OMG! Texas Energy Vampire Varmints!

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Industry News

Slay the Monsters Plaguing Your Electric Bills

Energy vampires can be anywhere in your home, feeding on the electricity you never actually use! Learn where they lurk and how to stop them!
Don’t let energy vampires put the bite on you! Learn the telltale signs of where they lurk, how they feed and how you can stop them!

Wasting energy sucks. And paying for wasted energy can make the blood run cold. It’s time to find your inner Van Helsing and slay these energy vampires for good! How do you recognise energy vampires? With the exceptions of fridges and freezers that preserve food, these are any electronic item, gadget, or appliance that you leave plugged in but don’t actually use. Remote-controlled TVs, gaming consoles, or computers with standby mode. Any appliances that emit light, like microwaves, alarm clocks, and that smart light switch you never use. These appliances constantly drain electricity. 

Luckily, defeating them shouldn’t be too hard, as long as you follow the energy vampire slayer’s manual:

Sunlight on Energy Sucking Stand-By Power

“Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!” (Dracula, 1931)

The music in this case is the sound of faint buzzing emanating from electronics left on standby. This is especially bad when you go to bed because unused electronics suck the most power from your outlets. Again, anything that has a little light on is feeding and adding to your bill. 

Garlic on a Screen-Saver

Computer screen savers are as useless as Bella pretending she’s over Edward (#teamJacob). To slay this evil, simply turn off your monitor or let your devices go to restful slumber when you’re not using them. Don’t subject them to half-conscious energy-draining nightmares. 

Wooden Stake Through the Heart of Energy Chargers

You know those bulky, brick-like chargers you use for your laptop and phone? They use electricity when they’re plugged into the wall, even if you don’t have a device plugged-in to them. 

You can slay this charger-energy-vampire simply by unplugging from the wall when your device is fully charged. Yes, another day in the life of Buffy, the energy vampire slayer.

Burn the Habit of Keeping Lights On

No matter how scary the dark can be, high electricity bills are even scarier. So, turning lights off when you leave a room is a great habit to have.  Your electricity bill will thank you. Plus, the monsters in your room will thank you.

Holy Water in Your Dishwashers and Washing Machines

Finally, use your appliances to their full extent. For example, wait for enough plates and cups to fill up your dishwasher. Only start your washing machine with a full load. Consider line-drying to avoid running the clothes dryer. You’ll not only reduce wear on your clothes but you’ll use less power.

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