Three Ways to Cut Dallas Heating Bills

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Industry News

Save Money on Electricity This Winter

Electricity bills for heating Dallas homes will probably be higher this winter. Check out our three tips to cut your usage and save.
Setting back your thermostat is one way to lower your Dallas heating bills this winter. Find out how you can cut your energy usage to save even more!

Heating your home is one of the most expensive costs in the winter. Especially when Texas electricity rates are on the rise. That’s why being mindful of your heating habits can save you a lot of money. Even if you have the best electric plan, these three tips can help you cut your Dallas heating bills.

1. Lower Heat Means Lower Bills

You can save 10% on your heating bill if you turn your thermostat down 7°-10°F for 8 hours every day when you’re at work. A programmable thermostat can help you regulate your home’s temperature and keep track of your usage.

In Texas, you may want to heat your home to 74°-78°F in the winter because you’re used to the heat of the summer. But, recommends an ideal temperature of 68°F when you’re awake. And you can go even lower during bedtime! The ideal temperature for sleep quality is between 60°F and 67°F. Lower temperatures won’t just help you sleep better, they’ll also help you save money on your Dallas heating bill.

2. Save on Bills, Replace Furnace Filter

Maintaining your heating system can help it run more efficiently. And an easy way to make sure your furnace is at peak performance is by regularly replacing the filter.

When the filter gets old and clogs up, the furnace blower must run longer to circulate air through your home. The longer your heating system runs, the higher electricity usage will be. And that means higher monthly bills.

3. Insulate Your Attic in Dallas

Warm air rises. So, the heat in your home can easily escape through your uninsulated attic. Depending on the size of your home, the materials you use, and the contractor’s fees, insulating your attic isn’t a cheap or easy process. But, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment if you want to lower your electricity bill.

Fiberglass, cellulose, and mineral wool are commonly-used materials for insulation. These materials can be placed as batts, rolls, or blown in. The material you choose needs to depend on its R-value (how well materials can keep heat in at a certain thickness). In Dallas, attic insulation thicknesses between R-value 30-38 are the most recommended. But extra is always better. 

Before you shop for insulation, measure the square footage of your attic. Also research the kind of insulation you’ll use. And be sure to read the labels of the materials of your choice carefully to make sure you can cover the whole attic space.

Cut Your Dallas Electricity Bills

Another easy way to save money on electricity this winter is to sign up for cheap, fixed rate electricity in Dallas. Visit to compare current rates, calculate your bill estimate, and buy a plan that suits your home.

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