Best 24 Month Energy by Best Ranked Providers

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Industry News

Get the best 24 month energy plan for your Texas home from our Best Ranked Providers.

Find out which plan from our Best Ranked Providers is the one we think is the best 24 month energy plan!

Which Top Provider Offers The Best 24 Month Energy? 

You wouldn’t buy a Rolex watch at a gas station. This is because you know the seller can’t meet your customer service needs for high end goods. Similarly, you don’t want to buy power from a retail service provider who has unhappy customers. To be sure, all Texas electricity retailers sell the same power. However, you want a provider who maintains a solid reputation among industry experts and customers. Reliant, TriEagle Energy, and Constellation all hold the top tier on Texas Electricity Ratings, and they offer competitive 24 month energy plans. 

Best 24 Month Energy

The best 24 month energy by our best ranked providers is the Reliant Basic Power 24 plan. This straight fixed rate plan offers a competitive rate (13.2 cents, including CenterPoint charges) that yields the lowest average monthly bill ($132) compared to similar plans. The biggest downside to this plan is a $9.95 usage charge when customers fail to consume at least 1,000 kWh in a billing cycle. This can be a bummer because you could pay more when you conserve energy. Consequently, this plan is optimal for moderate and high usage customers. All in all, this plan beats the other best 24 month energy plans based on the average bill.  

The TriEagle Energy Eagle 24 plan has the same advertised rate and average bill. Rather than a charge for low usage, this plan has a $4.95 base charge. Sure, it is half the cost of the Reliant chrage, but this fee applies to every bill. Over two years, that’s $118.80 more. Why pay that when the other plan’s occasional penalty may cost you much less over the same period? Of course, you might consider TriEagle Energy because of their shopping assistant browser extension that earns you rewards for shopping online.

Bill Credit Power Plans

If you prefer bill credit plans, take a look at the lengthily named 24Mo Usage Bill Credit + A/C Protection for 2 Units and HVAC Monitoring plan. This Constellation plan has a lower rate at 12.7 cent, but the average bill balloons to $146. The monthly bill increases when customers miss out on one or both of this plan’s bill credits. A $35 bill credit kicks in at 1,000 kWh, and a second $15 bill credit takes place at 2,000 kWh. This plan is best for very high usage homes considering the normal Houston home only consumes about 1,400 kWh per month in the heat of the Texas summer. 

Shopping When Your Plan Ends

When you sign up for the best 24 month energy, you won’t shop again for quite some time. Before your plan ends, your retailer will notify you that you can select a new plan. If you don’t, you’ll convert to a month-to-month plan offered by that provider. These variable rate plans are almost always more expensive than fixed rate plans. Therefore, you’ll want to come back to Texas Electricity Ratings to compare plans again.    

Get Gold Trophy Service 

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