How Do I Report A Power Outage In The Oncor Service Area?

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Report a Power Outage in Six Steps

A power outage in the summer is a pain. To avoid eating melted ice cream by candle light, find out how to report them toget your power back on sooner.
For some, a summer power outage in Texas means eating melted ice cream by candlelight. For those depending on medical devices, it’s dangerous. Find out how to report an outage to get your power back on sooner.

Whether you heard a transformer box explode or you’re sitting at home in the dark with nothing but your phone and mobile data, I get it. Power outages are a pain. As you’re lighting candles and eating melted ice cream, you also need to think about notifying your Texas electricity delivery company. After all, you’re probably not the only one affected by a power outage. Follow these six steps if you live in an Oncor service area.

1. Don’t Assume Somebody Else Will Notify

The worst thing you can do in a power outage is to do nothing. You can’t assume another neighbor will react. If you notice something out of the ordinary – whether it’s a transformer box on fire or even an unresponsive fuse box – YOU need to tell someone. And when the power goes out, that someone is not your electricity provider.

It’s actually your Texas electricity delivery company.

2. Go to the Oncor Reporting Site

If you live in an Oncor service area, using their Outage Reporting System is the best way to notify the right people. You can create an outage report here. First, you need to give them your address. And once you verify your information, you can submit the report.

This will notify Oncor delivery services of your power outage, and they can send appropriate help to you.

3. Call or Text Oncor

You can report an outage without mobile data by calling 888-313-4747. Alternatively, you can also text OUT to 66267.

4. Check the Power Outage Status

If you’re wondering whether you’re the only one affected by the outage, Oncor’s outage status map can be a handy resource. Check active outages by area as well as current weather reports that may influence outages.

5. Sign Up for Oncor Power Outage Alerts

If you want to stay informed about power outages and receive notifications on the progress of your outage, you can sign up for Oncor Alerts with your address and contact details. You can also download the Oncor App from Google Play or the App Store to receive more information when an outage happens.

6. Call 9-1-1 If There’s a Fire

During the summer, power outages due to storms can be common. In this case, it’s best to contact Oncor. However, if you see a transformer box on fire or fire at a substation, call 9-1-1. Your local fire department will need to put the fire out and ensure your neighborhood stays safe.

Shop For New Plans

No matter the cause, a power outage can be scary. But the only way to end it is by notifying the right authorities. By following these steps, Oncor can restore your power in no time. While you’re waiting for power to return, you still have the power to choose your electricity provider.

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