Texas Electricity Ratings Updates Rankings: May 8th 2012

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Everyone, I’ve been talking about updating the rankings for the past week or so, but we’ve been very busy getting the new Texas Electricity Ratings website launched and live. However, now that we’ve completed that, it is time to focus on the site’s core responsibility: Ranking Texas Electricity Providers and helping customers shop for electricity plans. We’ve updated our rankings below, and I want to talk about the importance of the rankings and shopping during the summer months.

We have a new #1 Electricity provider…Bounce Energy! Congratulations Bounce Energy, for moving back into the top spot. Bounce Energy and Champion Energy have been fighting over the #1 spot for a couple of years now and Bounce has now slipped past Champion based on an improved score with the Better Business Bureau and by lowering their prices. They edged out Champion with a score of 4.09 to Champion’s 4.03. Bounce and Champion were the only two providers with scores over 4.0. Here’s the whole top 10:

  1. Bounce Energy        4.09
  2. Champion Energy    4.03
  3. StarTex Power         3.93
  4. Gexa Energy            3.72
  5. Direct Energy           3.34
  6. Tara Energy             3.26
  7. WTU Retail Energy  3.15
  8. TXU Energy              2.62
  9. Amigo Energy           2.59
  10. Spark Energy            2.59

Also interesting was the way StarTex jumped both Gexa and Direct Energy based on a string of very strong reviews.

Additionally, I want to talk about the importance of shopping during the summer months. I don’t have a specific statistic in hand, but I’m sure that more than half, if not two-thirds, of all electricity shopping is done in the May-Augusts summer months when bills get high and people start noticing it in their pocketbooks. Because of that, I’m going to make a concerted effort of updating the rankings every 2-3 weeks throughout the summer so everyone has the latest information available while they do their shopping. Providers can change rates overnight and that can make a difference, as can PUC changes, new customer reviews…tons of things.

So I’m going to make sure the rankings are updated regularly and everyone has the best information possible to help them shop for electricity providers.

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