PUC To Implement Smart-meter Opt-Out Plan

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The PUC announced last week that they’d be coming up with an opt-out program for Smart Meters. This isn’t surprising, given the natural Independence of Texans in general, and some people have had concerns about the effectiveness of Smart Meters, as well as the idea that they don’t like agencies gathering their data on electricity usage. Of course, some Texas electricity customers have taken that to extremes, with one Texan recently pulling a gun on an employee trying to install a Smart Meter. Obviously, that is absurd, excessive, and borderline insane.

However, after many different complaints and one drawn firearm, the PUC has decided to put together a plan by which Texans might choose to opt out of having a Smart Meter, which up until this change, was a mandatory decision.

Per the linked article, it looks like Texas electricity customers who do choose to opt-out will pay for it at their own expense. The PUC will solicit comments from customers before deciding on a final accepted process for customer opt-out.

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