Top 5 People’s Choice Electricity Companies in Houston

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Industry News

Get the best rates from the Top 5 People's Choice Electricity Companies in Houston! Read real customer reviews and shop the cheapest energy plans.

These Top 5 People’s Choice Electricity Companies are some of the ones that help their Houston electricity customers save money with the best rates and plans!

Which Light Companies Are Houston Customers Choosing?

For many Texas electricity customers, their choice of retail electricity providers comes down to price. They ask themselves, “Who can help me save money on utility bills?” Price is important, but there are other factors worth considering. A company’s reputation makes a big difference in whether you’ll be happy with your light company. Differences in online account experience, billing options, customer service, and more distinguish electricity companies from one another. Consequently, tracking consumer choices to see what’s working best for Texas electricity customers is what makes Texas Electricity Ratings unique. To help you find the right retail electricity company for your needs, we’re  sharing the top five companies that have the solid customer reviews that make them the People’s Choice in Houston.

5-Star Service From Chariot Energy and Constellation

When people just like you vouch for a company, it makes you confident when choosing to give your business to that company. Chariot Energy and Constellation Energy both maintain 5-star ratings on On the whole, Texas electricity customers have had good experiences with them, so that means you’re likely to as well. 

The most popular Chariot Energy plans are the Solarize 24 and Solarize 12 both named after the number of months of their contract terms. Both plans also offer 100% solar energy to power your Houston home

The descriptively named 12 Month with Bill Credit plan is the People’s Choice electricity plan from Constellation. This plan has a one-year contract and two bill credits: one that kicks in at 1,000 kWh and another at 2,000 kWh. 

Popular Variable Rate Electricity

Variable rate plans allow you to give an electricity company a trial run before signing a fixed rate electricity contract. However, because the pricing on these plans changes each month, you ride the ups and downs of the wholesale electricity market.  Based on reviews, people like the TXU Energy Flex Forward and Payless Power‘s prepaid SmarTricity Easy Choice PrePaid Plan. Customers give TXU Energy  a 4.5 star rating and Payless Power a 4.0 star rating. 

A Low Average Bill For 24-Month Electricity 

Entrust Energy rounds out the top five people’s choice electricity companies in Houston. Their Entrust 24 plan offers straightforward pricing on a 24-month contract. The company’s 3.5 stars on Texas Electricity Ratings shows it to be an above average company according to customer opinions. 

People’s Choice Electricity For Your Home

Knowing what your Texas electricity options are can help you save money. When your retail electricity plan’s contract expires, your company may put you on one of its variable rate plans. Don’t let them do this without first shopping for Texas electricity. You could save hundreds of dollars each year just by switching electricity plans

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