How a Texas Geothermal System Works

by | May 18, 2024 | Industry News, Save Money

How a Geothermal Energy System Works

Texas geothermal energy is lying right under your feet. Learn how the future of clean, renewable energy is just waiting to be tapped.
Find out how old Texas oil and natural gas wells can be converted into clean and sustainable geothermal generating systems. The future of cheap clean electricity maybe lying under all our feet!

A goldmine of cheap electricity could exist beneath your feet. Texas geothermal energy comes from the earth’s heat. By drilling thousands of feet down and pumping water down, the resulting steam can spin turbines to make electricity. It may sound simple, but you try sticking a two-mile pipe in the ground! Companies are poking around west Texas for geothermal power. Once they get plants up and running, this clean power source could fuel Texas homes. 

How Texas Geothermal Systems Make Power

Now, let’s talk about how these systems work. First, they drill wells several miles deep into the earth. At these depths, temperatures can reach up to 300°F or more. This intense heat is perfect for making steam that can spin turbines. However, it requires specialized equipment to handle these extreme conditions.

After crews drill the well, they pump water down into it. The hot rocks underground heat the water, turning it into steam. As a result, the steam rises back to the surface where it spins the turbines that make electricity.

The process is efficient and clean. Unlike fossil fuels, geothermal energy produces little to no greenhouse gases. Plus, the process includes cooling the steam back into water and reusing it. This makes it a sustainable energy source.

Are There Seismic Dangers?

One concern with geothermal drilling is the potential for seismic activity. However, Texas is generally safe from severe earthquakes. Most quakes in Texas are minor and occur in the western part of the state. While there is some risk, modern drilling methods aim to minimize any seismic disruptions.

Is Texas Geothermal Electricity Competitive?

Texas geothermal energy can be very competitive. The initial costs for drilling and setting up the infrastructure can be high. The US Department of Energy estimates drilling makes up more than 50% of a geothermal project’s cost. However, once the system is in place, the operating costs are low.

Economies of scale play a big role here. As more systems are built, the technology should improve. In turn, overall costs can be spread out, reducing the price to make electricity. This makes geothermal energy a more sustainable option for the future. Plus, it could drive down Texas electricity rates!

The Future of Texas Geothermal Energy

Texas geothermal systems offer a reliable and sustainable way to meet the state’s growing electric needs. By drilling deep into hot rocks, these systems can produce electricity with minimal environmental impact. While there are some risks, such as minor seismic activity, the benefits far outweigh them. As technology advances and more plants are built, the cost of this clean energy source will likely become even more competitive. So, Texas geothermal energy is not just a good idea—it’s a great one for the future of Texas.

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