Best Short Term Fixed Rate Electricity Plans in Dallas

by | Jul 28, 2018 | Industry News

Keep your cool while shopping for the hottest short term electricity plans in Dallas!

Loosing your cool while shopping for a short term fixed rate plan to tide you through summer? Don’t sweat it! We’ve found the best short term electricity plans in Dallas with the cheapest rates!

What Are the Cheapest Short Term Plans in Dallas?

With Texas heat driving up energy bills, you might naturally want to switch your Dallas electricity company to one that offers lower rates. Unfortunately, people who move in summer typically get stuck choosing plans with sky-high rates, they often prefer finding a short-term plan that gives them a reliable fixed (albeit a high) rate for short period of time. When the weather cools, they can shop for a much lower rate at a longer term that will cost them much less over time. For these folks, we have a solution — you have the power to choose from one of these awesome short-term electricity plans!

Why 3-Month Fixed Rate Plans Aren’t Currently Available

Dallas this summer has been hotter and more hectic for energy suppliers than ever. High temperatures, high A/C demand, and high electricity prices have compelled many Texas retail electricity providers to pull their 3-month fixed rate plans. Energy retailers risk losing money on these very short-term fixed rate plans. Look for them to reappear as the weather gets cooler.

 What’s a Cheap 6-Month Fixed Rate Plan?

America Light & Power’s Smart Power 6 is your best 6-month option. The plan offers an energy charge of 13.5 cents per kWh. When you average in the low base charge of $5.95 per month, the average electricity rate comes to 14 cents per kWh at 1000 kWh of usage.

You should be aware that there is a $100 early termination fee. The plan also uses 19 percent renewables. This is above the state average, making it an excellent option for those who want to lower their environmental impact. Smart Power 6 makes payment easy through credit card, auto pay, and ACH. And Level Billing is available for those who prefer predictable energy bills for the Dallas home.

What’s the Cheapest 9-Month Fixed Rate Plan?

Infinite Energy’s 9-Month Partner Saver is your best option for low, fixed-rate energy plan in the ONCOR service area. The plan offers an energy charge of 7.488 cents per kWh. Including the monthly TDU charges, this brings the average rate to 11.3 cents per kWh for 1000 kWh of usage. There is a base charge of $9.99 if you use under 999 kWh. This makes it a plan that favors average to large size Texas households.

The early termination fee is steep at $150. And if you’re looking for a renewable energy plan in Dallas, you’ll want to compare other electricity plans as 9-Month Partner Saver only provides 4 percent of its energy from renewable sources.

How Can You Find the Best Energy Rates in Dallas Texas?

For more information on how to switch Texas electricity companies, check out our website at There you can compare rates while shopping for a new Dallas electric supplier to make sure you find the cheapest rates and the right plan for your energy needs.

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