7 Things You Didn’t Know About Texas Solar Power

by | Jul 19, 2023 | Industry News

Shining the Spotlight on Solar in Texas

Solar power in Texas is growing. Not only can farms produce more power but they can do cheaper. Check out these 7 facts about solar energy.
We’re shining a spotlight on Solar power in Texas this month. Not only is it cheaper but solar cells can be made into windows and convert infrared heat to light at night. Check out these 7 facts about solar energy.

Almost 5% of electricity comes from solar farms in Texas. And with billions of dollars invested, solar has a bright future in our sunny state. Especially since it produces cheap electricity that Texans really need right now. So let’s discover seven fun facts you didn’t know about utility-scale solar power in Texas.

1. Solar Is the Most Abundant Resource

Renewables like wind and hydro produce cheap electricity because the sources are free. But none are as abundant as sunshine.  There’s approximately 173,000 terawatts of solar energy hitting the Earth as you’re reading this. That’s over 100,000 times more than what we need. Harnessing even a fraction of that will eliminate the need for fossil fuels.

2. Sunshine Isn’t a Must

Believe it or not, solar panels don’t need direct sunlight to work. They still work on cloudy days, albeit not as efficiently. And soon, we may not even need daylight at all. Researchers at UNSW Sydney invented a device that converts infrared heat into electricity. This means that solar panels of the future will keep working even when the sun has set.

3. Flat Mounting Produces More Electricity

Utility-scale solar farms generally install their solar panels at an angle to capture the most sunlight and also to save space. But Erthos and Industrial Sun are building a solar farm in Texas that lays their panels on the ground. Once completed, this project has an estimated capacity of 100 MW.

The benefit of flat solar farms is increased energy density but with a negligible loss of efficiency. While traditional solar farms need five acres of land to generate one MW, flat mounting only needs half of that. Additionally, flat mounting also requires fewer cables and trenching. Plus, it’s also safer during hurricane season.

4. Solar Power Panels Last a Long Time

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels don’t have an expiration date. But, they’re warranted to remain efficient for 20-25 years. However, even on rooftop panels and in hotter climates, the degradation rate of solar panels is only 0.5% per year.

5. The Second Largest Solar Power State

Texas can proudly claim silver in the race for the highest installed capacity in the United States. The Lone Star state is bested only by California’s 37,000 megawatts. ERCOT has 17,713 MW of installed solar capacity. These generate over 11,000 MW at peak load hour. Plus, utility-scale solar farms also create over 10,000 jobs in the state.

6. Solar Power at About a Dollar Per Watt

Solar panels are cheaper than you think. If you’re thinking about starting a utility-scale solar farm, the panels will only set you back between $0.89 and $1.01 per watt. However, you will need a lot of them. For a 1 MW capacity solar farm, you’d be looking at an investment of around 1 million just for the panels.

In comparison, the average price of solar panels in Texas is around $3-5. Thanks to tax incentives and the sunny weather, solar panels pay for themselves in 6-9 years. Plus, they also add a lot of value to your home.

7. Window Into the Future

The future of solar energy lies in a genius invention. Transparent solar panels can generate electricity while functioning as windows. This idea is especially great for skyscrapers. If you replaced all the glass in skyscrapers with solar windows, the power generated could cover 40% of electricity demand in America.

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