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4Change Energy is a retail electricity provider that serves residential customers across Texas. 4Change was built for customers who think electricity should be easy and who care about their community. Their self-service platform and EZ Pay program make it easy to be a customer. The fact that they give 4% of annual profits to local charities means that customers are giving back to their communities every time they turn on a light. Upon enrollment, customers can choose to support one of the following charities:
  • American Cancer Society
  • Feeding Texas
  • American Red Cross
  • Heroes For Children

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Reliable and helpful
I especially like the detailed dailey usage with hi/lo temps that they send me each week. It helps me to make adjustments where I can to save money. Teresa from Rockwall TX

Saving 20% on avg. per month
We changed electric providers a year ago to 4 Energy . On an average we have saved 20% per month on our energy bills. I love the weekly dashboard report that is emailed to me. I feel like I have more control on our electrical usage monitoring it weekly. Gina from Cypress TX

Easy Saver 12 Plan
Being only 2 of us are staying in an apartment we dont typically go over 1000 Kwh usage. On the hottest days of the year I do see an increase but I typically have never paid over $120 for energy. If I do happen to go over its usually like $95-105. Not that bad, I have autopay and its pretty nice to just forget about having to pay them. When my plan was about to expire they even offered me the same plan for another year. Again, great to not have to think about shopping for a new plan and I can just keep the same information. All in all not a bad company to go through for energy, I havent had any problems with them. I understand its always a gamble with not going over 1000 Kwh of energy but it is of my own error if I do. The only thing I didn't like is initially they did a credit check which now shows on my credit report. But now thats done so I dont have any more problems in my opinon. E-saver 12 personal experience/company experience from Laredo TX

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