Best Houston Electricity Plans Minus Bill Credits & Tiers

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Industry News

Are you paying too much for your Texas electricity with confusing bill credits and tiers? Check out these plans with straight forward, simple pricing.

Is your current Texas electricity supplier giving you the best rate? Are you paying too much for confusing bill credits and tiers? Check out these plans with straight forward, simple pricing!

Which of the best Houston electricity plans have simple pricing?

If you go to an automatic car wash, you pay a set amount for the service you receive. You don’t get charged less if your vehicle needs less soap for the same type of wash. You pay one set price for the level of service you consume. Shouldn’t your Houston electricity plan be the same way? 

With so many varied plans in the deregulated Texas electricity market, you can have a simple pricing structure. Many electricity companies offer such plans. You don’t have to concern yourself with bill credits & tiers. Aside from base charges from the TDU and perhaps from the retailer, you pay just for the kilowatt hours you use. 

The ugly side of bill credits & tiers

Bill credits & tiers seem like awesome ways to save money on your Houston electricity bill. However, the cost of missing out on these incentives can drive up your electricity rate. 

Here’s an example. Your power plan has an $80 bill credit that kicks in when you use 1,200 kWh or more per month. If your usage comes in below that threshold, you pay almost $80 more than you would have if you used just a smidge more electricity. If you have a .500 batting average over the year, that’s about $480 you didn’t have to spend on electricity. 

Do you know when to throttle up or down your electricity usage to meet a target? Just as importantly, can you actually achieve it?  Unless you’re certain your usage consistently reaches the right usage amount to take advantage of a plan’s complicated pricing structure, bill credits & tiers make a dangerous game for your monthly budget. 

Great Texas power plans with simple pricing

You can shop electricity plans with straightforward pricing at Here you can find a wealth of plans with the pricing structure that works best for your home. If you want simple pricing, the following plans have the best deals right now. 

  • The Solarize 18 plan from Chariot Energy locks you into fixed rate energy for 18 months. At 11.1 cents per kWh, there are plans with cheaper rates, but the average bill amount of $108 blows them out of the water. The average bill amount is based on a customer using 1,000 kWh per month on average following seasonal usage patterns. This plan also contains 100% renewable energy. 
  • Two plans with the same pricing structure have an average bill of $109. The Entrust 18 plan from Entrust Energy and the Power of Texas 18 plan from Power of Texas have the $4.95 base charge and average rate of 11.0 cents per kWh. Both plans have the same amount of renewable content. 

Some good Houston electricity plans with bill credits & tiers

No matter which of the plans above you select, you can predict your energy cost with relative ease. The same can’t be said for plans with bill credits & tiers. But just because they make it hard to predict your cost doesn’t mean they can’t offer good deals. 

The best bill credits & tiers plans available right now are below: 

  • The Texas Saver 12 plan from Pulse Power works for customers who always use at least 1,000 kWh per month. At that usage point, customers earn a $95 bill credit. Despite its advertised rate of 7.2 cents per kWh, the plan’s average bill is $144. Months when a customer dips below 1,000 kWh make this plan unfavorable for people with occasional low usage.  
  • The Gexa Saver Supreme 24 plan from Gexa Energy has an $85 bill credit between 1,000 and 2,000 kWh. Avoid this plan if your normal usage ever lands outside this window. 

Switch Houston electricity plans 

If you need a spreadsheet to estimate your monthly electricity expenses, your plan might be too complicated. You can switch Houston electricity plans to something easier to understand. Retailers have plenty of plans that don’t require a Microsoft Excel formula to determine how much they cost

The Texas Electricity Ratings tools helps you understand each plan’s pricing structure. If you know your usage history, it should be no problem to see which plans are best for your situation. 

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