Plan Picker 3000 Simplifies Your Power to Choose Houston Electricity

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Industry News

Plan Picker 3000 makes shopping for Houston electricity easy and convenient! Our Plan Picker finds the right kind of plans that fit your family’s needs. <br> Better than Power to Choose!

Your Power to Choose — Only Smarter!

Who can help choose my electricity plan?

Selecting a Houston electricity provider is a daunting task. One retail electricity provider says they’ll give you free nights. Another says free weekends. Still another says you’ll get a free smart thermostat. But what are the details? You have contract terms, per kWh pricing, bill credits, freebies, and many other factors to consider. But all you really want is a reputable company and a fair price.

Texas Electricity Ratings introduces Plan Picker 3000. Answer a few simple questions about what you want in an electricity plan and about your power usage, and Plan Picker narrows your Houston electricity plan search to a handful of options. From there, you choose the plan that works best for you, sign up for it, and move on with the rest of your day!

What do I need in a Texas power plan?

The initial questions on Plan Picker 3000 address what you want in a retail electricity provider and power plan. First, you choose which of the following items is most important to you: no surprises on your bill, getting the best rate, a quality electricity company, or low deposits. Of course, you want all these things, but identifying the issue most important to you helps Plan Picker pinpoint the Houston electricity plan right for you.

Next, you select your preference on contract length. You can say you want no contract or a contract shorter than one year, one to two years, or at least two years. How long your contract is determines when you next need to shop for Texas electricity.

How much electricity does my Houston home need?

Plan Picker 3000 then asks for information about your electricity. The best way to get this information is to gather electricity bills from the past year or so. Your current retail electricity provider likely has them stored for easy access in your online account.

Plan Picker 3000 also looks at usage pricing. Some plans charge more for electricity as you use more. Other plans do the exact opposite where you pay less per kWh as you use more electricity. Still others have relatively flat pricing across usages. Understanding how much your usage varies helps Plan Picker give you plans that offer the best pricing for your usage pattern usage — a feature NOT offered at Power to Choose.

Can I narrow my electricity plan choices?

Once you submit the answers, Plan Picker 3000 provides a short list of plans that best fit your responses. You can use this powerful information to shop and compare Houston electricity plans that best fit for your preferences and needs. When you sign up through Texas Electricity Ratings, you can feel comfortable you have a power plan tailored to you.

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