Newest Electricity Plans on the Market

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Most of what we post here on the TER blog centered on specific news in the Texas Electricity market, be it provider news or marketplace news. We’re going to take a bit of a different angle today and took a look at some of the different plans that have hit the market from various REPs (Retail Electricity Providers) recently. Also, it should be noted that all of the prices/rates listed below are based on the Houston area market. Rates in Dallas will on average be about approximately half a cent lower, and the rates in Central Texas might be about half a cent higher.


  • Texas Select Variable Plan – The name says it all on this one, it is a month to month variable rate plan. The current price point for 1,000 Kilowatts-per-hour is at 11.5 cents. The 500 Kilowatt-per-hour price point is at 12.3 cents.
  • Certified Green Texas Variable Plan – This is Ambit’s other new plan, which is also a month to month variable plan. It is a 100% renewable green plan, so that’s always a nice product to offer for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The 1,000 Kilowatt-per-hour price point is 12.8 cents, and the 500 Kilowatt-per-hour price point is 13.6 cents.

    Bounce Energy:

  • Fantastic Fixed Six – Bounce’s new plan sounds more like a superhero team than an electricity plan, but beneath the catchy name is actually a pretty good price plan. It is a 6 month fixed plan with a $4.95 monthly fee that is waived if the customer utilizes the 1,000 Killowatt-per-hour energy range. The 1,000 KwH rate is 11 cents, and the 500 KwH rate is 12 cents. Good rates. And on top of that, this new plan comes with Bounce’s usual goody bag of items like potential bill credits, free magazine subscriptions, and enrollment into their loyalty rewards program.

    First Choice:

  • Simply Better Price Plan 12 – This is a 12 month fixed rate plan that comes with a $4.95 monthly charge. What it offers is pretty straightforward, and the price plans are as follows: 13.6 cents for 1,000 Kilowatts-per-hour, and 14.1 cents for 500 Kilowatts-per-hour. These are not great prices. Gexa has a 2 year Green Energy plan that is cheaper than this, so I’d not recommend this plan.


  • Gexa Guaranteed 24 – One of Gexa’s two new plans is the Guaranteed 24 plan, which is a 2 year fixed rate plan Gexa has started offering. The price point is 12.7 cents per 1,000 Kilowatt-per-hour, while the 500 Kilowatt-per-hour rate is 13.9 cents.
  • Gexa Green 24 – This is Gexa’s new fixed rate plan for green energy. The plan is 2 years fixed, and the energy is 100% Green energy. The price points are 13.1 cents and 14.5 cents for 1,000 and 500 Kilowatt-per-hours respectively.

    Just Energy:

  • Electricity Fixed Rate Program – This is definitely a different kind of plan out there. The plans lengths are either 4 or 5 YEARS. So, this is for the really long term commitment and people who have no interest in playing the market. 1,000 Kilowatt-per-hour usage is set at 14 cents, and 500 Kilowatt-per-hour usage is tabbed at 14.5 cents. There’s also a monthly $4.95 fee.


  • Star “Summer Sizzle” 4 Month Plan – Well, in today’s humorous note comes StarTex Power. I went to their website to find more information on this plan, only to discover that this plan isn’t listed (at least not in this verbiage) on their website. Way to be consistent StarTex. I’ll assume this is what on their website is listed as the Secure 4 plan. It’s a 4 month plan which they advertise as 9.9 cents, but this if for the 2,000 Kilowatt-per-hour price, so be careful there. The 1,000 Kilowatt-per-hour plan is 10.1, and the 500 Kilowatt-per-hour plan is 10.4 cents. All in all, that’s pretty good prices, even if they’re not sure what to call the plan.

    So here’s some of the latest plans to hit the market from various REPs. Keep in mind, all of the other REP’s on the market will likely have changed the price points on their plans as well, so that is worth checking into as well if you want to get the cheapest electricity service possible.

  • 5 thoughts on “Newest Electricity Plans on the Market

    1. I wouldn’t get startex power no matter what price they offered it at! I had startex power and was happy with 11 cents per kw rate but in a year long contract i had to call them 4 times to correct my bill… seems they **forgot** i was at 11 cents, would charge me more, then they will not credit the difference until the next bill cycle which means that even though **they made the mistake **you** are going to lend them the extra money for a month whether you like it or not, The final kicker cam at the end of the year when i opted to leave for another ocmpany, I got a HUGE bill at 19 cents per kilowatt for triple my monthly usage it seems that centerpoint was estimating my bill so all the extra kilowatts went on the 19 cent rate because there is always a month lagtime when changing carriers I called both centerpoint and startex several times no one would take responsibility and one just would blame the other it was such a mess! Never again!

    2. No such thing as 100% renewable energy plan. Maybe at some points during the day but not 24hrs a day/7 days a week. At night the wind(wind turbines) does not all ways blow and people know the sun(solar) does not shine at night. Hydro power is a limited resource in Texas and does not 24hrs a day. This plan will be made up of other resources (natural gas, coal and/or nuclear) at some point during the day/week.

      1. Joe,

        I think you’re a bit mistaken there. Yes, wind doesn’t blow all of the time, nor does the sun shine. But that’s not how the energy game works when it comes to different plans and whatnot as a Texas energy customer. Certain plans ARE 100% green/renewable, and it’s not because they’re being supplemented. It simply means the energy in someone’s 100% Green plant comes from 100% Green resources. Energy is collected and stored from renewable sources when it’s there to be stored, and that’s the energy that’s used to generate 100% plans. It actually does mean your electricity is coming from a 100% Green Source. But that’s also why you’re paying more expensive prices for the energy, as opposed to the cheapest prices, which come from renewable resources. It’s the same principle (although a different execution) as someone who may have a 100% solar powered house won’t be capable of having electricity at nighttime.

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