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Amigo Energy is a commercial and residential electricity provider servicing the New York and Texas deregulated energy markets. They were founded in Houston, TX in 2003. In 2007, Amigo was purchased and became a fully owned subsidiary of Fulcrum Power. Then in 2011, Fulcrum Power was purchased by Just Energy.

About Amigo Energy

Starting operations in 2004, Houston's Amigo Energy sought to offer affordable rates, reliable electricity, and outstanding customer care to their customers in Texas. In 2007, the company was purchased by Fulcrum Power. At the time, Amigo Energy had grown to about 15,000 consumer and commercial electricity customers across South Texas. After Fulcrum Power acquired Tara Energy, Amigo Energy's growth continued. The company ranked 17th in a 2009 U.S. Energy information Administration report on retail electricity providers with the most consumers.

Canadian-based natural gas and electricity retailer Just Energy acquired Fulcrum Power and its subsidies in 2011. And though Winter Storm Uri in 2021 has played havoc with many Texas retail companies, Amigo Energy continues getting their customers the best and efficient value in energy they can offer. In addition, as a subsidiary of Just Energy, Amigo Energy helps support the charitable work of the Just Energy Foundation which includes programs that foster after school tutoring and mentorships, food banks and child advocacy groups.

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Amigo Energy currently has 2 plans available on our site.

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Type Company & Plan Term
Bundled Rate Amigo Web - 24 24
Bundled Rate Amigo Web - 12 12

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Amigo Energy Ratings

The overall score for Amigo Energy is 2.38. Their best category was Products where they earned a score of 3.55, while their worst rating came in at 1.19 in Communications. More detailed information on these ratings is available on our Amigo Energy Rating Detail page.

  • Rating Overall
  • 2.38
  • Market Perception
  • 2.56
  • Operations
  • 2.45
  • Products
  • 3.55

What People Are Asking About Amigo Energy

Texas electricity deregulation, and Retail Electricity Providers can be complicated.

To answer your frequently asked questions about Amigo Energy read on.

What is the cheapest electricity plan that Amigo Energy has?

The cheapest Amigo Energy plan is Amigo Web - 12 with a rate starting at 13.9¢ per kWh. Customers of Amigo Energy can expect their average bill to fall around $138 per month on this plan. This plan's early termination fee is $175. This is a 12 month plan.

More details on this plan can be found on the Amigo Web - 12 plan page or by calling 866-435-1013.

Amigo Energy has 1 more plan with rates starting at 13.9¢ per kWh@1000/kWh and estimated monthly bills starting at $138.

Where can I order Amigo Energy electricity?

You can find 2 plans starting at 13.5¢/kWh on our Amigo Energy plans and products page.

What do customers think about Amigo Energy?

The average customer review in Texas is 1.9. The average Amigo Energy customer review is 2 / 5 stars. For a different take you can go on over to our company ratings page for Amigo Energy

Why is my electricity rate higher than when I signed up?

The rate you see when you sign up is the average rate at that exact amount of usage in one billing cycle.

Some companies try to game the system by applying bill credits between certain usage thresholds. It works great if you are within the margins, but as soon as you leave that band you no longer get that bill credit and your rate per kWh can double. The PUC only requires that companies disclose their average rates at 500, 1000, and 2000 kWhs. Companies can get around this by giving you a $50 bill credit if you use between 1000 and 2000 kWhs per billing cycle.

The only way to really know what you're getting into is to read your EFL. A 10¢ rate at all usage amounts may end up being cheaper than that 8¢ rate at 1,000 kWh!

What are the cheapest natural gas plans that Amigo Energy has?

This retailer does not offer any natural gas plans in your area at this time.

Does Amigo Energy have no-deposit plans?

Unfortunately, Amigo Energy does not offer any non-deposit plans at this time. Popular non-deposit plans from other reps are:

Featured Plans for Amigo Energy

These are a few plans that we think you'll like. We also have a more detailed listing of all TX plans for Amigo Energy, or you can use our Amigo Energy Rate Comparison Page to find a great deal

Amigo Energy In The Community

Amigo Energy has long been involved with the communities it serves. As a subsidiary of Just Energy, Amigo Energy helps support the charitable work of the Just Energy Foundation and has aided the Houston Food Bank, Books Between Kids, and other educational nonprofits. The company is also a proud supporter of a variety of Houston cultural events such as Houston Latin Fest, Afinarte Festival, and Fiestas Patrias concert events.

Amigo Energy recently rebranded to reflect greater focus on cultural ties and expanded service to the Texas Hispanic Community. It has also launched a new Amigo Energy Spanish website for electricity plans, resources, blogs, tips, customer care support, and more.

How do I get the Cheapest Amigo Energy Rate?

We've created a step by step guide to help you get the cheapest electricity rate. Or you can use our Bill Calculator tool.

Listed here are the cheapest rates offered by Amigo Energy in your area. If you would like, you may compare all Amigo Energy rates, or view all Amigo Energy plans and products to choose the best electricity plan for your home.

Amigo Energy Rates for Houston

Company & Plan Term Rate
Amigo Energy - Amigo Web - 24 24 month 13.9¢
Amigo Energy - Amigo Web - 12 12 month 13.9¢

Houston - Centerpoint Electricity prices as of 03-25-2023. Compare Houston Electricity Rates.

Amigo Energy Rates for Dallas

Company & Plan Term Rate
Amigo Energy - Amigo Web - 24 24 month 13.5¢
Amigo Energy - Amigo Web - 12 12 month 13.5¢

Dallas - Oncor Electricity prices as of 03-25-2023. Compare Dallas Electricity Rates.

Amigo Energy Rates for Abilene

Company & Plan Term Rate
Amigo Energy - Amigo Web - 24 24 month 13.5¢
Amigo Energy - Amigo Web - 12 12 month 13.5¢

Abilene - AEP North Electricity prices as of 03-25-2023. Compare Abilene Electricity Rates.

Amigo Energy Rates for Corpus Christi

Company & Plan Term Rate
Amigo Energy - Amigo Web - 24 24 month 13.5¢
Amigo Energy - Amigo Web - 12 12 month 13.9¢

Corpus Christi - AEP Central Electricity prices as of 03-25-2023. Compare Corpus Christi Electricity Rates.

Understand Your Amigo Energy Bill

Unsure about how to decipher your Amigo Energy bill?

We can help.

Check out our How to Understand your Amigo Energy Bill page where you can get information on what the various charges and fees mean.

Customer Reviews - Amigo Energy

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Recent Good Review from Judy

Amigo Energy Scores and Ratings:

Texas Electricity Ratings Overall Score for Amigo Energy

2.4 / 5

Amigo Energy Reviews

241 Reviews for Amigo Energy


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News Articles About Amigo Energy

Best Low Usage Electric Rate In Houston

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Paying too much to your Texas electricity provider for using too little? Let us show you who has the best low usage electric plans in Houston, TX!
Paying too much to your Texas electricity provider for using too little? Let us show you who has the best low usage electric plans in Houston, TX!

Where Is The Best Low Usage Electric Rate in Houston?

It can be tough for low usage electricity customers to find plans that fit their needs. Plans with bill credits, tiered rates, and free nights and weekends just don’t work when you don’t use enough power. Many even punish you with penalties. The solution is to find a straightforward electricity plan with no pricing gimmicks. That way, you pay for the power you consume and nothing more. 

Low Rates For Low Electricity Usage

Simple pricing is the common feature among the best low electric rate plans in Houston. The alignment between the average prices and average bills shown in the table below demonstrates this fact: 
Plan Retail Electricity Provider Average Price at 500 kWh Average Bill at 500 kWh
Eagle 6 TriEagle Energy 10.3 cents $51
Choice 15 Spark Energy 10.5 cents $52
Green Eagle 6 TriEagle Energy 10.5 cents $52
Amigo Web - 24 Amigo Energy 10.9 cents $55
Just Energy Web - 24 Just Energy 10.9 cents $55
  Apart from price, these plans also offer a wide range of contract terms from as short as six months to as long as two years. No matter how long you’re looking to commit, there’s a low usage electricity plan for you. Early termination fees also vary significantly among these plans. The $100 early termination fee on the Choice 15 plan is surprisingly low for a 15-month contract.

Stay Away From Electricity Pricing Gimmicks

Complicated pricing structures tend to be bad for low usage customers. Bill credits and tiered rates are geared toward moderate and high usage electricity customers. As those customers consume more electricity, the bill credits and tiered rates reward them with lower prices per kilowatt-hour. They still pay more because they use more, but they don’t pay as much more per kilowatt-hour considering the amount of electricity they use.  When Houston electricity plans have bill credits and tiered rates, 1,000 kWh is the most common target for these pricing features. When low-usage customers hit this mark, they only do so once or twice per year in the hottest months of the summer or the coldest point of winter. The rest of the time they pay higher rates for using less electricity.

Free Nights and Weekends Aren’t Exactly Free

Low usage customers should also be cautious with free nights and weekends plans. The product may not live up to the marketing. Free nights and weekends plans charge very high prices during the times customers actually pay for electricity. If your normal usage pattern doesn’t already skew toward the free periods, steer clear of these plans. 

Best Way To Compare Electricity Prices

If you’re tired of writing Excel formulas just to predict your energy bill, switch to an electricity plan with simple pricing. These plans work out well for low usage customers. You can find dozens of these plans at You can sign up here and make the switch today. 

Cheap 24 Month Electric Plans in Dallas

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Compare providers, find the best rates, and learn which long term plan gives you the best deal over the long haul when you shop these cheap electric plans in Dallas.
Find out which long term plan gives you the best deal over the long haul when you shop these cheap electric plans in Dallas.

Get the Lowest Electric Rates with Long-Term Energy Plans

The best way to save on electricity bills in Dallas is to compare and shop cheap electric plans in Dallas. You’ll also want to lock low-rates for the long-term so you don’t have to worry about electricity rate fluctuations in Texas. But how do you find out in advance which plan also has the lowest monthly bill? Simple! Our bill calculator tool plots average bills based on a yearly usage curve.  So let's shop the cheapest 24-month, fixed rate plans that offer you lower rates for the long term.

Cheap 24-Month Electricity Plans in Texas

Amigo Energy’s Amigo Web 24 offers crystal-clear pricing with no gimmicks or surprises. You’ll pay a set rate of 10.4 cents per kWh for electricity. With the standard TDU charges are bundled with this rate, there are no other fees or charges to worry about. That means, your average electricity rate is 10.4 cents per kWh at 1000 kWh of use each month. At those rates, the average estimated monthly bill on this plan is around $104. Be aware that the early termination fee is $175. And you’ll need to pay that if you decide to switch to a new electricity provider in Dallas before your contract is over. Just Energy’s Just Energy Web also provides the same rates and crystal-clear billing that Amigo Energy’s similar plan provides. The rate is 10.4 cents per kWh and TDU charges are bundled in too. As a result, you’ll get an average electricity rate of 10.4 cents per kWh for 1000 kWh of use. Likewise, at those rates, the average monthly bill on this plan is around $104 each month. And there’s an early termination fee of $175 here as well if you decide to leave your contract  and shop other cheap electric plans in Dallas.

Which Provider Offers the Cheapest 24-Month Electricity Plan?

Entrust 24 from Entrust Energy has an energy charge of 5.2 cents per kWh and you’ll pay a base charge of $4.95 each billing cycle. Once you add the TDU charges onto that, your average rate for electricity comes to 10 cents per kWh for 1000 kWh of use. At that rate, the estimated average bill is around $100. If you leave the plan early, you’ll need to pay the $150 early termination fee. Fieldgoal 24 from Varsity Energy has a slightly higher energy charge of 5.6 cents per kWh. But there’s no base charge. Once you add in the TDU charges, your average electricity rate for 1000 kWh of use is 9.9 cents per kWh.  In spite of the $150 early termination fee, the estimated monthly bill is one of the really cheap electric plans in Dallas at just $99.

Shop for the Cheapest Electricity Rates

Ready to shop for a new electricity provider in Dallas? As an Oncor customer, you have the power to choose the best energy rates for your home. Be sure to visit for more information on how to compare rates and save on usage before you switch Texas light companies today!

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