Shop Cheap Long Term Plans in Dallas and Save!

by | Apr 17, 2024 | Save Money

Which Cheap Long Plans in Dallas Are Best?

Shop cheap long term plans to lock in the savings for your Dallas home.
Spring time shoulder month pricing is here! Find out how much you could save when you shop long term plans and compare cheap rates!

When you find a good deal, you really want to snatch it up. Say you find some pajamas on sale, and the deal is too good to pass. Why not buy two or three identical sets? That way, when the first wears out, you have another one or two to spare. It’s a long plan with a cheap price. You can’t have too much of a good thing when it comes to pajamas. The same is true for Texas electricity. Cheap plans that last a long time can save you money.

Now that Texas is in the shoulder season, you might want to have an extra year or two on a retail electricity contract. Prices are low this time of year, and you can lock in savings for years to come. Here are cheap long term plans in Dallas worth making your own. 

Great Cheap Long Plans from BKV Energy

Retail providers know this is a time when many people hunt for long term plans. So, they have two- and three-year options ready. However, you may notice two-year plans are a smidge cheaper than three-year plans. That should tell you retailers think prices will go up in the next few years. 

Case-in-point, BKV Energy has four cheap long term plans in Dallas that are a touch cheaper at two years. Their regular and green energy plans have nearly identical electricity facts labels. The only material differences are the price and renewable energy content. The regular plans are cheaper than the green plans, but the difference only amounts to a couple of bucks on the average bill. Still, all four of these plans have the lowest bills among two- and three-year plans for Dallas.

Save more now on long term plans with the cheapest rates!
The time shoulder months are here now. But cheap rates for long term plans won’t last long. Shop now and lock in the savings!

One word of caution with these plans: the early termination fee could be a real bear. It is $20 per month left on the contract. So if you want to get out after six months, you still have 30 months left on a three-year deal. And that makes for a whopping $600 early termination fee.  

Three Years with Chariot Energy

At about a dollar more each month, you can get the Solarize 36 plan from Chariot Energy. This 36-month plan offers a lower early termination fee. So if you get cold feet on this plan, you won’t be out quite as much cash. This plan’s fee is $15 for each month left on the contract. But we doubt you’ll want to switch once you’ve secured shoulder month prices for three years.  

Find Your Own Cheap Long Plans 

Are you ready to commit one of these cheap long term plans in Dallas? You’ve found the best place to do it! It is super easy to switch plans at Choose your plan, enter in a few details, and you’re on your way to low power prices.  

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