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Yesterday, I posted about some of the electric rates this week in the Texas market. The focus then was on Variable Rates. Today, I want to take a look at the Fixed Rate plans. Since there’s a lot of different time periods, I’m just going to list the top 3 or 5 Texas electric providers, by lowest price, for each of the major rate terms.

3 months:

  • Southwest Power and Light: 9.2
  • StarTex Power: 9.3
  • YEP: 9.3
  • 6 Month:

  • Southwest Power and Light: 9.8
  • Champion Energy Services: 9.8
  • Gexa: 9.9
  • 12 Month:

  • Spark Energy: 9.9
  • Amigo Energy: 9.9
  • Brilliant Energy: 10.1
  • Champion Energy: 10.1
  • 24 Month:

  • Kinetic Energy: 10.6
  • Spark Energy: 10.7
  • Amigo Energy: 10.7
  • In general, some really low prices here. So if you’re a customer looking for the low cost provider this week, keep these names in mind. Also, I’d note that these prices might not be available depending on what part of Texas you live in, but they are indicative of the lowest priced guys in the marketplace this week. Shopping around is the biggest advantage of the deregulated electricity, so take advantage if you’re looking for the best deal.

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