Smart Thermostat Electricity Plans for Dallas

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Industry News

Improve your home’s energy efficiency and cut your energy usage with a new smart thermostat and fixed rate electricity plan.

Increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your use with a smart thermostat from one of these fixed rate plans for your Dallas home.

What’s the best smart thermostat electricity plan in Dallas?

One way to keep your energy bill low is with a smart thermostat. If you don’t already have one, you should choose a plan that provides you with one for free. TriEagle’s Smart Energy 24 makes that easy. It’s the best smart thermometer plan, providing the lowest rates in Dallas.

The Smart Energy Plan for the Cheapest Rates

This is the best smart thermometer plan for the ONCOR area. It offers cheap rates, easy billing, and tons of perks for customers. Smart Energy 24 provides fixed rates at a low electricity supply rate of 9.7¢ per kWh for 24 months. There’s the monthly base charge of $4.95 each month. This brings the average price per kWh to 10.2¢ for 1000 kWh of usage each month. With energy rates expected to rise throughout Texas this summer, the time to lock in low rates is now.

More Savings from a Smart Home

Smart Energy 24 provides customers with a free Ecobee3 smart thermometer. This can help you monitor your usage and increase your savings. But they also offer a Monthly ScoreCard that shows how energy efficient your home is. It also provides tips on how to improve its efficiency, helping you save more money on your electrical bill each month.

What Other Great Benefits Does This Plan Offer?

TriEagle’s Smart Energy 24 offers a referral plan that gives customers up to $75 for each referral to this ONCOR electricity plan.

TriEagle also offers its PrimeTime Alert Program to all its customers. Prime Time Alert is a demand response program that gives their customers the chance to cash in on additional savings by lowering usage during high demand periods. They send out alerts during peak hours. Customers who reduce their usage during these critical times receive bill credits on their next month’s bill, lowering their rates even further. With Texas seeing thin reserve margins and high Texas electricity prices this summer, this program could save customers quite a bundle!

Bill pay is easy with TriEagle. Customers can pay online, through the mail, or by autopay. And if you want to pay over the phone, there’s no additional fee.

Beware of the early termination fee

Because this plan provides both a fixed rate for 24-months and a free Ecobee3 smart thermometer, ending the contract early results in a $20 fee per month left in the contract. This can cost you if you cancel your contract too early. If you’re in the market for cheap early termination fee electricity in Dallas, then there are other options to choose from.

How Can You Change Electricity Providers?

Smart Energy 24 is the best plan for a low fixed rate and the added benefit of a free smart thermometer. But you don’t have to settle on this one. Remember: You have the power to choose. Don’t get stumped trying to figure out how to switch Texas electricity companies. There are plenty of recourses available to help you shop and compare electrical rates. Visit for help finding the best electricity supplier in Dallas.

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