Get Cheap Commercial Electricity Plans in Houston

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Industry News

Who Has Cheap Commercial Electricity?

Shop cheap commercial electricity for your Houston business. Rates are changing and now is the time to line up a low price fixed term plan to save money!
Electricity rates come down in the spring. Find out who has the best cheap commercial electricity right now for your Houston company.

When you run a business, any expense you minimize increases your bottom line. So it makes sense to pay as little as possible for power. Unlike many home electric plans, commercial plans are straight-forward. You don’t have to figure out whether bill credits, tiered rates, or free nights work with your usage. With CenterPoint Energy managing delivery for everyone, that should make finding cheap commercial electricity simple, right? But the trick is knowing just how much power your business actually uses. That way, you know what to expect on your monthly bill. So, let’s check out usage affects your choice of cheap commercial electricity providers in Houston.

Cheap Commercial Electricity Plans

Power provider rates are super competitive right now. Price differences are mere fractions of a penny among plans. Providers are competing hard to serve your business’s power needs. With the average Texas business usage at 7,935 kWh per month, it is easy to see why.  

To begin with, a 48-month plan from Engie has the lowest rate right now at 7.607 cents per kWh. Minus the TDU costs and taxes, an average monthly supply part fo the bill comes to about $604.00. Imagine locking in that energy price for four years! Given how inflation has risen over the past year, holding a firm price could be a big advantage for your business. While your competitors see their utility expenses rise, yours could remain flat with this plan. 

If you don’t want to lock in for four years, Engie has a 36-month plan with a rate of 7.622 cents or about $605 for your energy supply charge. That’s still a good while to have consistent energy pricing.

Meanwhile, Cirro Energy also has a 36-month plan that falls right between these two plans in price. Their plan’s rate is 7.611 cents; or about $604.00. 

Competing Power Providers 

The power market can change over time. If you’ve been paying sky high prices since August or September, it’s time to shop for a better rate! Make sure you have the best information to choose the right plan for your business. Shop for business electric service at Texas Electricity Ratings. Here you’ll find the lowest rates from an array of providers. When they compete, your business wins. 

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