ONCOR Seeking Rate Hikes

by | Dec 17, 2023 | Industry News

How Will Oncor Rate Hikes Impact Texans?

New Oncor rate hikes could take effect on north Texas electric bills before the New Year. Find out how a new law could make it happen again sooner.
New Oncor rate hikes could hit Dallas customers before the end of 2023. Learn how a new law could raise those rates again and do it sooner!

Electricity bills might soon become costlier for residents in North Texas served by Oncor, the primary power line owner in the region. The recent move to request an additional rate increase, enabled by a lesser-known law passed earlier this year, has stirred talks about its impact. If approved, the new Oncor rate hikes take effect December 28.

Oncor, responsible for the power lines across North Texas, aims to increase rates by $53 million for light companies. This marks the second rate hike proposal in just a few months, under the Senate Bill 1015. This law allows two smaller distribution cost recovery factor (DCRF) adjustments annually. It also speeds up the evaluation of rate increase requests. The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) has only 60 days to review these requests. The shorten period means brace for higher power bills. 

How Fast Oncor Rate Hikes Impact Consumers

If these increases pass down to consumers, the average monthly electric bill could go up by nearly $3. Despite Oncor claiming its rates are among Texas’ lowest, an extra three bucks each month still matters to many families. With rising prices in all sectors, people are tired of being nickeled and dimed to death. 

The short review period has raised concerns about PUCT not having enough time to assess the need for these rate hikes. Attorney Alfred R. Herrera, involved in PUCT negotiations on the proposed hike, noted the insufficient time to scrutinize Oncor’s cited costs within this 60-day time frame.

And it’s not just Oncor seeking hikes. An AEP Texas subsidiary also requested a second rate increase this year, reflecting a broader trend. These requests for more money often link with growing demands. So, as more people move to Texas, the state’s power needs grow.

New Oncor distribution rate hikes could hit north Texas consumers in a few weeks.
Learn when fast tracked Oncor electric rate hikes could hit your Dallas electricity bills.

ERCOT’s Fee Increase Proposal

Meanwhile, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) proposed an increase in the system administration fee charged to middlemen in the wholesale electric market. This might mean less than 20 cents a month for homes. But for retail providers, it is a roughly 20% fee hike. If enacted, this increase would start January 1, 2024. And it won’t take long for this hike to trickle down to reach consumers. 

Looking Ahead

These rate hikes tie to efforts to strengthen infrastructure and meet the increasing energy needs of a growing state. These investments, aimed at reliability and meeting demand, directly affect family power bills. It isn’t much now, but state law allows for frequent rate changes. 

Oncor’s recent move to seek a rate hike mirrors an industry-wide pattern. While the monthly increases may seem small, their total impact could significantly raise power bills. Finding a balance between systemic upgrades and fair pricing is a tricky task for both PUCT and utilities. It’s a constant struggle. 
These fee increases affect a wide range of Texans.

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