Latest Texas Electricity Ratings

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I’ve re-run the numbers and published the latest rankings at Texas Electricity Ratings and we have a new number one. Congratulations to Green Mountain Energy!

Taking into account the entire Texas deregulated electricity marketplace, here’s a quick look at the new Top 5:

1.) Green Mountain Energy
2.) Champion Energy
3.) Bounce Energy
4.) TXU Energy
5.) StarTex Power

Green Mountain energy had lots of positive reviews, including a high ranking in the most recently published JD Power survey, as well as some very cool recent promotions, including a chance for customers to win an environmentally friendly car. Champion Energy moved up with some good reviews and competitive pricing. Bounce Energy and TXU both maintained their positions in the top 5, and StarTex Power continued to show strong in the Texas marketplace, particularly in finishing first in the most recent JD Power survey.

I’ll take some time go over these results in more detail throughout the week, and go into some of the different things that we’re seeing in regards to pricing and different plans in the marketplace.

For a list of the top 10 in the new rankings, they’re available on the front page of the website at

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