Best Houston Business Electricity Rates for 2023

by | Dec 29, 2022 | Industry News

Who Has The Best Houston Business Electricity Rates? 

Shop cheap Houston business electricity rates for next year. Start off the new year by paying less for your Texas electricity rates and save more for your business!
Start the new year right for your Houston business with new electricity rates! Shop these competitive plans to help you beat inflation and save more.

When customers walk into a store, they think about the products they’ll buy and the prices they’ll pay. It’s only natural. However, business owners know a number of factors go into pricing. Customers don’t think about what it costs to keep the lights on. But business owners sure do! To keep your bottom line low, you need the best Houston business electricity rates. So, let’s compare commercial electric plans with the best rates on 12-month power contracts. 

Tight Competition For Best Houston Electricity Rates

Residential customers tend to have a lot of flexibility in their consumption patterns. This is why homeowners might select free nights, free weekends, tiered rates, and bill credit plans. 

However, there aren’t many pricing gimmicks with commercial electricity. In almost all cases, businesses pay a flat rate which makes your monthly power bill predictable. Therefore, the gap between the lowest priced and highest priced power plans is much narrower in the business market than in the residential market. 

Right now, the cheapest 12-month business power plan comes from Cirro Energy. This plan’s rate is 9.4 cents per kWh. According to 2021 data from the US Energy Information Administration, the average Texas business uses 7,935 kWh per month. With this plan, the average bill comes to $749. Your business may use much more or far less, so apply this plan’s rate to your current billed usage to estimate what you might pay.

Other Favorable Plans 

You have other good options from other commercial electricity providers in Texas. For example, Direct Energy has a plan with a 9.9-cent rate. On the other hand, Engie, offers what appears to be an even better rate for 9.6 cents. But remember to read the plan’s EFL to find out important details such as monthly base charges and the actual energy costs. Sometimes plans with great rates come with monthly charges that gnaw into your bottom line over the course of the year.

Competitive Pricing For Your Business

Now, you know which plans offer the best Houston business electricity rates. Sign up for the one that best aligns with your needs at It’ll help keep your overhead costs low, so you can offer competitive prices to your clients.   

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