill Credit 36 month 12.9¢
Constellation - 18 Month Usage Bill Credit + PowerPlug 18 month 12.9¢
Constellation - 12 Month Usage Bill Credit 12 month 12.9¢

Corpus Christi - AEP Central Electricity prices as of 05-29-2023. Compare Corpus Christi Electricity Rates.

Understand Your Constellation Bill

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Check out our How to Understand your Constellation Bill page where you can get information on what the various charges and fees mean.

Reviews for Constellation

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Constellation Scores and Ratings:

Texas Electricity Ratings Overall Score for Constellation

4.2 / 5

Constellation Reviews

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News Articles About Constellation

Best Fixed Rate Plan - If You Need to Cancel Your Contract

Posted on

Can You Afford to Leave An Electricity Contract?

If you walk away from your retail electric provider plan early, you may pay a high fee. But rates change and prices may fall soon. Find out what plans could save you money to leave.
Often, the problem with saving money is in the small print. Find out what plans charge the lowest fees and you could save money when you walk away from them when rates fall.

Breaking a contract can have some stiff penalties. If you break an apartment lease, you may still owe the landlord all the rent. When you stop paying a car note, the repo man comes looking for your vehicle. Sure, you can sign up for a new Texas electricity plan before your current retail electric provider contract ends. But when you walk away from your current electricity contract, you usually pay a stiff early termination fee.

If you cough up the cash for the fee, you can walk away without any other obligations. But why would you do this? The most common reason is you can get a much lower rate with a new plan. Of course, you want to make sure your future savings offset that early termination fee. 

SO -- if you're shopping for a new plan right now, guess what...

Natural gas prices look likely to come down in April 2023. We don't know for sure, but if this happens, electricity rates could fall as well. April is a “shoulder month” when prices tend to fall anyway. So, it will probably be time to shop for a new plan. So if you're shopping plans right now, check out these 12-month electricity plans that might be easiest to can walk away from later. 

A Low Early Termination Fee

The Simply Bright 12 plan from Rhythm offers an advertised rate of 19.0 cents per kWh and an average bill of $173. The plan’s pricing structure is very simple because there are no bill credits or tiered rates. Your bill rises in proportion to your usage. This plan is a great option if you want to bail on it down the road because the early termination fee is $10 for each month remaining on the contract. So if you sign up for the plan this month and end your contract early in April 2023, your early termination fee is only $50. 

More Plan Choices 

There’s a big jump in early termination fee with this next plan. The Champ Saver-12 plan from Champion Energy Services assesses an early termination fee of $150. The plan’s average rate is 19.0 cents, and the average bill is $172. If you’re fairly certain you’re going to jump ship, you’re likely better off with the Rhythm or Constellation plan. Of course, there's other plans out there (some with lower rates) but they offer longer contracts and larger early termination fees. 

Keep Your Options Open

You may be more inclined to select a plan and stick with it. If that’s the case, is still the best place to shop for Texas electricity plans. No matter your intentions, check back often to assess your residential power plan options.

Houston Provider of the Month for June: Constellation

Posted on

Which Houston Constellation Plans Are Best?

Explore these great Houston Constellation electricity plans to find the best one for your lifestyle.
Houston electricity prices are rising with the summer temperatures. Check out these plans by Constellation, our Provider of the Month for June and save!

Like a cluster of stars in the sky, Houston electricity retail provider Constellation has an array of plans for residential customers. And like a star, each plan has its own distinct features. However, most of this supplier’s current plans use bill credits or tiered rates in their pricing. These features can make it challenging to predict your home’s monthly power bill. Therefore, we’ll examine a few of the best priced Constellation plans for you to find one that works for you.  

Tiered Power For Consistent Consumers

Some Houston electricity providers have stopped accepting new customers because they can’t afford to offer competitive rates.  But, Constellation's best priced plan, the 12 Month Flat Tier Product, boasts a very competitive 15.0 cents per kWh rate. The plan's first price tier runs from $150 for 1 kWh to 1,000 kWh. The next costs an additional $150 for 1,001 kWh to 2,000 kWh. Finally, the price is 17.9 cents per kWh after that. Therefore, this plan works best for households that consistently use just a few kWh below the amount that kicks them up to the next tier. So if your bill consistently hovers around 950 kWh or 1,950 kWh, this could be just the plan for you. However, low usage customers should consider other plans. 

HVAC Protection And Bill Credits

The next cheapest plan is the 36 Month A/C Protect Premier for 2 Units plan. This plan’s average price is 15.9 cents per kWh. For three years, customers gain some added protection for their HVAC systems. And given the above-average heat lately in Texas summers, this could come in real handy. The plan’s pricing offers two bill credits: $35 at 1,000 kWh and $15 at 2,000 kWh. So make sure your usage is just above one of these thresholds to maximize this plan's pricing.

More Bill Credits and PowerPlug 

If you thought the first two plans had long names, this one is a doozy: 15 Month Usage Bill Credit + PowerPlug. Like the name’s word count, the average rate takes a bit of a jump here, too. The plan’s average price is 17.4 cents per kWh. This plan gives customers an added bonus in the form of a PowerPlug. This handy device makes any appliance a smart device. Additionally, you can monitor the appliance’s usage from the Constellation Connect app. The pricing offers the same bill credits as the previous plan: $35 at 1,000 kWh and $15 at 2,000 kWh. As before, align your usage with these targets to take full advantage of this plan.

Houston Constellation Plans and More 

For some Houston customers, Constellation plans are great, but they may not be exactly right for your situation. Fortunately, you can find many more plans at Pick one that works for you, and rest easy with your power bill.  

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