Should I Close Vents in Unused Rooms Cut To AC Bills?

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Energy Efficiency, Save Money, Texas Electricity, Texas Electricity News

Does Closing Room Vents Save Energy?

If you close the air vents in unused rooms, can you save on your Texas electricity bill? Learn the truth!
Some homeowners believe they’ll save on their Texas electricity bills if they close the AC vents on unused rooms. Learn why it may actually cost you more!

With spring here and summer within spitting distance, Texans are looking for ways to save on power bills. Many homeowners believe that if you close vents in unused rooms you can save energy. Unfortunately, this idea may not be all that effective. In fact, closing vents can actually cause your HVAC system to run longer. Not only can it lead to higher energy bills but also potentially damage to your HVAC system.

The effectiveness of closing vents in unused rooms depends on how well your home is insulated and sealed. If your home is well insulated and sealed, closing vents may save some energy. But if your home is not properly insulated and sealed, your HVAC system will work harder to keep a consistent temperature throughout your home which can actually increase your monthly power bill.

You want to get the most from your AC. So, evenly distributing cool air throughout your home yields even cooling. When you close vents in some rooms, the air flow through the ducts changes. Some rooms will stay cooler or warmer than others. This can make occupants uncomfortable and lead to increased energy bills if they adjust the thermostat to compensate for the differences. 

Insulate Rather Than Close Vents 

Instead of closing vents in unused rooms, focus on insulating and sealing your home properly. This can help prevent air leaks and reduce energy bills. Usually, these projects are simple and cheap. With a few hand tools like a putty knife and a caulking gun, you can tackle several projects on a Saturday. 

You can also use smart thermostats to regulate the temperature in your home and reduce energy usage when you’re not there. You definitely want your AC system working smarter, not longer. These, too, are simple to install. From unboxing the unit to putting away your tools should take less than half an hour. 

Low Electric Rates

To sum up, closing vents in unused rooms may not be an effective way to save energy. Air flow keeps your HVAC system balanced. You should focus on insulating and sealing your home properly and using a programmable thermostat to reduce energy bills and help your AC system work efficiently.

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