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by | Mar 19, 2022 | Industry News

What’s Not To Love With Free Weekend Houston Electricity?

Learn more about these free weekend electric plans in Houston and how you could actually save money.
If you can shift your highest energy use to when it cost less, then you could save more on your monthly bills. We’ve sort through and found the best free weekend plans in Houston.

Getting something for free always feels great, but sometimes there’s a nagging sensation that what’s free isn’t always free. With free weekends electricity, there’s an inherent trade-off. You pay more for weekday electricity in exchange for cheaper weekend electricity. Free weekend Houston electricity means you don’t have to pay retail energy charges for electricity you consume over the weekend. But you do still have to pay CenterPoint Energy utility charges. 

These plans are great for people who can shift their energy consumption. Say you only do laundry once a week. If you do it on Saturday instead of Thursday, you can save money on that energy consumption. Or perhaps your home is empty during the normal work week, but your house is filled on the weekends. In that case, a free weekend Houston electricity plan could be great for you.  

Free Weekend Houston Electricity From Pulse Power

The best free weekend Houston electricity plan available right now is the Free Energy Weekends 36 plan from Pulse Power. This three-year plan offers power without retail charges from 8 p.m. on Friday to 5:59 a.m. on Monday. With such a generous definition of weekend hours, Pulse Power estimates customers use 40% of their power in the free electricity window. 

This plan’s $123 average bill is not the lowest among free weekend plans. However, the Friday and Monday hours offer customers extra time to push their consumption to times when they save money. If you forget to run your dishwasher Sunday night, you have time to get in a quick cycle before 6 a.m. on Monday. The plan’s advertised rate is 12.2 cents.

Pulse Power also offers 24-month and 12-month versions of this plan. Unfortunately, those plans have slightly higher prices. Therefore, the 36-month plan is the best option from this retail electricity provider. 

Lowest Average Bill For Free Weekends

The cheapest free weekends plan is the Free Weekends-12 plan from Champion Energy Services. Running only the 48-hour period of Saturday and Sunday, this plan’s free window is 10 hours per week shorter than the Pulse Power plan. This means customers tend to use only 30% of their consumption during the free weekend hours. But the plan’s average bill is $120 because the weekday rate (12.5 cents) is significantly lower than the Pulse Power plan (13.3 cents). The Champion plan’s advertised rate is 13.0 cents.

So the choice you’re left with is whether you want longer free hours with a higher weekday price or shorter free hours with a lower weekday price. Your decision depends on what you predict your energy consumption pattern will be. Can you cram your high power consumption activities into Saturday and Sunday? Or do you need a little wiggle room on Friday night and early Monday morning? Either way, you could save some money.

Free Weekends and More

The best place to shop for Houston power is It doesn’t matter whether you want a free weekend plan or something completely different. You can find just the right plan to suit your power consumption needs. 

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