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by | May 3, 2024 | Save Money

Who Has the Best Abilene 12 Month Rates?

Compare Abilene 12 month plans at their cheapest rate! Spring time pricing will help cool your bills during summer heat. Shop now!
Keep your AC bills cooler this summer when you compare Abilene 12 month plans at their cheapest rate. Shop rates to save more now!

The summer heat and summer electricity prices are on their way. There’s nothing you can do to stop the heat. It’ll be here like the unwelcome guest it is every year. However, you can lock in shoulder season prices for the next year with the best Abilene 12 month rates. You’ll enjoy spring prices for your summer air conditioning bill. While you’re enjoying Zippity Zoo Day in July, your home’s cooling will be as cheap as possible. 

Abilene 12 Month Plans from TriEagle Energy 

Sometimes retailers have a “murderer’s row” of great plans with killer rates. This month, TriEagle Energy has a stacked lineup of 12 month plans. All three have an average bill at or below $162 for customers who average 1,000 kWh per month. 

The cheapest plan is the Simple Savings 12 plan. With an average bill of $152, this plan offers straightforward pricing after a $4.95 monthly base charge. With a slightly higher rate and a $30 bill credit at 2,000 kWh, the Savvy Value 12 plan is also a good option. This plan’s average bill is $153, so some high usage months may make this plan better for you. The Simple Green 12 plan rounds out the best TriEagle plans. It offers 100% renewable content at a penny higher and no bill credits to factor in.  

Save on Abilene 12 month electricity plans for summer when you shop low prices now.
Shop low priced Abilene 12 month plans and beat the heat all summer long!

More 12 Month Options in Abilene

While TriEagle has great plans, they don’t have the market cornered on the best Abilene 12 month rates. The Chariot Energy Solarize 12 plan gives customers 100% green energy with a straightforward pricing method. The average bill is $161. And no bill credits or tiered rates will surprise you with a big bill. 

On the other hand, the Rhythm Powershift EV 12 plan has a complicated pricing formula. Your price depends on what time of day you use power. Electricity is most expensive during the evenings (on-peak) and cheapest overnight (ultra off-peak). Off-peak hours occur when most people are getting ready for work, during the normal work day, and when late-night TV shows air. Even though the average bill is $161, read the plan’s electricity facts label and determine whether this plan aligns with your usage pattern. 

Cool Off Your Electric Bill 

You may not be ready for summer’s oppressive heat. But today’s best Abilene 12 month rates are a tall glass of lemonade for your power bill. Explore all the plans at to see which plan is the right one for your home. 

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