Texas Energy Pros Drill for Clean Geothermal

by | Apr 12, 2024 | Industry News

Will Clean Geothermal Energy Replace Fossil Fuels?

Clean geothermal energy in Texas is abundant. Learn how it's different from wind and solar and how it could play a signficant role in your future electricity bills.
Texas is awash in clean geothermal energy but most of it lies buried deep below the ground. Find out why old oil and gas wells are making it easier to bring this green energy source to the surface and what it means for your electricity.

Moving from fossil fuels to green energy sources is a hot topic in today’s energy scene. In Texas, a state long linked to oil and gas, a surprising shift is underway. Former oil industry leaders hail geothermal power as a viable replacement for fossil-fueled Texas power plants. But will clean geothermal energy truly replace fossil fuels? Texas will play a large role in answering this question.

The Lone Star state has emerged as an early adopter in exploring geothermal energy. Energy firms are repurposing formerly barren sites abandoned by oil giants like Shell. One such outfit, Sage Geosystems, leased a site in Starr County and began tinkering with geothermal tech. By using the earth’s heat through new drilling methods, they’ve made power, marking a giant step towards a cleaner energy future.

Yet again, West Texas is the focus of new energy tech. Oil derricks, wind farms, solar farms, and battery storage all call West Texas home. Sun and wind abound, and now the earth itself is in the picture.

Geothermal energy holds promise as a nonstop and emissions-free energy source. Unlike solar and wind, geothermal doesn’t rely on weather conditions. That makes this steady power supply an alluring option for replacing coal and gas fired power plants.

A Clean Geothermal Energy Future

The potential for geothermal energy in Texas is vast, with several companies based in Houston leading the charge. Leveraging the guile of former oil industry workers, these companies are tapping into the state’s rich geological resources. Texas boasts a wealth of know-how in drilling and extraction, making it well-suited for a move to new clean power. And Texas has long been at the leading edge of new energy tech.

However, the road to broad adoption of geothermal energy is not without problems. One key obstacle is the need to show cost-competitiveness compared to old power sources. New tech and publicly funded programs may help drive down costs. That said, the industry must still handle issues such as seismic activity and drilling depth. After all, the test for whether a new power source will be successful lies in how it impacts your power bill

Geothermal startups like Sage and Fervo Energy are testing new methods for geothermal power. Fervo’s use of fracking, adapted from the oil and gas industry, showcases the potential for cross-industry innovation. Similarly, Quaise Energy’s use of millimeter waves to drill deeper into the earth’s crust holds promise for unlocking even greater potential. Surely, more new tech lies in the future. And new tech usually drives down prices in the long run.

A Mix of Power Sources

You’ve heard the saying to never put all your eggs in one basket. Well, Texas is doing the same with its power sources. Will clean geothermal energy be a big player in the Texas power mix? Only time will tell. For now, your best bet is to select a retail power plan that best meets your needs. And the best place to find that is here at https://www.texaselectricityratings.com. If you lock in a fixed rate plan, you’re protected against the power market’s short-term bumps and dips. So while energy industry pros make waves, you’ll have smooth sailing.  

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