Texas Solar Sets Generation Record

by | Feb 26, 2024 | Industry News

How Does the Solar Generation Record Help Texas?

A generation record for solar power was set in Texas this January. Learn what this could mean for summer electricity bills and your power to choose a green provider
Recently in January, Texas solar output set a remarkable generation record. Find out what this means for the Texas grid this summer and how it could effect future electricity prices.

In the Lone Star State, where you have the power to choose your electric provider, solar energy is shining bright. On January 28, solar farms set a new generation record by creating an impressive 15,222 megawatts. All that power met about one-third of the state’s electric demand. This feat not only highlights the growing significance of solar power but also underscores its reliability during critical moments.

A Generation Record in the Cold

Freezing cold on Martin Luther King Jr. Day forced7,000 megawatts of fossil fuel power offline, testing the Texas power grid. But, solar power came to the rescue. Clear skies across the state meant solar energy could really help make electricity. According to ERCOT, solar power made up a record-breaking 36.11% of the electricity on the grid on that day.

The increase in solar power on January 28 isn’t a one-time thing. Energy researcher Joshua Rhodes from UT-Austin thinks more records will be broken soon as we add more solar facilities and the sun gets stronger in the summer. Texas is already the top solar producer in the nation. We’ll see if Rhodes is right on the first cloudless August day with 100-degree temps. That day’s solar generation should be amazing! 

This winter milestone happened because, in the last five to six years, solar became cheaper than wind to use. Through investments, Texas shows it is serious about using more clean energy, and now solar makes more power than wind. To boot, the official count of 15,222 megawatts underreports solar production because it doesn’t include energy made by rooftop solar panels. Just look around your neighborhood to see how home solar panels are growing. Take a drive, and you’ll surely notice more than you have in the past. 

When Texas had its first freeze of the year, ERCOT dealt with the challenges and kept enough power. The grid did well, setting three new records for power demand and supply during the winter storm. Handling the freeze showed that law changes, more power, and winter preparations make the grid reliable.

Texas solar set a new winter generation record this January.
New utility solar generation records could change the future of Texas electricity rates.

A Leader in Green Energy

Texas is famous for oil and gas, but now it’s also a leader in renewable energy. Big investments in wind and solar power are paying off, and renewable sources are making a big difference. Wind and solar, along with making the grid better and using batteries, played big roles in keeping power stable during the recent freeze.

As the weather gets warmer and Texas gets closer to the next winter, the focus is on making the grid better and using energy smarter. Doing well in the freeze shows how important it is to have more ways to make energy, with clean energy being a big part. Texas leads the way in choosing a cleaner future.

Power Plans for Green Energy

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